As the Sacred Season of Fall Fades Away…..

14 Samhain/Nov. 13

Rosadi/Tues. Day of the Rose.

Day of Sai Vikhe’, Flame of Courage, Strength and Valor.

O, Sai Vikhe; we pray for the safety and well-being of our friends and loved ones who are threatened by the fires of California. Thank you, most kindly, Blessed are you.

Time seems to be going by so fast, exponentially so. We hear various reasons for time flying by from, ‘well, we’re getting older and time goes by fast the older you get’ and, ‘well, modern life is so fast-paced, that is why time seems to go by so fast’.

While these reasons may serve as partial explanations, even the very young are feeling this way. Mostly everyone, regardless of age, seems to regard the swift passage of time with some alarm.

Each time I turn around, it’s not just a new week, a new month or a new season, but the years themselves are flying by so swiftly, I can only throw up my hands in surrender and try to keep up with time as best as I can.

For example, our Summer was very short this year. Here in northern Massachusetts, our leaves did not come out until June! This was unprecedented. And, it appears, that Winter is arriving early. (Unfortunately, that is not without precedent.) But even so, the months, themselves, flew by as if being chased by the Season to come.

This year, our Season of Fall seems to have been squished between Summer and Winter at the last moment, only to fade away much, much too soon.

When the Seasons wax and wane so quickly, I feel that I have hardly had enough time to become fully immersed in the Mystery of the Season. Our Five Sun-Moon Mysteries are what make our Seasons sacred. (Hence the capital letters in Season, Winter, Fall, etc. We capitalize that which we consider to be Sacred).

Summer and Fall are the Seasons of Our Celestial Mother, Mari. During Summer, we celebrate Her as the Rose of Joy, the Rose of Heaven. She is our own Assumption into the Realm of Perfection when we have reached the end of our incarnations.

During the Sacred Season of Fall, we remember that She is the Apple of Wisdom. The Ground and Matrix of All Being.

In other systems, the Element of Fall is Water. But in the Madrian/Filianic/Deanic (MFD) system, the Element is Earth, a symbol of the Ground of All Being.

The ground is the source of all life and all nourishment. My sister, a master gardener, believes in eating vegetables that a local to each Season. Here in New England, that means picking apples from orchards that are ripe with fruit. Rows upon rows of pumpkins shine orange in the sun. Squashes, sweet potatoes, carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, turnips, fresh beets and yams and much more, can be stored in a root cellar, the old fashioned way. Corn was the gift from the First Nation.

Roots, seeds, Earth. Fall is the time when the seeds fall to the Earth to germinate in the ground and when roots fall asleep, to awaken in the Spring. This is the Time when Our Celestial Mother holds within Herself, the Apple Seeds of Potentiality to be birthed into Manifest Creation. She is the One Who shelters, within Her Luminous Darkness, the budding and blossoming of the Primordial Ideas and Potentialities of the Great Mother, She Who is Absolute Deity.

The bounty of Our Celestial Mother Above is reflected in the bounty of the Mother Earth, below. During this Time of the Mystery of the Ground of All Being, let us worship Our Celestial Mother in Heaven and honor Mother Earth below our feet. And let us remember, no matter how fast time is racing ahead of us, to take a ‘time out of time’ to contemplate  the Living Mysteries of Our Divine Mother God. Blessed is She.


A. M. Pamela Lanides.







My Journey with the Janati

8 Samhain/Nov. 7

Stelladi/Wed. Day of the Star.

Day of Sai Mati Sage, Messenger of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom.

Our readers might be interested in the story of the Russian cosmonauts who saw Seven Angels in Space. I have seen the interviews and have watched their stories on several television shows and it has now been widely reported. These are highly trained professionals, the claims of others that they were suffering from a mass hallucination is bunk, especially considering that other cosmonauts also saw them 12 days later.

When we think of the Janati as Planetary or Cosmic Powers, they can seem very far away. We might often feel that they have better things to do rather than helping us with our own, personal needs. And they might appear foreign to us. Impersonal. Out of touch and out of reach like the farthest stars in our galaxy.

That was how I felt when I first encountered them. At the same time, I was very intrigued by not only the idea of them but the beauty of them and what each of them represented.

Hailing from a Catholic background where we were personal friends with the saints in heaven and devotees of the Archangels, I had a deep desire to come to know the Janati. I wished to interact with each them on a personal and emotional basis rather than on just a thealogical and intellectual level. Both are necessary for true devotion!

I realized that if they are Emanations of Dea, then they are no more impersonal than is She. If I can have a close relationship with Dea, then I can have a close relationship with each of Her Seven Intelligent Emanations. The Seven Jeweled Rays. The Seven Royal Ladies of Dea.

They weren’t just Planetary Powers, they were also assigned to rule over the Cardinal Directions and the Five Primordial Elements. So each Janya ruled over the associations of their Primordial Element.

I began to think about Sai Thema (Thame’). She is of my favorite time of year: Fall. And my favorite time of day: Twilight. In our system, She rules over Earth and is Guardian of the West. She is the Janya of Justice, Order and Harmony. She shares this Season with Our Celestial Mother, Who manifests Law, Order and Harmony into motion.

(It is important to note that ‘Lady Justice’ was never depicted as being blindfolded until the 1500’s. Images of Sai Thema (Thame’) should never be blindfolded.)

Her Filianic name (and the noun), Thame’, is from Dharma, which means Firm Law and The Laws of Nature. (1) For Deanists, it also means the Harmony of Order. Her Greek name,Themis, means Law of Nature and Divine Law. Natural and Cosmic Law. Her Reginite/Janite name,Thema, translates to Queen. Sai Thema is the Queen of Natural and Cosmic Law, Order and Harmony.

She Rules over the Cosmic Above and the Earthly Below. Here below, I realized, she could help with all things that are related to Earth in addition to Justice, Order and Harmony. In answer to my prayers over the years, she has provided homes, jobs, court-related victories and all the things symbolized and embodied by the Element of Earth. There were times when right after praying for help, things would happen in such a way, there would be no doubt in my mind that it was Sai Thema who helped me. At times, the answers were downright miraculous. I try to always remember to end my prayer for the ‘highest good’ of the individual or situation.

In the same vein, I began to come to know Sai Vikhe’ as well. She protects my family; she protects the Ekklesia and she helps me when I need the courage to do things that are uncomfortable for me. When I sit before my campfire, I thank her for the warmth and wonder of Fire. Over time, I have become closer to some of the Janati than others, but they are always with me.

It was ArchMatrona Georgia Cobb of the Lady of Light Chantry who first came up with the Janati rosary. This was the origin of our beautiful Janati mantra prayers. She is the one who composed them by focusing on their Virtues. And that is when we realized how very important those Virtues were. She and I began to place a greater emphasis on them in our daily lives and in our teachings.

ArchMatrona Georgia also taught me, through her Janati rosary, that the Janati are Dea. They are not angels. They are not goddesses. They  are Dea. That is when I realized that they are Emanations of Dea, Herself, in Seven Angelic Forms. As she had explained to me, when we pray to the Janati, we are praying to Dea. Once I became aware of that, I realized that Dea is One and Three and Seven. I was very happy to see this formula picked up in an article on the Chapel of Our Mother God website. I believe it is foundational thealogy for all Deanists.

And so I learned that the Janati were not just the Planetary Powers. They were not the Greek Titanides. They were Dea, Herself in Seven Angelic Forms.

These Seven are seen elsewhere, as the Seven Pillars of Sophia, the Seven Virgins of Sophia, the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Who is Female), the Seven Spirits before the Throne of God (the Seven Gifts are the Seven Spirits) and all of these have been shown to tie in with the Seven Planetary Powers in one way or another.

I greet the Janati each morning during my Aurora prayers. Oftentimes, this is when I will say a brief pray for others. I will ask Sai Sushuri to help those who are sick. I will pray to Sai Thema for someone who is looking for a new home. I will ask Sai Vikhe’ to watch over my family and our country.

There are times, especially when I am working, that all I have time for is the greeting of the Janati in the Five Directions, a Hail, Dea prayer for the Holy Daughter and a quick scripture reading. I do like to include the Daughter of Light prayer, if I have time.

I usually pray the Janati rosary of the day on my way to work. It doesn’t take long. These prayers and encounters (through the greeting) surround me with the Janati in the morning and all through the day. As I face each direction and greet the Janya, I am able to sense their Presence in my life.

After the rosary, during my 35 minute drive to work, I will try to think about which Virtue I will try to practice for the day. For example, if it is Columbadi/Fri, the Day of Sai Sushuri Grace, I will choose to try and be more compassionate or more merciful or more loving. I don’t always remember, especially if my day gets very busy, but I start the day with that intention. And, I often fail. Sometimes, quite miserably!  But I realize it is a learning process along my True Soul Path.

My way is not right for everyone. Some devotees simply offer a quick prayer in their own words or read scripture before heading off to work or starting their day. Just because I’m a rosary person, doesn’t mean that everyone is. I grew up with the rosary, so it is as much a part of me as brushing my teeth. Others prefer to pray in their own words or with simple prayers.

I found that what is important, as I was beginning to come to know the Janati, was being mindful of them and remembering that they are here to help and aide the Children of Dea in a deeply personal way. They are Dea! They are Dea in Her Seven Emanations!

During Evensong, I thank each of them for the day. I might whisper a quick little prayer of thanksgiving for any help and aide that I’ve been granted or for prayers answered. If the prayer was for something vital or for an emergency, I will often offer flowers and a liturgy or RoS in thanksgiving.

We don’t always see the ‘big picture’ as do the Janati. Sometimes, if prayers are not answered the way we would like, it is usually because either it is not for the highest good of the person or karma might be involved. But even then, help is offered in one way or another. Always.

Sometimes, we don’t realize that things have happened for a reason until we are much further down the road of Life. Sometimes, we don’t realize that we have received the help we needed at the time. This knowledge often comes to us when we are in Avala, the resting place between lives. (See books by Dr. Michael Newton and Dr. Brian Weiss). 

All in all, I have learned that Trust comes and Love follows. Relationships are a two-way street. I have benefited, greatly, from coming to know and experience the Janati and I try to honor them, in return. I believe that their Virtues form the Pathway to Heaven.

Let us bless the Holy One.

Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janati of Dea.

Thanks be to the Seven Janati.

Thus it is and thus may it be.





The Apple Seeds of Life

3 Samhain/Nov. 2

Day of Sai Sushuri, Fountain of Compassion, Love and Mercy.

Fall for Deanists, (those of the Deanic religion), is a time of Apples and the Cosmos, Seeds and Order, Harmony and Earth.

The Apple is the Sacred Symbol for Fall. And Fall is ruled over by Sai Thema, who is the Foundation of Justice, Order and Harmony, both Cosmic and Earthly. It is the Twilight Season, where seeds fall to the ground, preceding their long rest during  the Midnight Season of Winter.

Apples have always figured greatly in myths, from the Apple of Eden (which was a gift, not a conveyor of the curse of original sin); to the apple given to the goddess, Hera as a sign of her fertility; to the apples of Avalon, they have had significant part impact on mythological lore. We find them in Greek, Christian, Nordic, Celtic and biblical myths, just to name a few.


The apples of Avalon, for example, were said to impart wisdom and immortality. Not only are apples a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, they were often associated with Paradise. They are an especial symbol of the Divine Feminine. (1)

 (Sophia by Pamela Matthews).

Gnosticism teaches that it was the Daughter of Sophia, Zoe-Eve who offered the Apple of Wisdom. The Apple of Her Mother containing the Seeds of Life.

Adam was the dramatic embodiment of psyche, or soul, while Eve stood for the pneuma, or spirit. Soul, to the Gnostics, meant the embodiment of the emotional and thinking functions of the personality, while spirit represented the human capacity for spiritual consciousness. The former was the lesser self (the ego of depth psychology), the latter the transcendental function, or the “higher self,” as it is sometimes known. Obviously, Eve, then, is by nature superior to Adam, rather than his inferior as implied by orthodoxy.

Sophia sent Zoe, Her daughter, who is called “Eve,” as an instructor in order that she might raise up Adam, in whom there is no spiritual soul so that those whom he could beget might also become vessels of light. When Eve saw her companion, who was so much like her, in his cast down condition she pitied him, and she exclaimed: “Adam, live! Rise up upon the earth!” Immediately her words produced a result for when Adam rose up, right away he opened his eyes. When he saw her, he said:  “You will be called ‘mother of the living’, because you are the one who gave me life.” (2)

Zoe also enters the serpent and offers the Apple of Wisdom.

In the Gnostic mythos, Zoe-Eve is the Divine Daughter come down to Earth. In this way, Zoe-Eve is truly our Soteria. Sent by Her Mother, She descends down through the realms. She brings us Her Mother’s Life. She shares with us Her Mother’s Wisdom. She offers to us Her Mother’s Knowledge. We do not have to be Gnostic or study all the Gnostic myths in order to believe in Zoe-Eve. She is a most appropriate Form/Image for the Holy Daughter. In Gnostic and other forms of Christianity, She is the Holy Daughter. As handed down from the Madrians, Eve’s secret Name has special significance for our priestesses during the Communion Rite of our liturgy.


The Roma refer to the five seeds which form the pentagram inside the apple as the Star of Knowledge. 

The pentagram, the microcosm for the human body. The point-up pentagram represents spirit ascending above matter while the point down represents spirit descending into matter. As an whole, it represents the interconnectedness of the Five Supernal Elements with human life. Unfortunately, over time, the pentagram, especially with the point down has come to represent evil and negative groups.

So, the Apple, within which are the seeds of the microcosmic human, represents the ‘womb’ of Life (Our Celestial Mother Mari). And it represents Our Divine Mother Herself, She Who, through Her Daughter, gives humans life (represented by Adam) and offers them Wisdom, Knowledge and the promise of Divine Life.

Seeds are amazing, when we really stop to think about them.  This occurs, in one way or another, through-out Nature. A small seed may grow into a mighty tree, a stunning flower of perfection or …a human being. A seed is a small embryonic plant enclosed in a covering called the seed coat, usually with some stored food. (Science Daily).Inside every seed are the basic parts of a fully formed plant: immature roots and tiny leaves curled up like a vegetal embryo. (Smithsonian). 

I never knew this. I never really stopped to think about what is actually inside a seed that sprouts forth such miracles of Nature. So, seeds are a tiny version of the plant, itself, along with some food for nourishment and a protective coating. Stunningly, some seeds have been known to still be viable after thousands of years! Mother Nature does her best to protect Life.


All is Life. Quantum science has shown that solid matter truly is an illusion. Life itself is a miracle. It is diverse. It is beautiful. It is strong. It is enduring. It survives against all odds.

Now scientists are finding out that some (if not many) seeds come to us from asteroids and space dust! Imagine that… some of the plants and even animal life on this planet may have come from other planets! Imagine, these seeds are still viable after traveling through the deep cold, radiation-saturated vastness of space!

The Cosmos is breathtakingly beautiful and filled with Life! Many are coming to understand that the entire Cosmos is Alive. Put in your own search: is the Universe alive? or try Scientists think the universe is conscious and you will discover some very interesting articles!

Everything is living. How exciting when we look up at the stars and the planets knowing that everything is truly connected and one of the ways it is all connected is through the sharing of seeds, the carrier of life through-out the Cosmos.

The Apple of Wisdom is Our Heavenly Mother. She sends Her Holy Daughter to Earth with the seeds of Life through the Five Elements. The Holy Daughter carries the Divine Breath of Spirit to humanity and so brings us Life.

O, Dea, Apple of Wisdom, we adore you, we magnify you and we glorify you.

Blessed are You.



My Samhain Experience

2 Samhain/Nov.


Day of Sai Thema.

The first time I celebrated Samhain, (I pronounce it the Scottish way.. Sa-ven), here at our family camp, it was to be the most powerful experience of my life. I performed my Esbat outdoors, on the beach, by the lake. My husband had started a near-by campfire for me and then went to wait for me inside the camp.

At the time, I was Wiccan. As I was performing the Esbat and for a long time afterwards, I felt as though I had been completely transported in a way that I became completely unaware of my surroundings because I had become enveloped in the magick of the place. It is something that you can feel, strongly. That inner magick of Nature, that living part of Nature. I was lost in it to the point that almost two hours later, my patient husband let me know that he was absolutely freezing and felt it was time to go back home. The camp had already been winterized and so there was no heat in the house.

When my husband told me that the temperature was below 32 degrees F, I was truly surprised. For the entire two hours that I was outside, all I had on was a very light cloak over a light jersey. I was never even the slightest bit chilly, though it was cold enough to snow. I was comfortably warm the entire time. I had no awareness of the cold. No awareness of my surroundings at all. It was an ecstatic and profoundly intimate experience which has always remained with me.

Last night, during Samhain, I had another very powerful experience.  Now, we live at our camp.

I had returned from Trick or Treating with family members. My Feast for the Dead had been spread on our porch table, a candle lighting the way for my ‘Veiled’ loved ones. This time, I remembered to include tea for my aunts and for my grandmother. And, I had just finished the RoS for my ancestors and beloved ones at my home-shrine when I went out to sit by the fire.

As I watched the flames, I was happy to see that it was dark all around my cove because the summer people have left. The lake was still. The air was perfect. I was in a place where Earth, Air, Fire and Water all meet. And, of course, the Spirit of Dea is ever-present. Everything was perfect.

I am always able to sense who comes to my supper feast on Samhain. Last night, as I sat by the fire, I was visited by my dad, two of my aunts and my beloved dog, who has been gone from the Earth for almost two years, now.

I began to realize many things, almost as if everything that was true inside of me was coming to the surface. I began to regain my inner sovereignty, again. And I remembered what I loved.

As I often do, I walked down to the beach and placed both of my hands on the surface of the chilly water. There is a way you can ‘connect’ with the spirit of the lake. And with Water. All else around you fades away. You become one with the lake and you often receive insights. I felt a large stick float by and realized, with sadness, it was a young birch tree from a new grove on our land that a beaver had recently destroyed. (Fifteen trees!). The destruction of these trees had broken our hearts.

As I picked up the stripped trunk, the thought came to me, ‘do not grieve about what it was in the past, appreciate it for what it is, now’. And I realized that though it was no longer living as a tree, it still has value as a strong, sturdy, useful stick. That made me realize that it doesn’t matter what the past, what is important is who we are, now.

After a while, I stood up and spread out my hands before the lake…holding them out the way our priestesses do during our liturgy. When I do this, I am able to feel the very strong vibrations of the lake. Personal ‘visions’ of understanding came to me and I knew that I must remain true to my True Soul Path and to my heart.

And so, I will. This Samhain, I feel like I have been reborn.







Blessed Samhain

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1 Samhain/Oct. 31

Stelladi/Wed. Day of Sai Mati (Sage).

Today marks the first day of Samhain, also known as Werde’. There are several ways to pronounce Samhain. I prefer the Scottish, Sa-ven.

Usually a feast is offered in honor of our loved ones who have died. I usually put some goodies on a plate along with milk, a glass of wine and a shot of whiskey for my Dad.

After Trick or Treating with my grandchildren, I offer the RoS, in honor of those who have passed beyond the veil. Where the veil is thin, it is always a good time to do a divination. The Contemplation section of the RoS is a perfect time for a divination or any other Shimovane/Samhain rites. After this, my husband and I usually sit around our campfire, weather permitting. 

I have two favorite prayers that I would like to share here. The first one, which I recite at the beginning the RoS is taken from Silver Ravenwolf’s book, Halloween. I post it every year. The Benediction which follows is from the same book, by a different author. I pray it, outside, at the end of the evening.

By the threads that still connect us, by the silver cord unbroken, by the love that is eternal, now (read list of loved ones who have passed beyond the veil): I will call you as the Western Gate stands open to taht land of golden sunsets. In that peace that is unending, in that life that is eternal, on this night of ancient wonder, where our souls can join together. I’ll close my eyes and see you smiling, as I slowly reach to touch you, in that land beyond the dawning, where your journey never ended. Where the pathway still leads upward on that circle laid through time.

May the moonlight guide your footsteps, may the starlight be your pathway, as we journey to the center, on this ancient night together. When our souls can be united. When our worlds are now the closest. When the silence choirs our love, when the circle is unbroken.

By the mystery all surrounding, with this breath by which I call you, in the flickering of the firelight, I say your names within my heart. They echo down through time unending, in the protection of this evening. May your presence wash through me and together we are one.

You who have passed to another plane (read list), I remember you.

And, from the same book, I end the evening with this Benediction written by David O. Norris:

It is time to bid farewell, as this Samhain passes from us. Soon the dawning will embrace us and the sunset portal close. Until the turning of the year, we must part for just a while. Yet I know there is no ending and the silver thread spins outward to that place where you are going. Until I travel there to meet you, or your return upon the Autumn, on this sacred night of spirits, when we shall meet again. May you be blessed.

And may you all be blessed on this holy night of Samhain.

Be out in Nature this night, if possible.

Tarot Charity


16 Ourania/Oct. 18

Dear Devotees,

As some of you are aware, +Sophia, Prima Madria of the JoP at, (the Janites), was robbed of everything during this past summer. Every article of clothing, furniture, precious family heirlooms, etc. was taken. She and her life partner were left with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. We are going to start a couple of fundraisers for her. Sorella (Sister) Minna of the JoP, has graciously and most generously offered her services as a professional tarot reader at a reduced price. All proceeds will go into a paypal account for Prima Madria Sophia so that she may begin to recover from this terrible crime.

The main page may be found here:

The fundraiser may be found here:

I just had my own tarot reading by Sorella Minna and I have to say that I was blown away by the accuracy. She has studied this noble art of divination for many years and she is very talented and compassionate.

We thank Sorella Minna for her generous time and offering. May She be blessed.

A. M. Pamela