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The Reginite Sophian Tradition is founded upon the long-veiled Divine Feminine hidden within Judaic-Christianity. We worship Her in Her Triple Form using the Deanic system of worship. (4)

Our Tradition, which is not to be confused with Gnostic or Christo-Sophian Traditions, has its own system of worship and sacraments and is based upon the co-salvific Mythos (Divine Story) of the Holy Daughter Sophia. This Tradition may be followed in conjunction with the worship of the True Father and the Divine Son and is open to all. All may come to know and love Sophia, Our Holy Mother God.

Many Sophian devotees know Her in Her Triple Form of Mother, Daughter and Holy Soul. We know Her in Her Triple Form of Mother, Daughter and Great Mother. (link coming, soon.)

In Her Daughter Form, Sophia is the Holy World Soul. And as the World Soul, there is nothing which we suffer that She does not suffer with us. There is not one part of us that She does not understand. As Sophia-Shekinah, She clothes us with Her Soul. As Sophia, She resides within us as the Divine Spark. Our joys are Her joys and our sufferings are Her sufferings. She is truly One with us and is co-Saviouress alongside the Divine Son, Her Divine Consort and Twin Soul. She is the Sustainer and Soul of Nature and She is Our High Priestess.

In Her Mother Form, She is the Seven-fold Holy Spirit and together with the True Father, is the Co-Creatrix of all the Cosmos.

Our Heavenly Mother is the Holy Spirit, Her Daughter is the Holy Soul.

In Her Great Mother Form, She is Absolute Deity/the Monas, Sige/Barbelo whose combined names signifies that She is the Silence of the Absolute Glory.

We believe in emanation theology in that from the One, the Absolute, emanates the True Father and Our Heavenly Mother and that from the True Father emanates the Divine Son and from Our Heavenly Mother emanates the Holy Daughter. This is the Godhead.

Our Heavenly Mother is God, not because She is the Spouse or the Consort of the True Father, rather, She is God because She has the Nature of God. She has God-Nature just as we have human nature. She is God in Her Own Right and as such, is worthy of equal worship to that of the Father and the Son.

The Reginite Order of Sophia offers praise and prayer, psalms, hymns and liturgy to Our Heavenly Mother God. We are in Her service, always.

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.

For more information, please contact Mother Pamela at rosewaterlilies@yahoo.com


  1. She, the Daughter of Holy Wisdom, did not create a monstrous demiurge. Nor is She the cause of the ‘fall of Creation’. She is not ‘trapped’ within the Earth nor is She in need of Her Divine Consort to save Her. These ideas all came from Gnostic Christian Patriarchy who literally took pre-Christian Gnostic texts and re-wrote them and in the process, not only demoted Her, but often-times changing Her into Male.In her book, The Wisdom Goddess, Rose Horman Arthur places the Christian Gnostic Gospels side by side with the pre-Christian Gospels and demonstrates exactly how Holy Sophia was demoted.
  2. The Wisdom Goddess, Feminine Motifs in Eight Nag Hammadi Documents, is out of print, but may be found in certain university libraries and there are some rare editions, albeit expensive, through Amazon.https://searchworks.stanford.edu/view/1093065
  3. https://www.suppressedhistories.net/articles/sophia.html https://www.suppressedhistories.net/articles/GnosticGoddessFallenSophia.pdf  https://www.suppressedhistories.net/articles/gnosticgoddess.html (this latter contains updates).https://www.amazon.com/Chariot-Drawn-Lions-Asphodel-Long/dp/0895945754
  4. Our system of worship is based upon the Madrian/Filianic/Deanic system of Mother God worship. Please see our links which are marked with a D in our links section.
  5. We take our beliefs from all forms of Christianity, including the Gnostic, while rejecting ideas that do not serve us such as the idea of a Fallen Sophia Who needed Her Male Consort to save Her. The Gnostic Monad, the One or Absolute Deity, often depicted as Male or genderless, was originally thought to be Female. Indeed, the root word for the male Monad, was Monas, Female. We believe that the Absolute was the Monas, the Barbelo from Whom emanates the Father and the Mother. We call the Great Mother Sige (Sy-gee) Barbelo. Sige and Bythos were the Absolute in the Valentinian school of thought. Other Gnostics believed it was the Barbelo (who was sometimes demoted into Male); still others believed the Barbelo was Supreme and that from Her emanated the Father and the Mother, which is what we believe.  Further, we believe that from the Mother emanates the Daughter and from the Father emanates the Son. We were pleased to see this latter teaching reflected on essene.org, which makes it clear that this is an important distinction. They are not Brother and Sister as in some Traditions. (I believe these teachings are in their Doctrines section, Doctrine 6. Unfortunately, you must scroll down because their links to the doctrines are not functioning.)
  6. While other Goddess and Christo-Sophian Traditions might understand Her to be Mother, Daughter and Holy Soul, Sophian Christians understand Her to be Mother, Daughter and Great Mother (the Monas).