The Anniversary of Goddess Christians: Goddess Christians and Deanism fulfill Prophecy.

5 Dolora/Feb. 24

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20th Anniversary of Goddess Christians

Where some of you were ordained by Bishop Katia Romanoff,,
March 10 marks the 20th anniversary of Goddess Christians. As it happens to fall on a Sunday, I think it would be wonderful for all clergy, who were ordained through Bishop Katia and her bishops, to offer up liturgy/service in gratitude for this historical movement of which we have had the privilege of witnessing. This has happened in our day, in our era, in our age!
This work took unimaginable courage. Not too many decades ago, certainly within my own life-time, worshiping the Christian Mother God was not within the realm of even the remotest possibility. It was not a thought. Not a dream. Not a vision and certainly not a reality. We Catholics came close with the Blessed Virgin Mary, but She was not Divine
Now, thanks to the Goddess Christian and Deanic movements, I have experienced Her as being God, Herself. She is truly part of the Godhead! We have a Mother and a Father… a Daughter and a Son!
The unprecedented work of Bishop Katia, Margaret Starbird, the Russian Sophian Mystics, Robert Powell and so many, many others who courageously broke with the constraints of Patriarchal-only Tradition, and who delved back into the true Christian past; these pioneers who have brought the Living Experience of the Christian Divine Feminine into our lives, will truly go down in religious history as being one of the defining moments of all time. When we are part of living history, we are often not able to see it for the explosive moment in time that it might be.
As Deanic Christians, we are also grateful for those who created the Madrian and Filianic religions. (
They brought us a True experience of Dea as God and designed an exquisitely beautiful system of worship for Her. And now that we are aware that the Divine Feminine scriptures were written in the 1970’s, I feel that this knowledge has helped me to appreciate them even more.
With a true understanding of the nature of these writings, of which some parts were inspired by Christianity, I can now, with clear conscience, embrace the Teachings of the Daughter and much that is in the Mythos in a way that I was not able to. in the past, when the origins of the scriptures were shrouded in doubt and controversy. Now, I can read them in authenticity.
(See this Holy Spirit image of Sophia:
(If you know the origin of this mystical painting, please contact Mother Pamela at Thank you.)
This Age, the Age of Aquarius, has been prophesied as the Age of the Holy Spirit (Who is Feminine) and it has also been prophesied as the Age of the Daughter. And though the Daughter has been recognized in Christianity, it is through Deanism, the Madrian and Filianic religions, that we have come to truly know Her and understand Her Sacrifice, Her Role as the Sustainer of All Nature and Her Divine Nature as that of Supernal Love. She is the Supernal Moon reflecting the Supernal Sun of Her Celestial Mother. So many of the Deanic beliefs concerning the Holy Daughter match that of Holy Sophia.
In my opinion, the two above mentioned prophecies have been revealed through both the Goddess Christian and the Deanic movements. The Goddess Christian/Christian Divine Feminine movements have revealed the ancient Christian belief that the Holy Spirit is Feminine. She is Sophia. We know, from Gnostic Christianity, that Sophia is Mother and Daughter. (Keeping in mind that we do not accept the idea of a ‘Fallen Sophia’, which was a demotion by Gnostic Christian writers. This has been clearly shown forth in the works of Rose Horman Arthur, in her scholarly work, The Wisdom Goddess.)
We are living in this amazing Age of the Divine Feminine! Let us celebrate this Age on March 10.
I am hoping to get an interview with Bishop Katia, because she was one of the, if not the founder, of the Goddess Christian Movement within Christianity, a movement which pre-dates the founding of Goddess Christians.
Perhaps this anniversary might be set aside as a special day of contemplation, meditation or of other forms of special worship in Thanksgiving to Dea/Mother God for those who have devoted their lives to Her spreading the Great News, the News of Her Revelation in our Age.
Clergy might celebrate liturgy/service. Devotees might celebrate the Rite of Veneration (which will be posted well in advance.)
Anyway, there are only a couple of weeks before the anniversary, so let’s plan a ceremony of gratitude!
Mother Pamela