The Great Mother, Primordial Singularity of All Life

5 Astrea/Dec. 2


Day of Sai Raya Theia, Lamp of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence.

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Dear Devotees,

Our  friends and devotees often write to ask us about our fundamental beliefs and doctrines. These questions show not only a sincere desire, on the part of the devotee, to learn about our Faith, they also help us to know in which areas we need to make our teachings more clear. One recent question concerned the Nature and Function of the Great Mother/Absolute Deity.

In the Janite and Lucienne Traditions, The Great Mother is called, Mysteria/Mystery. This is more of a Title than a Name that was originally coined by ArchMatrona Georgia Cobb of the Lady of Light Chantry. In the Janite Tradition, (, She is known as Sige Mysteria or Mysteria Sige. (Sige may be pronounced either as Sy-gee, soft g or Seege, soft g.)

Before we continue with our teachings on the Great Mother, She Who is Absolute Deity, it is important to realize that in some ways, we differ in our thealogy (1), than Orthodox Filianists and Madrians. This is why we refer to ourselves as Deanists or as Sophian Deanists. Another description for Janites is Deanic Emanationists, a term which I will explain, shortly.

There are several ways in which we may approach Dea in accordance with our religion. She may be worshiped as One; as One in (with) Three Forms or as One in Three Persons.
Many Deanists simply worship Dea solely as Our Divine Mother God, which is the first, simplest and perhaps original way. They neither see Dea as a Trinity nor as One in Three Forms.  We know Our Divine Mother God by Her Filianic Name: Mari (mah’-ree). This is the oldest known goddess name in the world. In fact, there is an ancient city in Syria named after Her. The original meaning or Mari was Mother Sea. In the Welsh, it means Mother Queen.
The second way of understanding Dea, and this was taught in one of the original Madrian Orders, is that Dea is One in Three Forms.  This means that Dea is One Person, but She has three different Forms or Aspects. She is not a Trinity of One in Three Persons. There is a difference.
With the One in Three Forms approach, the ‘original’ Form and Function of Dea is as Absolute Deity/Great Mother and the Source of All Life. This is Her so-called ‘Dark’ Form meaning, that She is unknowable.
Dea also takes on the Form and Function of the Celestial Mother, Mari. This is Her Transcendent, Heavenly Form. She is Light and the Mother of All Life, She births the Potentialities and Primordial Ideas of the Great Mother into Manifest Creation.
Then, there is Her ‘Immanent’, Earthly Form and Function as the Holy Daughter. Her third Form is that of the Holy/Earthly Daughter. This is Her Immanent Form, Her She Is With Us Form. She Who is Sacrificial Love and Who is the Sacred Breath of all Nature. She is known, in one of the original Madrian Orders as Jana (Yah-na), which means Moon and Gate (heavenly gateway). Her Filianic Name is Anna, which means Grace. In the Janite Tradition, Jana, Anna, Zoe- Jana, Zoe-Anna and Jana Sophia are acceptable.
And so, these three ‘Forms’ are not three different Persons of the Godhead as in a Trinity, but They are three different Aspects of Her or three Forms that the One Dea takes. And where time and space are an Illusion, and where Dea exists outside or beyond the illusion of time and space, She can be all Three Forms at once.
The thealogy of Dea as One in Three Forms is expressed in the the ‘Blessed is Our Mother God‘ prayer from the above mentioned Madrian Order:
(slightly adapted)
Blessed is Our Mother God,
She Who is Mari,
She Who is Jana,
She Who is Mysteria, (the original: the Absolute, She Who is the Dark beyond the Light and Light beyond the darkness.)
Blessed is She.
The third and perhaps the most common approach to Dea is as a Trinity where Dea is Three Distinct Persons of Mother, Daughter and Great Daughter.
Personally, I tend to see Dea as both One with Three Forms and One in Three Persons.
In addressing the Great Mother within the Three Forms approach, She is the Original/Source Form of Dea. In the Trinitarian approach, the Great Mother is the Source of the Trinity. In the Emanationist approach, the Great Mother is the Source from Whom emanates the Mother. (And from the Mother emanates the Holy Daughter).
Filianists take an eastern approach in their thealogy of the Absolute/Dark Mother. Janites take a more western thealogical approach. 
Image result for image of goddess kali  The Goddess, Kali.
In the eastern approach, the Absolute is seen as more of a Kali-like figure who is both the Source and the Destruction of manifest Creation. She is ‘God without Form’.  It is not considered wise to approach the Dark Mother. 

From the Chapel of Our Mother God:

We understand at least a little about the Mother and Maiden aspects of the Triple Goddess, but what of the so-called “Crone”? The term “crone” does not originally signify an old woman. Indeed most ancient images of the Triple Goddess do not include an old woman. “Crone” comes from Greek cronos, meaning time. Thus the significance of “Crone” is identical to that of Kali, which comes from Sanskrit kala, also meaning time.

The Dark Mother, the third (or first) Person of the Trinity is often seen, from the human perspective, as Time the Destroyer. It is She who in-breathes all the worlds at the end of time, just as it is She who out-breathes them at time’s beginning. She is beyond time and space and the whole of manifestation. She is called “dark” because we, as mortal, time- and space-bound creatures cannot really conceive of Her.

She is sometimes depicted as a very old woman (signifying Her association – from the human perspective – with Time and Death). She is sometimes depicted simply as one of a Triple Goddess group (signifying the triune nature of Dea). In truth, however, She is beyond Name and Form.

The Mother and the Dark Mother are, in Sanskrit terminology, saguna brahman and nirguna brahman – God with Form and God beyond all Form.

Yet the world must end eventually, and the Dark Mother is called the Destroyer. This understanding of her, however is from the worldly perspective. She is the First Cause of all things and will be their Final End.

This eastern approach is, of course, quite valid.

In Janite Emanationism, we refer to Absolute Deity as the Great Mother. Her title of ‘Mysteria’/Mystery was coined by ArchMatrona Georgia Cobb of the LLC (Lady of Light Chantry). The idea of a Great Mother is more of a western approach. Though we believe She is largely unknowable to our finite minds, She is not abstract, but very much a Person. This is a belief shared by Deanists, Madrians and Filianists. But some Deanists differ in that we do believe the Great Mother is approachable. While there is much we cannot know about Her, She is revealed, in part, through Her Forms or Emanations of the Celestial Mother and the Holy Daughter. And though we may not  be able to ‘know Her’ in the same way that we know the Mother and the Daughter, She certainly know us! We come from Her! She gave us Life! She is the Infinite
 Intelligent Life Source!
As an example of a ‘knowable Absolute’, Christians believe that God the Father is Absolute Deity, and yet, Christians do not call Him the ‘Dark God’, rather, He is called Father, and the more intimate, Abba. Christians pray to Him for all needs.
Janites believe in emanation theory similar to that of Plotinus and the Gnostics, but our understanding of emanation is closer to that of a certain modern Essene sect in that we believe that:
 Sige Mysteria, the Great Mother.
There is the One, the Monas Who is Absolute Deity, the Great Mother Mysteria or Sige Mysteria. 
(may be pronounced as either Sy-gee or siege), which means Silence.  She is the Living Intelligent 
 Singularity of the All. The Source of the All. From this One, this Source Who is the Great Mother, emanates the Celestial Mother and the True Father. (Janites do not deny the Divine Masculine). From the Celestial Mother emanates the Holy Daughter and from the True Father emanates the Cosmic Son.
It must be pointed out that while Orthodox Filianism limits the Principle of Masculinity/spirit to the Earth, Janites and most Deanists do not. However, Deanists (meaning those who are not practicing a Blended Path such as Deanic Christianity or Deanic Judaism), primarily/solely worship Dea though we acknowledge the True Divine Masculine.
 Sige Mysteria
Janites don’t tend to view the Great Mother as the Destroyer such as the Goddess, Kali (the Hindu Goddesses are considered to be Living Stream). Manifest Creation is an illusion. Many quantum physicists have discovered this to be true. Manifest creation is more like an holographic computer type of simulation. (Think of a virtual reality where you forget about your true reality). So, there is no need for destruction, per se. At the end of our Earthly, third dimensional low-vibrational incarnations, we begin to ascend back up through the realms. The next realm up is the Fourth vibratory realm/dimension. Just as Sophia/Shekinah (and as does the Filianic/Madrian/Deanic Holy Daughter) descended down through the Seven Realms and ascended up through the realms, so do we until we reach Perfect Love. And so there is no need of the destruction of manifest matter. It is simply an illusion.
 From the Madrian Catechism: 
17. Who is the Dark Mother?

She is Absolute Deity, Who existed before the beginning of existence and is beyond being and unbeing.

18. What is Her Nature?

She is outside space and time; She is all that is and all that is not.

19. What are Her Acts?

The exhalation of Her breath or Spirit is our Mother, the Creator of the world. Of Her other Acts, our minds cannot conceive.

 So, in summary, Absolute Deity, the Great Mother, is the Primordial Singularity of All Life.  She is the Origin of origins, as our Faith teaches us. Though She is the One and Only Absolute, She holds within Herself the Source of Life and that includes the Feminine and Masculine Principles Who emanate as the Celestial Mother and the True Father.
Let us bless the Holy One.
Blessed is She.
Let us thank the Seven Janati of Dea.
Thanks be to the Seven Janati.
ArchMadria Pamela Lanides
1) We spell it as thealogy…thea is Greek for goddess as opposed to theology where theo is Greek for god.