Weekly Prayer List

18 Flora/June 2


Day of Our Heavenly Mother, Sancta Sophia, the Holy Spirit. She is also Lady Wisdom.

Day of Lady Gloria, Spirit of Glory. 1 Peter 4: 14.

Gift of Our Holy Mother Spirit: Awe and Wonder (formerly Fear of the Lord).

Fruit of Our Holy Mother Spirit for the Month of Flora: Joy.

Angela (female angel): Angela Derdekea: https://reginite.com/authentic-female-angels/

Symbol of the Day: The Sun, which represents Our Heavenly Mother, She Who is the Supernal Sun.


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Work on the Rite of Veneration (formerly Rite of Sacrifice), which is our lay liturgy, has been delayed a week. Publication of the RoV will be forthcoming.

Also please note that there will be further changes as we continue our progression as a Sophian Christian Order.

Weekly Prayer List:

If you or a loved one, including pet family members, are in need of prayer, please send your prayer requests to Mother Pamela at rosewaterlilies@yahoo.com.

We pray for:

Help for Greg S.,

Healing for Gregg,

Healing and guidance for Connie,

Employment for R.,

For the repose of the soul of Dale and for the consolation of his family:

May the Perpetual Light shine upon him. Amen.

May his family receive consolation and solace. Amen.

May His Memory be Eternal. Amen. Amen. Amen.

O, Most Holy Dea, Mother God, have mercy upon these, Your souls and may they attain mental, physical and spiritual health. May those who have passed beyond the Veil be assumed, through Your Holy Daughter, unto Perfect Union with You. Through the Pure Stream of Your Grace, may all events unfold for their highest good and according to their True Soul Path.

Silver Star of the Waters, Who has fashioned all the cosmos into being, being all knowing is the splendor of Your Light. Enfold my spirit, within Your Mighty Mantle, and may the Pure Stream of Your Grace, flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

Blessed are You.

(Christians may include an Our Father. We say: and lead us away from temptation.)

Eternal is the Light of the Mother.

Eternal is the Love of the Daughter.

Eternal is the Life of the One.

And Blessed is the Eternity of Sophia.


Glory Be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Mother Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, aeons unto aeons, amen.


Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us. (3 x).

End with:

Let us Bless the Queen of Heaven.

Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Spirits of Grace.

Blessed are the Seven Seven Spirits.