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The Reginite Deanic Christian understanding of God.

Pre-Nicene Christianity.

The Three Forms of Worship.

My Vision for the future of Deanic Christianity.


ArchMadra Kathi and I have been researching feminine angels in Christianity, during the course which I have come across this interesting article: (correct link coming, soon.)

 Of course, we might not agree with everything in this article. The part that I find intriguing is the author’s understanding of the Nature of Jesus. It really struck me because that is what I had always believed growing up.
I grew up believing that Jesus was literally God the Father come down to us.
Jesus was called, Emanuel. We were taught that Emanuel means: God pitched His tent amongst us. I believed that Jesus was God the Father incarnate, living amongst us; that Jesus was God the Father in His Immanent Form. I thought that’s what Jesus meant when He said:
 Philip, I have been with you for a long time. Don’t you know who I am? If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.
I was a devout Traditional Catholic, went to Catholic school as a child, studied the Christian religion all of my life and yet, this was my inherent belief until adulthood.
 As an adult, I came to understand that I had been mistaken. Jesus was not the Father come amongst us, He was the Logos, the Second Person of the Trinity (the Cosmic Christ/Divine Son), Who took flesh and lived amongst us.
So, imagine my surprise when I read the above article! There was my original belief system! And it is considered pre-Nicene.
This teaching about Jesus being the Immanent Form of God the Father is similar to the teaching of the Orthodox Order of the Madrians (as opposed to Lux Madriana, which considered themselves catholic Madrian), which teaches that Dea, Our Divine Mother God, is One with Three Forms and not One in Three Persons, as in a Trinity.
So, between Orthodox Madrian, catholic Madrian and Filianic teachings, taken altogether, the Nature of the Divine Feminine Trinity may be understood in two ways…that Dea (Mother God) may be understood as a Trinity of Three Divine Persons similar to the Christian understanding of the Divine Masculine Trinity. Or, She may be understood as One in Three Forms. Some of the following I have written about, in the past.
As One in Three Forms, the Holy Daughter may be understood to be the Immanent Form of Our Heavenly, Transcendent Mother. That was the teaching of the Orthodox Madrians and this is similar to what the above article is states about Jesus being the incarnate form of the True Father, which is what I believed for the first part of my life. 
The Blessed is Our Mother God prayer, which is slightly adapted from the Orthodox Madrian ekklesia:
Blessed is Our Mother God, the Holy One,
She Who is Mari,
She Who is Jana,
She Who is the Dark Mother,
 Dark beyond the light, and Light beyond the Darkness.
Blessed is She. 
This prayer is stating that Dea is not One in Three Persons, but One is Three forms. 
 We understand the Absolute as the Singularity; the Source of the All; Life. This Singularity holds all Potentiality of the All, all Primal Ideas and the Primal Feminine and Primal Masculine Principles.
Some view this Singularity/One/Absolute Deity/Monas as the Dark or Great Mother. (By Dark we mean, beyond knowing.) Others view the One as being genderless, from Which emanates the Mother and the Father.
From this One emanates the Supreme True Father and the Supreme Celestial Mother. They are the Light of All Life. They take the Primordial Ideas and Potentialities of the One and manifest them into Creation. They are co-Creators.
From there, while we may look at the Daughter and Son in two ways, as a Person of the Trinity or as the Immanent Form of the Mother. And yet, there may be a third, a middle way.

First: From the Trinitarian point of view:

From Father emanates the Son and from the Mother emanates the Daughter.  They are distinct Persons from the Father and the Mother. (I was pleased to find this exact same emanation process explained on a modern Christian Essene website in addition to a non-Christian website).

They are Sacrificial Love and Rulers and Sustainers all All Creation. They are co-Saviours. He, our Saviour, She our Soteria. They are the Sustainers and Rulers of Creation.

As we have pointed out in the past, that this teaching differs from those who teach that the Son and the Daughter are born of the Mother and of the Father. As the Essene teacher pointed out…the Son and the Daughter are not Brother and Sister. They are Divine Consorts. Twin Souls.
Second: Alternatively, the Triune View posits that we may view the Holy Daughter as the Immanent Form of the Celestial Mother and now we know that we may also view the Divine Son as the Immanent Form of the True Father!
Third: I see Her as both. The Holy Daughter is the Immanent Form of the Holy Mother, but at the same time, I see Her as Her own Person. It’s hard to explain.
Pre-Nicene Christianity
The article, that I mentioned at the beginning of this post, along with other early Christian writings that I have been studying, brings to the forefront that there were many forms of primitive Christianity.
As Deanic Christians, we have the freedom to adhere to a mainstream form of Christianity. But we also have the freedom to understand Christianity through other than the Roman Catholic/Orthodox Christian/mainstream Christianity lens. We are able to look to other sources whether they be Gnostic, Esoteric, pre-Nicene, Apocryphal or other Early Christianities. Personally, I have become interested in pre-Nicene Christianities.
Three Forms of Worship
I believe that All are One. We all emanate from the One. I believe that is what Jesus tried to teach humanity. I believe that He taught service to others rather than service to self. And this is why He taught us to love others as we love ourselves because we are truly One with others. This is the highest form of worship. Love in Action. It unites us with God.
I believe that I can go outside, stand by the lake shore and I can sense the Presence the Holy Daughter in the breeze; I can see Her reflection in the glimmer-stream of moonlight, and I can feel Her energy swirl in my hand in the dark waters of our lake.That is the natural form of worship. And is good for the soul.
Then there is prayer, ritual, initiations. Ritual is where Heaven and Earth meet, especially during the liturgy. That is the formal form of worship. It is good for the spirit.
Three Ways of Understanding the One for Deanic Christians and for those who also believe in the Divine Masculine.
1) The One/Absolute Deity may be understood to be the Great Mother, Sige (I prefer the pronunciation: Sy-gee).
2) The One may be understood to be Sige and the Bythos, from Whom emanates the Mother and the Father, as is taught in Valentinian Gnosticism.
3) The One may be considered genderless, and from the One emanates the Mother and the Father, etc.
Vision for the Future of Deanic Christianity.
It has amazed me that Deanic Christianity has grown in such a short time. It seems like only a few years ago when I first proposed Blending the two Faiths. A majority of our readers are Deanic, Goddess or Sophian Christian.
My vision, for Deanic Christians, is that, in addition to Twin Soul parishes, where the double communion rites are served by priestess and priest, as it is being done in a mainstream parish in CA, that there also remain separate Orders and liturgies of worship for Dea, Our Lady, and for Our Lord. In this way, the worship of Our Divine Lady will forever be insured. It will not be in danger of being subsumed by the worship of the Divine Masculine. And, vice versa.
May Our Lady bless you,
Blessed is She.
ArchMadra Pamela Lanides