Rosa Mundi/Eastre

1 Columbina/March 21

She is With Us! She is the Rose of the World! She is Immanent with us! Sharing with us Her Divine Soul and residing within us as the Divine Spark! Praise be to Dea!

The Janite Rite of Veneration (which will be adapted for the Reginite Order) may be found here: including

Liturgical colors: Blue, Pink and Green.

More to come!

Have a Blessed Rosa Mundi.






Dear Devotees,

Please note that due to illness, I was not able to post the devotional article for Doloradi, the Day of Sorrow.

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The Super Full Moon takes place tonight/tomorrow, on the Equinox and so, tonight, on Tenebrae, it is the Veiled Moon and tomorrow, in the Sacred Season of Spring in the Deanic calendar, it is the Dove Moon. Tonight, it was such a dark orange, it almost looked red. It was beautiful.

Yesterday was Doloradi, of the Day of Sorrows. This is the Divine Feminine Good Friday, so to speak. The Shekinah/Sophia suffers in agony as She descends from the 8th Realm down through the Seven Realms, the Seven dimensions of increasingly lower vibrational density.

It is said in Kabbalistic teachings with regards to the Shekinah, that this Descent caused Her Soul to Shatter. It is said in Gnostic teachings that this Descent into increasingly lower and darker levels of density caused Sophia’s Spirit to Scatter into myriad Sparks of Divine Light.

Today is Tenebrae means, darkness. Today is the ‘time out of time’ in the 13 month/five season calendar. Some call it ‘hiatus’, the day of rest. We refer to it as Tenebrae because the Holy Daughter, Sophia, as descended to the lowest depths of darkness and we await Her. This is similar to Holy Saturday, when Jesus, the embodiment of Her Twin Consort, the Christ-Logos, is said to have descended to hell or to the lowest realms and we await His Resurrection.

One of my favorite chants that I especially use at the time of year is the Marianna Chant, or for us, Marijana (Ma-ree-yana) honor of the Deanic Christian Mother and Daughter Sophia. It reminds me of the Orthodox Christian the Jesus Prayer, known as the Prayer of the Heart . Which is prayed using a prayer rope. It is taught that long practice, the prayer enters the heart and the heart prays the chant, unceasingly. It is prayed with a prayer rope.

The link for the Marianna Chant may be found at the end of the article, here: Please note that Filianists refer to the Holy Daughter as either Inanna (because it means Queen of Heaven) or Anna, which means, Grace.

The name that was handed down to us is Jana, pronounced Ya-nah. It is Latin for gateway and moon. The Holy Daughter is the Supernal Moon Who reflects the Bright Light of the Celestial Mother, Who is the Supernal Sun, to us as a Gentle Light, a Light which we may look upon because here in manifest Creation, the Bright Light of the Mother is to Bright for us to look upon.

I sing the chant as follows:

(Maria, which is used in the online chant, is a version of the name, Mari).

Marijana, Marijana, enter our hearts as Thy Love. Marijana, Marijana, enter our hearts, as Thy Love, Mari, Mari, enter our hearts, as Thy Love, Jana, Jana, enter our hearts, as Thy Love, etc.

We have our own chants, as well. These may be sung or chanted on mala beads.

Ave, Mari Sophia, Dea Madria Dolorosa.

Hail, Mari Sophia, Mother God of Sorrows.

Ave, Jana Sophia, Dea Filia Dolorosa.

Hail, Jana Sophia, Daughter God of Sorrows.


Tonight marks the end of the Season of the Great Mother, the Gnostic Sige. We know Her as Mysteria Sige, or the Mystery of Silence. For some Deanic Christians, She is the Absolute, the Monas.

Here is a Psalm in Her honor:

Psalm 9: O, Veiled Fora of Faith

O, Veiled Fora of Faith,
You are the Still Centre of All Being.
You are the Luminosity of Darkness.
You are the Wellspring of the Rivers of Life.
You are the Tabernacle of Divinity.
O, Veiled Fora of Faith, be with us. (Rev. Pamela Lanides)






Day of Sorrow

Today is the somber day of Dolora, or Day of Sorrow.

We cover our heads in remembrance of and in solidarity with Our Lady as She Descends down through the realms.

On this day and tomorrow, no altar or devotional candles are lit.

Holy images are covered.

A devotional article will be posted by late this afternoon.


Day of Sorrow and Exciting Theology!

Day of Sai Raya Theia, Lamp of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence.

Dear Devotees,

Site Glitch

The Reginite blog was off-line for a while due to a glitch. WordPress tried to contact me through a deleted email address. When I did not respond, they took my blog offline for security purposes. Thankfully, once I realized what was happening, the issue was quickly and easily resolved through the help of the excellent WordPress customer service.

However, due to this unforeseen issue, I was not able to post several articles, one of which was the announcement of the Feast of the Seven Holy Ones (Janati) of the Three-fold Heaven, Sai Raya Theia, Sai Candra and Sai Rhea. Liturgy, a worship service, the RoS/RoV or any other devotional service may be served in their honor, any day between now and Eastre/1 Columbadi/March 21.


Day of Sorrow

Sophia by Pamela Matthews

March 19 is Doloradi, which means Day of Sorrow. Though, traditionally, the Descent of Sophia is celebrated on Sept. 8th, the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we somberly honor Her Descent  n this day. We are mindful of the Descent of Sophia down through the Seven Realms or densities because, as stated in the Sequence of Sophia, “I will never fall asleep upon the green grass, while the earth rings with the cries of the exiles.”

The “Universal”/Cosmic story of Sophia is that, rather than Falling into Chaos because She created in error, She was so taken with Her creation and with humanity, that She followed us down here in order to watch over Her Creation and in order to be with us.

(See article: (As we see from this article, this is the same basic mythos as that of the Holy Daughter, Sophia.)

We are with Her, as She Descends, waiting for Her arrival. But when, as the Shekinah, Her Soul Shatters (1), and as Sophia, Her Light Scatters, we are shocked and sadden at the violent suffering of Her Descent. The density and lowness of our vibrational level was soul crushing to Her. It tore at Her Spirit. We softly chant melodies of sadness to Her, as She suffers, in order to be Immanent with us.

(Nicolas Roerich, Mother of the World).

We unite with Her Mother, the Madria Dolorosa, the Mother God of Sorrows and follow with Her, in spirit, as She suffers Her own Stabat Mater, the Stabat Madria, along the Seven Descents . (1 and 3).

Just as Jesus, Who is the embodiment of Her Twin Soul, the Christ-Logos, is to suffer through the 14 Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, She, the Holy Daughter, Sophia/Shekinah, suffers through the Seven Descents on Doloradi, the Day of Sorrows.

On this day, females may veil, (cover our heads with a scarf, hat, chapel veil, mantilla, kerchief or wide headband).
Males choose to wear a religious head covering.

On this day, we fast, according to our abilities, health and situation, and, if time, perform a lustration or sacred bath/shower using sacred salts, herbs or oils while chanting prayers of repentance.

There are no flowers or lit candles on the home altars/shrines/icon corners until the day of the Divine Feminine Eastre, Rosa Mundi.

Filia Sophia or Daughter God Sophia, restores us to Unity with Madria Sophia, Our Divine Mother God. Madria Sophia or Mother Sophia is Universal/Transendent Wisdom. Filia Sophia or Daughter Sophia is Immanent Wisdom.

The Divine Son, the Christ-Logos (Christ is the Christian name for Logos), raises us to the True Father. The True Father is Universal Wisdom. The Logos is Immanent Wisdom.

I am discovering some amazing Christian theology with which I am in accord. This is very exciting for me as a priest of both Christ and of Sophia. In everything I read, They, the Christ-Logos and Daughter , Sophia, go hand in hand. Together, They are Co-saviours in the esoteric rather than exoteric sense. They sustain and imbue Creation.

As we draw near the Day of Sorrow, let us remember that what lies beyond is the renewal of our spirits, our souls and Creation. Creation is Alive and Wonderful! It is Sacred and is Mystery! It is the very expression of the Mind of God as created through the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, Mother/Daughter and Father/Son, each with Their Role and Function.


A TIME OUT (Under Construction).

Due to the fact that I am studying new Christian theology, which has amazing ramifications for the future of this blog and the Reginite Order, will remain under private construction until some time in April. However, the weekly articles and prayer lists will continue.

DAY OF SORROW Followed by Rosa Mundi

On March 19, the observance of Doloradi or
Day of Sorrow, I will be posting some devotional material.

The Feast of the Divine Feminine Eastre, Rosa Mundi, in honor of the Shekinah/Sophia becoming the World Soul is on 1 Columbina/March 21. (March 20 is a day out of time and a day of rest and somber silence, reflection and waiting. Similar to Holy Saturday in Christianity.


Interesting articles: Disclaimer: This article does not put the ancient Druids in a favorable light. However, I felt that that info on the true story of St. Patrick was worth the read.


Let us Bless the Reginae (Queens) of Heaven (Mother and Daughter Sophia),

Blessed are They.

Let us give thanks to the Seven Holy Ones of Dea. (Janati).

Thanks be to the Seven Holy Ones.

Let us give praise to the True Father and to the Divine Son. Praise be to the Father and the Son.


Mthr. Pamela Lanides

  2. (Here, again, we see the same story as Daughter Sophia).
  3. Madria is the title for Mother God. Its root means Mother. For Deanic and Divine Feminine Christians, this differentiates Our Heavenly Mother God from the Blessed Virgin Mary, known as Our Blessed Mother. Hence, Stabat Madria is the sorrowful hymn of Mother God over Her Holy Daughter while Stabat Mater is the sorrowful hymn of the Mother of Jesus, the embodiment of the Christ-Logos.

Bits and Pieces/The Hamsa of Wisdom!!!!!!!!/Med-Moura, Part I

12 Moura/March 3

(Please see previous post on the Weekly Prayer List).

Subjects in this post:

Part I:


The Hamsa of Wisdom (exciting find)!

Part II:


What is Deanic Christianity in a Nutshell? Is it a religion in and of itself?



As I continue to update this blog, there may be some small changes, which will be announced at the time.

So, for today’s update, I would like to mention that the Reginite calendar will retain the Madrian/Filianic name, Moura, for this Holy fifth Season of the Deanic Lent in honor of Holy Sophia/Shekinah.


During Moura, we are mindful of the Descent of Sophia/Shekinah.

The above, rather iconic image of the Descent of Sophia truly captures my soul and tugs at my heart.

This is not the Sophia Who creates chaos. This is the pre-Christian Sophia!

Please read the beautiful story behind this forward-thinking painting:

There is an important component to the Gnostic Christian version of Sophia, and that is, She is representative of all of our souls. The story of Her Fall is the story of our souls. As the Shekinah, She gave us our souls. As Sophia, She resides within us as the Divine Spark. And so, in a way, the story of Her Fall is really the story of Her sharing Her Soul with us and experiencing,as the Divine Spark within us, what we experience. There is no joy of us that She does not feel. There is no sorrow within us, that She does not experience, Herself.

I have seen nothing so beautiful as this explanation of the Descent of Sophia:


Moura means darkness. Darkness, in Sophian Deanism, symbolizes the agonizing Descent, down through the Seven Realms, undertaken by Daughter Sophia/Shekinah.

Kabbalah studies show that this was exceedingly painful for the Holy Daughter, (1) Gnostic studies show that it was chaotic, disorienting, sorrowful. (Please note, we have a different interpretation of the ‘Fallen’ Sophia).

She, Sophia/Shekinah, Who took on the Form of Divine Soul, descended down through increasing density and lower and lower vibration. She came as our co-Saviouress by becoming the World Soul and residing within us. (2)

Our Deanic sacred writings, now known as The Clear Recital, or the Recital, were composed at Oxford University, almost fifty years ago. There were later writings, which were also included in the Recital. These writings also include those found in The Gospel of Our Mother God and the Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians.

Inspired from different sources, these captivating writings capture the Essence and Spirit of the Divine Feminine Religion. While certainly not in the same category as the Jewish and Christian scriptures, they are unique in this world, and those who search their pages and live by their teachings, come to know, experience and truly love Dea, Our Divine Mother God.

Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom by Emily Balivet:×7-greeting?ref=landingpage_similar_listing_top-3&frs=1

During the Sacred Season of Moura, the following scriptures are especially appropriate for contemplation from now until the day of Dolora: (Verse numbers are taken from the Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians, text may be found here:

The Mythos of the Divine Maid/Daughter: Chapter III, vs 1-22.

From The Teachings of the Daughter: 

The Veil of Matter.

The Secret of the World

The Clew of the Horse

The Heart of Water, vs: 1-29 and 47-61.



Thunder, Perfect Mind. (We will have our link page up and running in the upcoming weeks.)


A while back, I wrote an article on the Hamsa for The Hamsa has long been viewed as a good luck charm or a protection charm from the evil eye and negative influences. It is worn or carried to invoke the Hand of God. However, it is sacred to all three major Abrahamic religions, [there are several Abrahamic religions (A)].

In Judaism, it represents that Hand of Miriam.
In Islam, it represents the Hand of Fatima.
It is interesting to note that before the Islamic Fatima, there was a Moon Goddess named Fatima.
In Christianity, it represents the Hand of Mary.

The Hamsa of Wisdom. To Order: (1)

In modern days, for Sophian and Goddess Christians, it is coming to represent the Hand of Sophia. So imagine my excitement when I discovered the above pendant from Israel! It is the Hamsa or Hand of Wisdom….the Hamsa or Hand of Sophia!!!! THERE COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE A MORE PERFECT SYMBOL FOR DEANIC CHRISTIANS!!!!

(Be sure to check out their many stunning wall-Hamsas).

In addition to the pendants, Hamsa plaques, of all sizes, materials and descriptions, may also be hung on a wall, for the Protection and Blessing of the home. These pendants and plaques should be blessed, consecrated and anointed specifically as the Hand of Sophia. (Link coming, soon.)

Although the Hamsa is the one symbol which is common to the three major Abrahamic faiths, it fell into disuse amongst Christians once it had been banned by Emperor Charles the Fifth, of the Holy Roman Empire, in the 14th century, in the aftermath of the occupation of Spain.

The Hamsa predates Judaism, as it originated as a Goddess symbol of protection in Mesopotamia, (possibly of the Phoenician Goddess, Tanit).

It appears to have originated as the Hand of the Protection of the Goddess in Mesopotamia or as the Protection of the Phoenician (Modern day Syria, Lebanon and Northern Israel) and Tunisian goddess, Tanit.

In our  Age, the Hamsa is increasingly worn by Goddess/Divine Feminine/Sophian and Deanic Christians as either the Hand of Mary or the Hand of Sophia. The Hamsa and the Cross represent a Deanic Christian household.

It is important to bless the Hamsa with the intention of being the Hand of Sophia. Link coming, soon.

This ancient symbol of the Hand of Feminine Protection and Blessing is the uniting symbol of the Abrahamic religions. And the Hamsa of Wisdom is the perfect symbol for devotees of Divine Sophia, Blessed is She.


A. M. Pamela



  2. and also Gnostic sources.

Weekly Prayer List

12 Moura/March 3


Day of Sai Raya Theia, Lamp of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence.

We pray:

For the healing of Gregg,
For the help and healing of Marshall,
For the strength of Alix,
For the healing of Kat,

O, Most Holy Dea, Mother, Daughter and Great Mother, have mercy upon these, Your souls and may they attain mental, physical and spiritual health. May those who have passed beyond the Veil be assumed, through Your Holy Daughter, unto Perfect Union with You. Through the Pure Stream of Your Grace, may all events unfold for their highest good and according to their True Soul Path.

Silver Star of the Waters, Who has fashioned all the cosmos into being, being all knowing is the splendor of Your Light. Enfold my spirit, within Your Mighty Mantle, and may the Pure Stream of Your Grace, flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us away from temptation and deliver us from evil. Amen.

Eternal is the Light of the Mother,

Eternal is the Love of the Daughter,

Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother

and Glorious is the Eternity of Dea.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Mother Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, ages unto ages, Amen.

Let us bless the Holy One,
Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janati of Dea,
Thanks be to the Seven Janati.


If you or a loved one is in need of prayer, please send prayer request to Mother Pamela: They will be remembered daily and during liturgy.

Thank you.

Season of Moura

We have begun the Sacred Season of Moura (from the Madrian/Filianic), which means, Darkness. It is the Divine Feminine Lent (the Divine Masculine Lent beginning on March 6th of this year.)

During the Twin Lenten Seasons, we follow both the Celestial Mother Mari Sophia and the Earthly Mary as they lament their Divine Daughter and Son.

The Stabat Mater Dolorsa is an hauntingly sorrowful hymn, mourning the Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary and chanted by Catholics during the Traditional Catholic Way of the Cross, held on Good Friday. It is also sung during the liturgy of Our Lady of Sorrows.  A 13th Century hymn, it was held in our hearts, those of us who were devoted to the Blessed Mother, who was Our Lady, in empathy with her suffering. It is a mirror image of the hymn of the same century: Stabat Mater Speciosa, which celebrates the Joys of Our Lady.

I would love to see a composition for Our Celestial Mother, known in Deanic Christianity as Mari Sophia, for Her Sorrows over the Descent and Sacrifice of Her Holy Daughter, known in Deanic Christianity as Jana Sophia. (Yana).

During this Season of Moura, the altar cloth and candle colors are black and violet. Though we do not cover holy images, as in the Catholic Church, there are no flowers on the altar or in the hestia/home with the exception of Med-Moura, the Feast of the Janati of the Three-fold Heaven.

The correspondences for the Sacred Season of Moura are:


(Please note that the Season of Moura and the Season of Lent interlap.)

Season of the Great Mother, Sige as the Fora of Faith.

Janati/Dea Angeli: Sai Raya Theia, Sai Candra and Sai Rhea.

Sacred Symbol: the Fora.

Element: Spirit.

Elemental Color: Violet:

Liturgical Colors: Indigo and Black.

Direction: Center.

Time of Day: Darkest Hour before the Dawn.

Mystery: Dolora, which means Sorrow. The Descent of Sophia/Shekinah down through the Realms which causes Her Soul to Shatter and Her Divine Sparks to Scatter.

Pendants sacred to the Season:

The Hamsa of Wisdom.

The equi-distant solar cross (Fora) or a Celtic Knot Cross.


Moura, which means, Darkness: Feb. 20- March 19.

Please note: Unlike the Celestial Mother and the Holy Daughter, the Great Mother (Absolute Deity) does not have a specific feast day, rather, the entire Month of Dolora is observed in Her honor.

14 Moura/March 5 (March 4 if a leap year): Med-Moura. Feast of Sai Raya Thea, Sai Candra and Sai Rhea.

28 Moura/March 19 and March 20/ Hiatus outside of space and not in time: Dolora (which means Sorrow. As stated in the Sequence of Sophia, “I will never fall asleep upon the green grass, while the earth rings with the cries of the exiles.”

A day of veiling/head covering, lustration (a purifying shower/bath and sombre remembrance.

Full Moon:Veiled Moon.