People are Leaving Organized Religion in Droves

As written for Goddess Christians:

This article has appeared on several sites. What I thought was interesting was the increase in home churching.
When I was young, every single church of every denomination was overflowing. That was back in the day when Sunday was still a day of church, rest and family. No stores were open. No-one worked on Sundays unless you were an emergency worker like a nurse, doctor, first responder, etc. Sunday should have remained a day of rest, in my opinion.
Everyone in our neighborhood went to church. As a former Roman Catholic, coming from parishes that had three overflowing masses every Sunday, I never, in my wildest imagination, thought that I would live to see the day, within my lifetime, of church after church after church, of all denominations, with for sale signs on them.
I remember how thoroughly shocked I was when I first saw a Catholic Church with a for sale sign on it, only to have that church, where the Sacrifice of the Mass took place every single day for over an hundred years, turned into a restaurant. Somehow, it seem sacrilegious.
On the one hand, it’s a sad thing, but on the other, perhaps going back to our roots is a good thing. Many, not all, organized religions became too powerful, too controlling over the people. Others were downright hypocritical, forbidding things that they themselves were doing behind closed doors.
Even though I am liturgical, I do support home church. As the article states, that is how Christianity began.
Mother Pamela