Dolora, the Day of Sorrow.

The Veiled Moon

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Dolora is the somber of the Day of Sorrows. This is the Divine Feminine Good Friday, so to speak. The Shekinah/Sophia suffers in agony as She descends from the 8th Realm down through the Seven Realms, the Seven dimensions of increasingly lower vibrational density.

It is said in Kabbalistic teachings with regards to the Shekinah, that this Descent caused Her Soul to Shatter. It is said in Gnostic teachings that this Descent into increasingly lower and darker levels of density caused Sophia’s Spirit to Scatter into myriad Sparks of Divine Light.

We cover our heads in remembrance of and in solidarity with Our Lady as She Descends down through the realms.

On this day  no altar or devotional candles are lit.

Holy images are covered.

Though, traditionally, the Descent of Sophia is celebrated on Sept. 8th, the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we somberly honor Her Descent  n this day. We are mindful of the Descent of Sophia down through the Seven Realms or densities because, as stated in the Sequence of Sophia, “I will never fall asleep upon the green grass, while the earth rings with the cries of the exiles.”

The “Universal”/Cosmic story of Sophia is that, rather than Falling into Chaos because She created in error, She was so taken with Her creation and with humanity, that She followed us down here in order to watch over Her Creation and in order to be with us.

(See article: (As we see from this article, this is the same basic mythos as that of the Holy Daughter, Sophia.)

We are with Her, as She Descends, waiting for Her arrival. But when, as the Shekinah, Her Soul Shatters (1), and as Sophia, Her Light Scatters, we are shocked and sadden at the violent suffering of Her Descent. The density and lowness of our vibrational level was soul crushing to Her. It tore at Her Spirit. We softly chant melodies of sadness to Her, as She suffers, in order to be Immanent with us.

(Nicolas Roerich, Mother of the World).


On this day, females may veil, (cover our heads with a scarf, hat, chapel veil, mantilla, kerchief or wide headband).
Males choose to wear a religious head covering.

On this day, we fast, according to our abilities, health and situation, and, if time, perform a lustration or sacred bath/shower using sacred salts, herbs or oils while chanting prayers of repentance.

There are no flowers or lit candles on the home altars/shrines/icon corners until the day of the Divine Feminine Eastre, Rosa Mundi.

As we observe the Day of Sorrow, let us remember that what lies beyond is the renewal of our spirits, our souls and Creation. Creation is Alive and Wonderful! It is Sacred and is Mystery! It is the very expression of the Mind of God as created through the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, Mother/Daughter and Father/Son, each with Their Role and Function.


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Let us Bless the Queen of Heaven.

Blessed is She.

Let us give thanks to the Seven Holy Ones of Dea.

Thanks be to the Seven Holy Ones.

Let us give praise to the True Father and to the Divine Son. Praise be to the Father and the Son.


Tonight marks the end of the Season of the Great Mother, the Gnostic Sige. We know Her as Mysteria Sige, or the Mystery of Silence. For some Deanic Christians, She is the Absolute, the Monas.

Here is a Psalm in Her honor:

Psalm 9: O, Veiled Fora of Faith

O, Veiled Fora of Faith,
You are the Still Centre of All Being.
You are the Luminosity of Darkness.
You are the Wellspring of the Rivers of Life.
You are the Tabernacle of Divinity.
O, Veiled Fora of Faith, be with us. (Rev. Pamela Lanides)