The Reginite Way is a Path of Devotion to Our Mother God based upon the Madrian/Filianic/Deanic religion.

We are Deanic Emanationists who worship Our Divine Mother God in Her Triune Form.

Emanationism is a cosmological theory which asserts that all things “flow” from an underlying principle or reality, usually called the Absolute or Godhead. … The traditional view is summed in the doctrine of emanation formulated by Plotinus(Wiki).

As Deanic Emanationists, we believe that as Absolute Deity, Dea is Supreme.  There is only One Absolute. But we also believe that She holds within Herself the Female and Male Principles.  And we believe in the eternity of the male and female spirits.

Though we acknowledge and honor the Divine Masculine, we primarily worship Dea in Her Triune Form. We are a Divine Feminine religion just as Christianity is a Divine Masculine religion.

For more about our basic beliefs, please see: https://reginite.com/introduction-to-our-basic-beliefs/

For the Jop (Janites), please see: http://deanic.com

For more information about the Reginite Way or if you are interested in becoming a priestess, please contact ArchMadria Pamela Lanides at rosewaterlilies@yahoo.com.

May Our Lady bless you

Blessed is She.

  1. Deanic meaning of Dea, a Roman word meaning goddess in its highest sense. It has come to mean Mother God just as Deus has come to mean Father God in Christianity.