About Me

  Rev. Pamela Lanides



My name is Pam+ and I am a mother of five, grandmother to seven and living in New England.

I am an ordained priest through Ekklesia Epiknostika (1) and a first degree priestess of Mary Magdalene through the Order of Mary Magdalene of which I am currently in my second degree studies. (2) I am also a priestess of the Order the Divine Mother (3) and a student in the Angelic Alliance (4).

Our apostolic succession is recognized by the Liberal and Independent Catholic Churches.

I have studied Gnosticism, Russian Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Esoteric Christianity. For eight years I studied and, together with Rt. Rev. Georgia E. B. Cobb, further developed the Madrian system of worship in honor of Our Mother God, which I am now introducing to Christianity.

If you are in the southern Monadnock area of NH or the north central MA area and are interested in attending a valid Christo-Sophian liturgy, please contact me, Rev. Pamela, at rosewaterlilies@yahoo.com.

If you are interested in becoming a priest or priestess of the Reginites, please contact me at the above email address. Thank you.

May Our Lord and Our Lady bless you.

Blessed are They.

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