HYMNS/Mantillas and the Gospel of Sophia/Perennial Wisdom

20 Flora/June 4

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Many thanks to Archmatrona Ghrian of the Lady of Light Chantry, https://deamatronablog.wordpress.com/blog/, for pointing out that Ja, (pronounced Yah) as in Jahlah (name of Mother God: essene.org) and Jahlah/Janah are feminine derivations of the Hebrew word, Ja, which means “to be’ or ‘to be Divine’. Thank you, Archmatrona Ghrian!

We have begun a new hymns page starting with the following:

Traditional Catholic Hymns to Mary may be found here and also on youtube: http://romaaeterna.jp/index5.html

Many Marian hymns may also be adapted for Holy Sophia.

Sophian hymns:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJNfVdVBb04  (This one will bring tears to your eyes.)





I would also like to mention a youtube of an excerpt from the Gospel of Sophia. It might not be for everyone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76-7oxxa6B8. At the end, She is called Dia (Dea) Sophia!

And though their books are offered on Amazon, they are also offered as free pdf books:

Scroll down to the bottom: I have not read these yet, but they seem interesting: https://myemail.constantcontact.com/We-have-a-gift-for-you-.html?soid=1117755878567&aid=L2Tj_K4B3mY

This is the home page with link to their Temple of Wisdom: https://www.ourspirit.com/

I see they are connect to the Waldorf Schools and so they include Sophian teachings from Rudolph Steiner. They also teach the Perennial Wisdom.  We may not agree with all their teachings, but I have found what I’ve discovered thus far to be impressive.