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The Descent of Sophia

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The Hamsa of Wisdom (exciting find)!


During this time, we are mindful of the Descent of Sophia/Shekinah.

The above, rather iconic image of the Descent of Sophia truly captures my soul and tugs at my heart.

This is not the Sophia Who creates chaos. This is the pre-Christian Sophia!

Please read the beautiful story behind this forward-thinking painting:

There is an important component to the Gnostic Christian version of Sophia, and that is, She is representative of all of our souls. The story of Her Fall is the story of our souls. As the Shekinah, She gave us our souls. As Sophia, She resides within us as the Divine Spark. And so, in a way, the story of Her Fall is really the story of Her sharing Her Soul with us and experiencing,as the Divine Spark within us, what we experience. There is no joy of us that She does not feel. There is no sorrow within us, that She does not experience, Herself.

I have seen nothing so beautiful as this explanation of the Descent of Sophia:


Darkness symbolizes the agonizing Descent, down through the Seven Realms, undertaken by Daughter Sophia/Shekinah.

Kabbalah studies show that this was exceedingly painful for the Holy Daughter, (1) Gnostic studies show that it was chaotic, disorienting, sorrowful. (Please note, we have a different interpretation of the ‘Fallen’ Sophia than that of the article.

She, Sophia/Shekinah, Who took on the Form of Divine Soul, descended down through increasing density and lower and lower vibration. She came as our co-Saviouress by becoming the World Soul and residing within us. (2)


Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom by Emily Balivet:×7-greeting?ref=landingpage_similar_listing_top-3&frs=1


The Hamsa, which pre-dates Judaism, has long been viewed as a good luck charm or a protection charm from the evil eye and negative influences. It is worn or carried to invoke the Hand of God. However, it is sacred to all three major Abrahamic religions, (A).

In Judaism, it represents that Hand of Miriam.
In Islam, it represents the Hand of Fatima.
In Christianity, it represents the Hand of Mary.

The Hamsa of Wisdom. To Order: (1)

In modern days, it is coming to represent the Hand of Sophia. So imagine my excitement when I discovered the above pendant from Israel! It is the Hamsa or Hand of Wisdom….the Hamsa or Hand of Sophia!!!!

(Be sure to check out their many stunning wall-Hamsas).

In addition to the pendants, Hamsa plaques, of all sizes, materials and descriptions, may also be hung on a wall, for the Protection and Blessing of the home. These pendants and plaques should be blessed, consecrated and anointed specifically as the Hand of Sophia. (Link coming, soon.)

Although the Hamsa is the one symbol which is common to the three major Abrahamic faiths, it fell into disuse amongst Christians once it had been banned by Emperor Charles the Fifth, of the Holy Roman Empire, in the 14th century, in the aftermath of the occupation of Spain.


It is important to bless the Hamsa with the intention of being the Hand of Sophia. Link coming, soon.

This ancient symbol of the Hand of Feminine Protection and Blessing is the uniting symbol of the Abrahamic religions. And the Hamsa of Wisdom is the perfect symbol for devotees of Divine Sophia, Blessed is She.


Mthr. Pamela



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