Sacred Season of Fall and Full Apple Moon

We are in the Sacred Season of Fall. Each Season is considered sacred due to its inherent Mystery. The Rosary Mystery for Fall is Terra which means Earth. This symbolizes that Our Heavenly Mother, Mari, is the Ground of All Being and She is also the Matrix of all Creation. The Apple is the Sacred Symbol of this great Mystery and so, the first month in Fall, in the Divine Feminine calendar is called Poma, which means, Apple. The month of Poma is from Sept. 5 – Oct. 2.

(Tonight is the night of the Full Apple Moon during which we offer the Rite of Veneration or RoV. Scroll down for Full Apple Moon. The suggested story/poems may be included for children in the RoV under Contemplation. Please note that the RoV is not the same as our Christ-Sophia liturgy).

We call Our Heavenly Mother, Mari, which means Mother Sea. Interestingly enough, I have recently discovered that the Cathars also referred to the Heavenly Mother as Mari. Mari Sophia is the Holy Spirit of the Christian Trinity. Summer and Fall are Her Seasons.

The apple contains within itself the Five Seeds of Life. (Cut an apple across it’s equator and you will see the Star of Seeds). Each seed contains the blueprint and essence for the creation of a new tree. In the same way, Our Heavenly Mother contains within Herself, the Potentialities which She receives of the Great Mother, (the Monas, Supreme Principle or Absolute Deity), which She then births forth into manifest creation. This is why, Mari Sophia is known as the Apple of Wisdom. The Apple is one of our Seven Sacred Symbols.


The Jana of Fall is Madria Verita. Verita means Truth, which is Her Holy Spirit name. Jana means gate or gateway and so Madria (which means Mother) Verita, (which means Truth, Her Holy Spirit name. She is Mother Truth), is the Gateway of the Gift of Counsel and the Virtues of Justice, Order and Harmony. Her feast day was 1 Poma/Sept. 5.

Her day is Pomadi/Thurs and so on this day, we aspire to practice one of her virtues in our daily life. There will be more on the Seven Janae of Sophia in the near future.

The correspondences for Fall are:

Symbol: the Apple;

Element: Earth;

Elemental Color: Green;

Liturgical Colors: Blue and Silver

Direction: West;

Time of Day: Twilight;

Mystery: Terra, the Ground of All Being.

Season of the Heavenly Matrix. The Heavenly Mother is the Ground of All Being and the Matrix of all Creation.

Pendant: The Apple. (If desired).

Month: Poma which means fruit or apple. Sept. 5 – Oct. 2

To see Madria Verita’s full correspondences please see:


Tonight is the Full Apple Moon. As did the Collyridians of old, we serve a Rite of Offering to Our Lady on the Full Moons. This may be offered up to three days before and three days after the full moon. The Rite may be found here: Where this is the Sacred Season of Fall, our hestian (1) shrines, icon corner shelves or altars should have a green altar cloth and the two main candles should be green. Priestesses wear blue and/or purple mantillas/veils/scarves and sash in honor of Madria Verita as those are the colors of her robes. (She may also be depicted wearing green)


Show the child how to cut the apple so that the star-seeds show. (Or do it for them.)

Apple Crafts:

Apple crafts for children:

Dessert Recipes:

Apple Pudding (My Mother always made this… was my favorite):

Apple Crisp:

Caramel Apples:

Children’s Stories: (The story/poems may be included in the RoV under Contemplation.)

(I live in Johnny Appleseed Country:)

Apple Poems:

Coming up: Who is Our Heavenly Mother?

May Our Lady bless you,

blessed is She.

Rev. Pamela Lanides.


(1) (Hestia means hearth and home. We refer to our blessed and consecrated homes as ‘hestias’.0