..the Bad, Part I..and the Brilliant, Part II

4 Hestia/Dec. 30

This post begins with Part I,The Bad, the serious problems connected with pious fraud  and ends in Part II, with The Brilliant.


My motto has always been, keeping moving forward . (1)  And despite many setbacks, this motto has kept me afloat.

And, I have found that it is true, each set-back is really but another step forward.


The BAD, Part I

Over time, whenever I see claims of secret, hereditary traditions or claims to uninterrupted antiquity, it raises a gigantic red flag in my mind. I have seen it happen too many times in my life. These so-called ‘secret or ‘hereditary’ traditions most often prove to be fraudulent.

When a religion, devotional cult or spiritual tradition falsely lays claim to great antiquity without any evidence to prove such a claim; declares their writings to be of divine/ ancient origin when they know first-hand the origins; or if a religion, cult or tradition attempts to make any other claims of which they are fully aware are false; that religion, cult or  tradition is knowingly engaging in pious fraud. It does not matter the reason because the reason is always the same.

The reason behind the act of pious fraud is to lend a new religion, a modern version of a defunct religion or some other form of spirituality, scriptures, texts or writings divine authenticity. We have seen evidence of pious fraud in the obscure world of Roman Catholic relics. And while the reason behind the specific acts of pious fraud may be well-meaning, it is still dishonest and people are deceived on a heart/spirit/soul level.

Pious fraud, in my estimation, is not only the worse sort of falsehood, it often leads to the potential for abuse.

When the truth behind the fraud finally emerges without warning, it leaves its loyal devotees reeling in shock. They feel profoundly betrayed. They often become disconnected and disillusioned. The revelation may also lead to initial denial, as in a grieving process.

I know. I’ve been there. More than once.

For whatever reason, there has been a lot of instances of pious fraud since the 1970’s even amongst well-respected Traditions/Churches.

One example of modern day pious fraud are the Traditions and spiritual schools which claim a secret, underground heritage that may be traced directly back to Mary Magdalene. It would be nice if it was true, but most often, it is shown to be pious fraud and to my knowledge, not one claim has even been verified.

Those who make these claims of secret, hereditary traditions never offer any actual proof, because, well, it’s a secret, isn’t it? So those who want to believe, must accept it through an act of faith in the person or people making these claims. What happens when this sincere act of faith is shattered?

Some souls will try to salvage what is left.

Other souls will try to rationalize and excuse what has happened.

Many souls will try to stay the course, but ultimately find that they must deal with the issue one way or another.

And there will be the souls who will leave entirely, continuing their search for that which they find to be divinely authentic.

Ultimately, we must keep moving forward. We must listen to that voice which whispers to us within the inner Temple of our heart. We must stay true to our own Soul Path as we follow the Guiding Star of Our Divine Kyria.

A. M. Pamela Lanides


  1. Walt Disney and  Cornelius Lewis Robinson in, Meet the Robinsons.