Deanic: of Dea, Our Divine Mother God.

Divina Reginae: Our Divine Queens.


The Reginites are a Deanic Christian Order devoted to Dea Sophia, Our Divine Mother-Daughter God.

Many Christians, from various denominations, are coming to recognize the Divine Sophia as the Holy Spirit, Mother Spirit, Mother God, Mother and Daughter God or Mother, Daughter and Holy Soul. We recognize Her in Her Triune Form of Mother, Daughter and Great Mother/Absolute Deity.

Asphodel Long, in her book, A Chariot Drawn by Lions,  understands Sophia to be a form of the Shekinah, Who, in Her Kabbalistic Form, is Mother and Daughter: Asphodel Long’s book offers profound insights into the survival of the Hebrew Goddess. She points out that Wisdom is another form of the Shekhinah, the divine Presence. Both are “expressed in light and glory,” both involved in creation, enthroned in heaven, intermediaries between God and the world, ascending and descending, and winged. (1-3)


They are both associated with Creation.

They are both the World Soul.

They have both been referred to as the Holy Spirit.

As a result of the Descent into density and darkness, the Shekina suffered and Her Soul is Shattered.

As a result of the Descent into density and darkness, Sophia suffered, and Her Light is Scattered.

Both are Higher/Lower or Mother and Daughter. 

The Shekina shares a portion of Her Soul, with us.  Her soul is our soul. (Sacrifice).

Sophia shares a portion of Her Light with us. She resides in us as the Divine Spark. (Sacrifice).

The Shekina is the Bride of God. 
Sophia is the Bride of God. 

And so, Sophia/Shekinah is the Divine Feminine of Judaism and Christianity.

Dea Sophia, or the Deanic Sophia, is not the same as the Gnostic Sophia, the-‘Fallen and Trapped’ Sophia, rather we believe, as with Her Form of the Shekinah, She Descended voluntarily.

Neither did She ‘become male’ by incarnating as Jesus. She is not a conflation of Pagan goddesses nor was She created by the Father or in need of a Consort to save Her. Scholars have shown that the idea of a ‘Fallen Sophia’ was a clear demotion of Her by Gnostic Christians who took pre-Christian texts and literally re-wrote them. (1-3)

Rather, Sophia is God in Her Own Right. She is an Eternal Person of the Godhead. She is God, not because She is the Spouse of the Father, but because She has Eternal God Nature just as we have human nature.

As we will show, Daughter Sophia and Her Divine Consort, the Christ-Logos, are co-Saviours.

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May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.

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  5. Our system of worship has been adapted for Deanic Christianity from the former Madrian system of worship and its successor, Filianism. Please see the Myths and Rites of the Madrians, by Philip Jackson, and http://www.mother-god.com/.  (Please note that the teachings of Deanic Christianity do not represent the Madrians, Filianism or any other Deanic religion.)