Introduction to Our Basic Beliefs and Teachings

Hello and Welcome.

Today we will begin a short introductory series about our fundamental beliefs and practices.

 Sophia, with Chalice.

We are part of the exploding Christian Divine Family movement, the changing face of Christianity for the 21st century. This movement recognizes that we have Divine Parents, a Mother God and a Father God and that, as Genesis states, we have been made in Their image. 26: Then God said, “Let Us make man (other translations state humankind, which we prefer) in Our image, after Our likeness, to rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, and over all the earth itself and every creature that crawls upon it.” 27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. (Berean Study Bible). 

Many ask how it is possible that God and the angels can be either male or female since they ‘do not have bodies’. This is an example of how the concept of gender is often misunderstood in modern times. Until quite recently, gender was always defined in the dictionary as being a principle, a quality and a state of being which is not to be confused with biological sex. We believe that the genders of male and female are Divine Principles. And we accept the teaching of the Seventh Hermetic Principle of Gender as it is expressed and explained in the Kybalion, a teaching which has been upheld in quantum studies:  “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine
    and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all
    planes.”–The Kybalion. 

The great Seventh Hermetic Principle–the Principle of Gender–embodies the truth that there is Gender manifested in everything–that the Masculine and Feminine principles are ever present and active in all phases of phenomena, on each and every plane of life. At this point we think it well to call your attention to the fact that Gender, in its Hermetic sense, and Sex in the ordinarily accepted use of the term, are not the same.

The word “Gender” is derived from the Latin root meaning “to beget; to procreate; to generate; to create; to produce.” A moment’s consideration will show you that the word has a much broader and more general meaning than the term “Sex,” the latter referring to the physical distinctions between male and female living things. Sex is merely a manifestation of Gender on a certain plane of the Great Physical Plane–the plane of organic life. We wish to impress this distinction upon your minds, for the reason that certain writers, who have acquired a smattering of the Hermetic Philosophy, have sought to identify this Seventh Hermetic Principle with wild and fanciful, and often reprehensible, theories and teachings regarding Sex.

As far as the angels are concerned, there is no basis to declare that they do not have bodies. Those who do so are relying on one misinterpreted verse in the bible: At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven. Matt . 22:30.


Angels not marrying or having carnal sex in the Heavenly realms does not mean that they do not have bodies. When angels have appeared on Earth, the bible states that they had the appearance of men. They ate. They had bodies. The Nephilim, the fallen angels, certainly had bodies and they used those bodies to have sexual relations with human females. This verse in the gospel of Matthew simply means that in Heaven, there is no carnal sex. Carnal sex is how life is procreated on Earth and possibly on other third dimension planets. In other realms, including the heavenly realms and perhaps in other dimensions, other universal creative energies are used.

Reginites believe that the angels in Heaven have rarefied bodies, similar to how Holy Sophia is said to have taken on a ‘rarefied form’. A soul is an example of ‘rarefied form’. The Transfigured body of Jesus, (Matt. 17: 1-3). is another example of a rarefied body. When we return to the spiritual realms between incarnations, we leave our heavy, carnal bodies behind us and exist in our rarefied soul/energy bodies. Therefore, as the bible states, there is no ‘marriage’, i.e., no carnal sex, in Heaven, but we are still male and female in principle, in quality and in our state of being. We do not agree with the modern, very recent definition of gender as being of a ‘social or cultural construct’. It is not. It is a beautiful Divine Principle through which all of Creation is expressed to one degree or another.

And so, we believe that the Persons of the Godhood are both Male and Female. We believe the angels are male and female.

In speaking of the Godhead, we understand that Christianity is not monotheistic. Christianity adapted much from Classical Paganism including the idea of the Trinity. And there is nothing wrong with having done so. Almost all religions build upon that which came before them. Judaism inherited some basic beliefs from Zoroastrianism and other sources. Christianity inherited much from Zorastrianism, Judaism, the Egyptian religion and from the Greeks in addition to adopting many cultural practices from Rome and the Celtic lands.

Three Divine, distinct, separate Persons Who have the same fundamental Nature of Godhood are not One God and certainly the idea of a Trinity is not the same monotheism that is taught by other Abrahamic religions. Reginites teach a Godhead. We believe that there is One Godhead of Divine Persons, each having the Divine Nature of Godhood; just as we have the nature of human.

 (Sige, artist, unknown.)

We believe in Christian emanation theology. This means that we believe in an Ultimate One from Whom the Father and the Mother emanate. Some Gnostics taught that this One was the Monad, a word that is derived from the feminine Monas. They referred to this Monad as either the Invisible Father or as being beyond gender, but from Whom emanate the Father and the Mother. Others taught that the One was the Barbelo, Sige, (Sy-gee is our preferred pronunciation), or Sige and Bythos, from Whom emanate the Father and the Mother. We believe that the One/Source/Ultimate Deity is Sige which means Silence. She is also known as the Barbelo, the Invisible Mother Spirit from Whom emanate the Father and the Mother.

It is from here that we differ slightly from Gnostics and other Divine Family Christians and are more similar to Doctrine Six of the Essene Church of Christ in that we do not believe that the Christ and Sophia were born of the Mother and of the Father. Rather, we believe that from the Father emanates the Son (the Christ-Logos) and from the Mother emanates the Daughter (Sophia). We do not believe that They were Brother and Sister, rather, we believe that They, like other Aeons, were ‘Yoked Pairs’, Divine Consorts. (1)

And so, fundamentally, we believe that from the One, emanates the True Father and Our Heavenly Mother. From the Father emanates the Divine Son and from the Mother emanates the Holy Daughter.

We believe that the Father and the Mother are Transcendent and that together, They manifest Creation. We believe that the Son and the Daughter are Immanent and that together, They rule over and sustain Creation. Jesus is the Avatar on Earth of the Christ-Logos and Daughter Sophia is the Holy World Soul. He raises us to the Father while She restores us to the Mother.

We are semi-Gnostic in that we do not believe that Jesus had to fulfill a blood sacrifice in order to appease His Father. Rather, we believe that Jesus came to show us the Way back to the Father through Gnosis.

We believe that Creation is a gift and that the Cosmos is a school for the evolution and growth of our souls. We are able to have learning experiences here which are not available to us in the Realm of Perfection.

We reject the Gnostic Christian demotion of Sophia as having created in error which resulted in Her becoming ‘trapped’ as the World Soul, ultimately needing to be saved by Her Consort, Jesus Christ. This was not in the pre-Christian texts. We believe that like the Shekinah, She is with us through Her mercy and love for us. (2 and 3).

She is God the Daughter.

There are other ways to understand the Divine Family, as well.

Those Christians, who, similar to early Christians, recognize that the Holy Spirit is Feminine, i.e., that She is Our Heavenly Mother God, believe in a Trinitarian Divine Family of Father, Mother and Son.

  Sophia, the Holy Spirit.

The idea that the Holy Spirit is Feminine is, perhaps,, the biggest theological explosion for our times. She is revealing Herself to us, though She has been hidden for so long. But there is also the Paraklete/Holy Spirit of the Father: (link coming soon).

Put in a search for the Holy Spirit is Feminine and the search results will show over 14 million hits for blogs, churches, articles and books. Put in a search for Sophia, the Holy Spirit and you will receive almost 10 million hits (scroll down past the first wiki article). I believe that this fulfills an age-old prophecy concerning the Age of the Holy Spirit, an Age within which we are now blessed to be living. And She is revealing Herself to us. The Veil that was imposed by the all-male Church is being lifted. (1)

Other ways that Christians are coming to understand the Divine Family is as a ‘Quarternity’ of Father, Mother, Divine Son and Holy Daughter. These Christians believe, as do we, that the Earthly family is a reflection of the Divine Family.

Robert Powell and theologians like him, teach the double-Trinities of Father, Son and Holy Spirit alongside Mother,  Daughter and Holy Soul. We understand the double Trinity as Father, Son and Holy Spirit (of the Father) and Mother, Daughter and Great Mother.

All are valid ways of honoring the Divine Christian Family.

We offer a system of worship for the Christian Divine Feminine that goes hand in hand with the worship of the Christian Divine Masculine. Our liturgy offers the double communion in honor of Jesus Christ and of the Holy Daughter, Zoe Sophia.  We have a Rite of Veneration that may be offered in our homes for Our Lady on the Full Moons (as did the Jewish fore-mothers and the Collyridians: We also have a lay-liturgy that may be served in the home. (link coming soon.)

Please see our drop-down menu for prayers. Other rites and pages will be added in the near future.

If you are a Divine Feminine/Sophian Christian, we invite you to walk a piece with us for a while. Perhaps our system of worship coupled with our conservative culture will resonate with you.

If you are in the southern Monadnock area of NH or the north central MA area and are interested in attending a valid Christo-Sophian liturgy, please contact me, Rev. Pamela, at

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.

Rev. Pamela Lanides

  1. While we may have theological differences with other Christian Divine Family Traditions, we do share the same fundamental belief in the Divine Family. Here are some examples: (scroll down to Doctrine 6 on God and Goddess. Unfortunately, the links to these doctrines are not working.) This doctrine, in its basic belief of the Divine Family is as about as close to our theology that we’ve seen. One very important distinction that is made here, which we share and which differentiates the Reginites and the Essene Church of Christ is that we believe that from the Father emanates the Son and from the Mother emanates the Daughter where others, including some Gnostic Traditions hold that the Son and Daughter are born of the Father and Mother making Them Brother and Sister. The Christ-Logos and Daughter (Zoe) Sophia are not Brother and Sister, rather They are Divine Consorts Who, like all emanated Gnostic Aeons are yoked together as a Divine Pair.) I have been teaching this for almost a decade and was thrilled to find this teaching echoed by the Essenes.) We also believe the Father and the Mother emanate from the One, but we teach that the One or Monas is the Great Mother. However, we do not apply the term sexual to Divine Creation because it tends to convey a misunderstanding of Divine creative energies.  (Rev. Pamela Lanides)

While TicToc ministry is much more Pauline Christianity than are we, I do love her Seven Spirits of God seminar on the Divine Family:

We also recommend: and Finding Holy Spirit Mother by Ally Kateusz



The Wisdom Goddess, Feminine Motifs in Eight Nag Hamadi Documents, by Rose Harmon Arthur.



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