The Brilliant, Part II

11 Hestia/Jan. 5

These messages, Part I and Part II are in response to the current situation within the community.

The Brilliant:

  1. The concept of Dea as being God in Her Own Right and that Her Godhood is not dependent upon the Divine Masculine.
  2. The concept of the Janati as out-flowing from Dea, rendering them as being Emanations of Dea, Herself, and placing them above the angels, who are cosmic beings and yet, clothing the Janati with rarefied angelic forms/bodies. We know there are the Seven Divine Feminine Virgins from various sources including from Sophian sources, and from two pre-Nicene Christian texts (more on this in the next post).
  3. The concept of a unique Divine Feminine scriptures/inspired poetry.
  4. The brilliance of the over-all system of worship.
  5. The 13 month/Five Season calendar.
  6. The majority of the holy days based on the Marian devotional cult and that of Persephone/Demeter.
  7. The idea of the Sacrificial Daughter (here we are not speaking of the Pagan goddess, Inanna). The Sacrificial Daughter is not only found in the mythology of Kore/Persephone, but is also found in regards to Lower Shekinah and Lower Sophia. However, Gnostic Christianity demoted Sophia and Her True Role.
  8. The bringing to Her children of Earth the truth of the relationship between the Mother and the Holy Daughter….in a way that is lacking in all other mythology, including that of Sophia.
  9. The idea of the names of the days of the week and the 13 months, thereby making the Tradition unique unto itself.
  10.  The Five Symbols and their representation of the Divine Feminine Mysteries.
  11. The unique symbolism of the Fora.
  12. The Virtues of the Janati and their importance.
  13. The inclusion certain Gnostic and Greek philosophies regarding Primordial Ideas/Forms, etc., and the inclusion of certain theories from quantum physics and, perhaps unintentionally, the holographic universe theory.
  14. The idea of Living Stream Forms, only.
  15. Calling Her, Dea rather than goddess. Though Dea translates as goddess, Latin has become a sacred language and the word, in its current usage in the community, means Mother God. This has become our intimate way of referring to Her.
  16. Dea in Her Triplicity, whether of Three Forms or Three Persons. (Both are acceptable.) (The core of this thealogy is a bit different than the Triple Goddess of Paganism.)
  17. The concept of Avalon. According to NDE’s and other sources such as psychiatrists who have studied life between lives, we do go to our True Home (Avalon) to rest and study in-between incarnations. As our souls evolve, we continue to rise higher as aware sentient beings until we finally reach the Realm of Perfection (Pleroma).
  18. The idea of assigning Life to the Dark Mother/Absolute Deity/Great Mother; Light to the Celestial Mother and Love to the Holy Daughter.
  19. The perfect system of the Cardinal Directions and Elements of the Divine Feminine and its correspondence to the Five Mysteries, the Five Elements and the Seven Janati. Absolute brilliant perfection.
  20. The beautiful liturgy and the RoS.
  21. The Madrian catechism, with only a few exceptions, is excellent.
  22. Assigning a Divine, Cosmic Function to each Person of the Divine Feminine Trinity.
  23. The teaching that the Holy Daughter is Cosmic as opposed to incarnational and historical. This fits perfectly with Sophian thealogy. It was also the belief about Jesus in certain pre-Nicene, texts and Gnostic circles. A number of scholars are of the opinion that Paul did not know of an historical Jesus, but did know of a Cosmic Jesus. They believed that Jesus would appear to them.  I had also read where there were pre-Christian Jewish sects who believed in a Cosmic Son.
  24. Though not divine, over-all, with certain exceptions, the scriptures or perhaps the Recital is the perfect way to describe this inspiring poetry, are beautiful, unique in the world and they do reach us on a soul level, as if it is the Holy Daughter, speaking to us, Herself. Although, as with everything, it is important to have a proper, clear and honest understanding of their origins. Some of the stories are beautiful, as well, such as the Three Princesses and the Resurrection stories. Many are inspiring and comforting. There are many highly revered writings in this world that are not considered divine. That does not mean that they cannot be considered as being primary texts of a religious Tradition.
  25. The correspondences of the Janati. (ArchMatrona Ghrian helped along these lines, as well.)
  26. Our unique prayers including those composed by ArchMatrona Ghrian, others and those which were composed by myself.
  27. Our evolving Customs and Traditions. Which, we should remember includes the importance of femininity and a dignified and respectful manner of dress.
  28. Our religious terms, names, titles and, what is becoming our own, unique, traditional way of speaking.
  29. The beautiful and entirely unique title of Madria for the Holy Mother and for priestesses.
  30. The use of Filia and Dea Filia.
  31. The uniqueness of the title, Sai, which is a derivative of both saint and Sri, both of which means holy.
  32. The fact that it is a complete system of Divine Feminine worship unto itself which may be used alone or in conjunction with a Divine Masculine religion.
  33. The system of the daily/weekly practice/observance of the 21 Virtues of the Janati, as developed by ArchMatrona Georgia and myself, along with other beauties of the religion that are too numerous to mention.

If the religion is propagated in an honest, clear and ethical manner, it has tremendous potential for the future and it already growing, not only in this community, but also in the Christian community, from which many of its aspects were adopted.


Like others before me, from the time I first found the religion, I realized its origins and the origins of its scriptures were not divinely revealed, but I found the perfection of the system of worship, along with much of its foundational thealogy, teachings and basic understanding of Dea to be nothing short of Brilliant, Right and True.

As an ordained priestess of Holy Sophia, I found that this would be a perfect system of worship with Her as our Living Stream Form for Dea.

My faith in Dea is certainly not shaken now that the origins have been made clear. Rather, perhaps it is strengthened. I already believed in Her. She is Dea Sophia to me. I was simply using this amazing system of worship to honor Her, in Her Triple Form.

And though we take Dea Sophia’s Names from Gnosticism, She is not the Gnostic Sophia, per se. She is not limited to any one religion or to any one idea of Her. Like the True Father, She is Universal, for all Her children of the Earth, and each religious expression is but the cultural lens through which She is seen and understood.

For those of us who have fallen in love with the religion and its system of worship, we need not throw the baby out with the bath water. We may reject that which we know is false and truly appreciate that which is true and beautiful.

The Founders may have made some mistakes, but that is nothing new in the field of thealogy and religion, nor in any other field. But what they did create and accomplish was nothing short of Brilliant and desperately needed in our times. As one of our sorellas recently mentioned, the religion and its sacred writings are unique in the world. There is nothing else like it.

Brave pioneers have introduced the concept of the Goddess and the Quarternity. Bishop Katia Romanoff began her Mystery Schools and Goddess Christian ministry and church back in the late 1990’s. That, too, has greatly evolved. Her many, many students have gone on to become Goddess Christian priests and ministers. Her thousands of Goddess Christian devotees found a home with her teachings.

More and more, I am hearing of Christian churches and parishes speak of the Quarternity, a term that Bishop Katia coined for the True YHVH, Mother, Father, Daughter and Son, through Her Mystery school, many years ago.

It is people of courage like Bishop Katia, who, at a time when the Goddess of Christianity was unheard-of and considered entirely heretical, brought forth the true origins of Christianity into the 21st century. This was an early Christianity where women participated equally, fully and side by side with men in clerical and ekklesiastical duties. And more evidence continually surfaces that this was, indeed, the case. Especially at the Temple on the Island of Elephantine where some scholars believe that Jesus was trained.

I believe that the Brilliance of this system of worship lends itself to three possible ways of practice, as I have taught from the beginning:

As a complete religion in and of itself.

As the Mother God system of worship to be practiced side by side with the Divine Masculine mainstream worship.

As the Mother God system of worship for those who believe in the Divine Masculine, but who are primarily devoted to Dea and to Her service.

I would rather build on truth, clarity and transparency than on wishful or fanciful thinking. A religion is stronger when it is presented in a true, clear and honest manner. Truth is a strong foundation that cannot crumble.

I will read the Recital with new eyes, grateful for the truth that we have long sought. I think the new transparency and honesty will help me to have a renewed respect for the beauty and depth of the verses, while feeling free to reject that which I do not believe is true.

I will continue to move forward on my own unique Soul Path.

One which focuses on serving Dea Sophia through this system of worship.

One which believes in the True Father and the Divine Son.

One which understands the Absolute to be the Supreme Divine Feminine from Whom emanates the Celestial Mother and the True Father. (Although the Absolute might also be considered to be genderless by some Goddess Christians.)

One which believes the Holy Daughter, Zoe Sophia (aka Jana Sophia), emanates from the Celestial Mother and that I may see Sophia, not just through various Christian ideas of Her, but also through Deanic eyes.

And one which includes sensing Dea Filia, the Immanence of the Holy Daughter, through Nature.

And where the Janites are doing great with the loving leadership of Prima Madria Sophia, I will focus my ministry on Deanic Christians and those who also believe in the Divine Masculine.


A. M. Pamela Lanides


Truth and Transparency are the only way forward.