Blessed Samhain

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1 Samhain/Oct. 31

Stelladi/Wed. Day of Sai Mati (Sage).

Today marks the first day of Samhain, also known as Werde’. There are several ways to pronounce Samhain. I prefer the Scottish, Sa-ven.

Usually a feast is offered in honor of our loved ones who have died. I usually put some goodies on a plate along with milk, a glass of wine and a shot of whiskey for my Dad.

After Trick or Treating with my grandchildren, I offer the RoS, in honor of those who have passed beyond the veil. Where the veil is thin, it is always a good time to do a divination. The Contemplation section of the RoS is a perfect time for a divination or any other Shimovane/Samhain rites. After this, my husband and I usually sit around our campfire, weather permitting. 

I have two favorite prayers that I would like to share here. The first one, which I recite at the beginning the RoS is taken from Silver Ravenwolf’s book, Halloween. I post it every year. The Benediction which follows is from the same book, by a different author. I pray it, outside, at the end of the evening.

By the threads that still connect us, by the silver cord unbroken, by the love that is eternal, now (read list of loved ones who have passed beyond the veil): I will call you as the Western Gate stands open to taht land of golden sunsets. In that peace that is unending, in that life that is eternal, on this night of ancient wonder, where our souls can join together. I’ll close my eyes and see you smiling, as I slowly reach to touch you, in that land beyond the dawning, where your journey never ended. Where the pathway still leads upward on that circle laid through time.

May the moonlight guide your footsteps, may the starlight be your pathway, as we journey to the center, on this ancient night together. When our souls can be united. When our worlds are now the closest. When the silence choirs our love, when the circle is unbroken.

By the mystery all surrounding, with this breath by which I call you, in the flickering of the firelight, I say your names within my heart. They echo down through time unending, in the protection of this evening. May your presence wash through me and together we are one.

You who have passed to another plane (read list), I remember you.

And, from the same book, I end the evening with this Benediction written by David O. Norris:

It is time to bid farewell, as this Samhain passes from us. Soon the dawning will embrace us and the sunset portal close. Until the turning of the year, we must part for just a while. Yet I know there is no ending and the silver thread spins outward to that place where you are going. Until I travel there to meet you, or your return upon the Autumn, on this sacred night of spirits, when we shall meet again. May you be blessed.

And may you all be blessed on this holy night of Samhain.

Be out in Nature this night, if possible.