About Me

  A. M. Pamela Lanides


Welcome to Divina Reginae.

I am ArchMadria (High Mother) Pamela Lanides.  I am a mother of five, grandmother to six and living in New England with my husband along with out dog, cat and various fish.

I am a validly ordained priestess and founder of the Janite Order of Priestesses and Sisterhood and Ekklesia. (1).

For eight years I studied and worked together with Rt. Rev. Georgia E. B. Cobb of the Lady of Light Chantry. Taking inspiration from the Madrian/Filianic system of worship of Our Divine Mother God, we each developed our own Traditions within the greater community.

After having retired from active Janite ministry, I have set up The Reginite Way as my own personal Deanic Path, closely aligned with the Janites. Anyone may follow this Path.

For the Janites please see: deanic.com.

May Our Lady Bless you,

Blessed is She