Mary was a Bishop

28 Astrea/Dec. 25

Merry Christmas to all our Deanic Christian readers!

Blessed Adoria to those who celebrate the emanation of Daughter Sophia, today.

ArchMadra Kathi has been researching Mary through early Christian texts. She came upon the following website. In one of Bishop Katia’s Mystery Schools, I had seen the ancient icon of Mary dressed as a bishop. The peer reviewed article, Collyridian Deja vu explains the evidence for Mary having been Christian clergy.

The owner of the website wrote a nice little book, “Finding Holy Spirit Mother”:
The main website is:
If you scroll down, you will see a fascinating article on the Two Marys, Two Traditions:
In the menu at the top…go to peer reviewed articles. On that page, you can scroll down to the link: Collyridian Deja Vu. This is a pdf file and is about the evidence that Mary was a priest/bishop. Note the earliest dating.
Thanks to ArchMadra Kathi for bringing this article to my attention.