About Me

 Rev. Pamela Lanides is an ordained ISM priest/ess, according to the Order of Sophia, through Ekklesia Epignostika presided over by Rt. Rev. Katia Romanov. Our Apostolic Lineage is recognized by the Liberal and Independent Catholic Churches. (1&2).

Formerly a Deanic priestess under Rt. Rev. Georgia Cobb of the LLC, Rev. Lanides went on to found the Janites and was succeeded by P. M. Sophia Ruth Welsh as the head of the Order. (3&4).

Rt. Rev. Cobb and Rev. Lanides worked together to further develop Divine Feminine thealogy, prayers, liturgy and worship, some of which informs the Reginite Order of Sophia.

Rev. Lanides is the mother of five children, two step-children and six amazing grandchildren.

Her calling, as a Sophian priestess of Sophia, is to promulgate the recognition of the  Divine Feminine as being God in Her Own Right and as such, is worthy of true worship alongside that of the Divine Masculine.

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.

+ (Christian priests, whether male or female, who serve Jesus Christ are ordained ‘according to the Order of Melchizedek’. Those Christian priests who serve Sophia are ordained ‘according to the Order of Sophia’.)

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  2. (Some female priests who serve Sophia or Christ and Sophia, including those clergy of some mainstream parishes, are reclaiming the title of Christian priestess).
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