Day of Sorrow and Exciting Theology!

Day of Sai Raya Theia, Lamp of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence.

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However, due to this unforeseen issue, I was not able to post several articles, one of which was the announcement of the Feast of the Seven Holy Ones (Janati) of the Three-fold Heaven, Sai Raya Theia, Sai Candra and Sai Rhea. Liturgy, a worship service, the RoS/RoV or any other devotional service may be served in their honor, any day between now and Eastre/1 Columbadi/March 21.


Day of Sorrow

Sophia by Pamela Matthews

March 19 is Doloradi, which means Day of Sorrow. Though, traditionally, the Descent of Sophia is celebrated on Sept. 8th, the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we somberly honor Her Descent  n this day. We are mindful of the Descent of Sophia down through the Seven Realms or densities because, as stated in the Sequence of Sophia, “I will never fall asleep upon the green grass, while the earth rings with the cries of the exiles.”

The “Universal”/Cosmic story of Sophia is that, rather than Falling into Chaos because She created in error, She was so taken with Her creation and with humanity, that She followed us down here in order to watch over Her Creation and in order to be with us.

(See article: (As we see from this article, this is the same basic mythos as that of the Holy Daughter, Sophia.)

We are with Her, as She Descends, waiting for Her arrival. But when, as the Shekinah, Her Soul Shatters (1), and as Sophia, Her Light Scatters, we are shocked and sadden at the violent suffering of Her Descent. The density and lowness of our vibrational level was soul crushing to Her. It tore at Her Spirit. We softly chant melodies of sadness to Her, as She suffers, in order to be Immanent with us.

(Nicolas Roerich, Mother of the World).

We unite with Her Mother, the Madria Dolorosa, the Mother God of Sorrows and follow with Her, in spirit, as She suffers Her own Stabat Mater, the Stabat Madria, along the Seven Descents . (1 and 3).

Just as Jesus, Who is the embodiment of Her Twin Soul, the Christ-Logos, is to suffer through the 14 Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, She, the Holy Daughter, Sophia/Shekinah, suffers through the Seven Descents on Doloradi, the Day of Sorrows.

On this day, females may veil, (cover our heads with a scarf, hat, chapel veil, mantilla, kerchief or wide headband).
Males choose to wear a religious head covering.

On this day, we fast, according to our abilities, health and situation, and, if time, perform a lustration or sacred bath/shower using sacred salts, herbs or oils while chanting prayers of repentance.

There are no flowers or lit candles on the home altars/shrines/icon corners until the day of the Divine Feminine Eastre, Rosa Mundi.

Filia Sophia or Daughter God Sophia, restores us to Unity with Madria Sophia, Our Divine Mother God. Madria Sophia or Mother Sophia is Universal/Transendent Wisdom. Filia Sophia or Daughter Sophia is Immanent Wisdom.

The Divine Son, the Christ-Logos (Christ is the Christian name for Logos), raises us to the True Father. The True Father is Universal Wisdom. The Logos is Immanent Wisdom.

I am discovering some amazing Christian theology with which I am in accord. This is very exciting for me as a priest of both Christ and of Sophia. In everything I read, They, the Christ-Logos and Daughter , Sophia, go hand in hand. Together, They are Co-saviours in the esoteric rather than exoteric sense. They sustain and imbue Creation.

As we draw near the Day of Sorrow, let us remember that what lies beyond is the renewal of our spirits, our souls and Creation. Creation is Alive and Wonderful! It is Sacred and is Mystery! It is the very expression of the Mind of God as created through the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, Mother/Daughter and Father/Son, each with Their Role and Function.


A TIME OUT (Under Construction).

Due to the fact that I am studying new Christian theology, which has amazing ramifications for the future of this blog and the Reginite Order, will remain under private construction until some time in April. However, the weekly articles and prayer lists will continue.

DAY OF SORROW Followed by Rosa Mundi

On March 19, the observance of Doloradi or
Day of Sorrow, I will be posting some devotional material.

The Feast of the Divine Feminine Eastre, Rosa Mundi, in honor of the Shekinah/Sophia becoming the World Soul is on 1 Columbina/March 21. (March 20 is a day out of time and a day of rest and somber silence, reflection and waiting. Similar to Holy Saturday in Christianity.


Interesting articles: Disclaimer: This article does not put the ancient Druids in a favorable light. However, I felt that that info on the true story of St. Patrick was worth the read.


Let us Bless the Reginae (Queens) of Heaven (Mother and Daughter Sophia),

Blessed are They.

Let us give thanks to the Seven Holy Ones of Dea. (Janati).

Thanks be to the Seven Holy Ones.

Let us give praise to the True Father and to the Divine Son. Praise be to the Father and the Son.


Mthr. Pamela Lanides

  2. (Here, again, we see the same story as Daughter Sophia).
  3. Madria is the title for Mother God. Its root means Mother. For Deanic and Divine Feminine Christians, this differentiates Our Heavenly Mother God from the Blessed Virgin Mary, known as Our Blessed Mother. Hence, Stabat Madria is the sorrowful hymn of Mother God over Her Holy Daughter while Stabat Mater is the sorrowful hymn of the Mother of Jesus, the embodiment of the Christ-Logos.

The Shared Mythos of the Shekinah and Sophia an Thoughts on Thunder, Perfect Mind.

(This site is under major reconstruction. Please bear with us).

As written for

I love the above image because in my own Tradition of Deanic Christianity, the Holy Mother is known, metaphorically, as the Supernal Sun. The Holy Daughter is the Supernal Moon Who reflects to us, the Bright Light of the Daughter. And of course, Sophia is understood to be the Holy Spirit. Our Celestial/Heavenly Mother is known as the Fiery Rose Heart. This painting reflects it all. Gold is the color of the Celestial Mother; silver is the color which represents the Holy Daughter.


The Shekinah and Holy Sophia are considered by some to be One and the same Divine Being/Person, while others recognize that these are two different Divine Feminine Persons. I like to think of them as each being Forms/Images of Dea (Our Divine Mother God).  

In these latter times, the perception of the Shekinah appears to be evolving. Many are coming to understand the Shekinah as being a Divine Being/Person in Her Own right. This Shekina, though, is not merely just as aspect of God, She is a Divine Being of Her Own Right. (4) This is a great article.

I always have taught that Sophia is God in Her Own right. Her Godhood is not dependent upon the Father, nor is She God because She is the Spouse of the Father, rather, She is God because that is Her very Nature, Her Eternal Being; just as we have human nature, human being. She is a Person of the Godhood.

Nor did She need Her Male Consort to save- Her, as we shall see, rather, She is a Saviouress. Our Soteria who works hand in hand with the Christ-Logos.

It must be remembered that there are many aspects of Sophia. In addition to being the Wisdom Goddess, in the earliest Gnostic texts, Sophia is Creatrix and sometimes, She is listed as Supreme.

As the Barbelo, She is the Supreme Mystery, the Mother of the All. As Aletheia, She is Truth. As Pistis, She is Faith.  She is also known as the Holy Spirit.Through Zoe, She is Life. She is the Mother of All Life.

 And so, though She may be the Wisdom Goddess, that is only one Aspect of Her.

I believe that She is the Christian Divine Mother God, Whom some Christians call, Dea. 

(As you read the following, please keep in mind that I have not studied the Kabbalah or the Zohar and so I only have a rudimentary knowledge of these things.)

I had a Jewish friend (mentioned in a previous post), Lieren Malka, who was a Reconstructionist Jew. She believed in the Shekina as Mother and Daughter just as many understand Sophia to be Mother and Daughter. Like the Sophia, this understanding of the Shekina as being Mother and Daughter is based upon the idea of Higher and Lower Shekinah, just as there is Higher and Lower Sophia.

In Gnostic circles, the Mother is considered to be the Barbelo (whom some Gnostic scholars consider to be Higher Sophia). while the Daughter is Lower Sophia.

In the Gnostic Text, On the Origin of the World, the Mother and Daughter are named: Pistis Sophia is the Mother of Zoe. In the Valentinian System, we have (what my spiritual group refers to as the Great Mother) Sige (may be pronounced Sy-gee or Siege), which means Silence. The Mother is Aletheia, which means Truth and the Daughter is Zoe, which means Life. (1).

I have noticed how many similarities there are between the Mythos/ Story of the Shekinah and that of Holy Sophia.

Lower/Daughter) Sophia, is the World Soul. The Shekinah is also the World Soul. 
 painting by Helena Nelson Reed: 

From the Universal Kabbalah Network: … the Shekinah is the World Soul. So, the Shekina, in addition to being the Soul of God, is also the Soul of the World. (2). Can there be more than one World Soul?

In some forms of Deanic (Goddess) Christianity, Mother Sophia is known as Rosa Coeli, Rose of Heaven. The Holy Daughter Sophia, as the World Soul is known as Rosa Mundi, Rose of the World.

In my own spiritual Tradition, Our Heavenly Mother, as Rosa Coeli, is Transcendent, like Our True Father, while the Holy Daughter, as Rosa Mundi, is Immanent like the Divine Son.

As we will see in the excerpt below, the Shekinah is the World Soul voluntarily, while according to Gnostic Christian Mythos, Sophia is the World Soul because She is trapped here because She erred and is Fallen and is in need of Her Male Consort to save Her.

But as Rose Horman Arthur  showed in her scholarly work, The Wisdom Goddess, Feminine Motifs in Eight Nag Hammadi Documents, (I believe this is available through Stanford University Library), Gnostic Christian authors took pre-Christian texts and clearly demoted Sophia. Her ‘Fall and entrapment’ was not in the pre-Christian equivalent texts. From what I understand, they took certain texts, re-wrote them, demoted Sophia in many, many areas and gave them a new title. According to Dr. Arthur, the ‘Fallen Sophia” was unknown in the original texts. 


Sophia and the Shekinah each suffer a Descent through darkness. We know, from Gnostic texts, that Sophia suffers a Descent down through ever-denser/darker realms, which causes Her Light to Scatter. The Shekinah also suffer a Descent through the realms which causes Her Soul to Shatter as we read in the following text:

Here again, the Shekinah plays a very special and multi-faceted role in the Kabbalistic teachings.  For, it is the Shekinah that is ascribed by Kabbalists to be the Middle Pillar of Balance that unites the opposites, just as the soul allows for the opposites of body and spirit to unite, so too does the Shekinah play this role for us.  Indeed, the Shekinah is the Soul of Man, what Kabbalists call the Neshamah, for She has given a portion of Herself in order for each human to come into being in this world. In giving of Herself to humans, in this state of physical density and isolation, the World Soul becomes shattered. This shattering can be metaphorically grasped in considering what might happen to a glass alembic or flask when too much pressure is put upon in the alchemical works.  Thus, the Shekinah represents the ultimate archetype of selfless sacrifice. All Her sacrifices have been for the benefit of creation so that humankind may experience this life in order to fulfill its destiny and purpose. Kabbalists, therefore, pay great respect and gratitude to the Shekinah for Her sacrifice and service by taking up the mantle or the quest to reunite the Shekinah with the Creator.

Through this, the Shekinah shares Her Soul with us while Sophia resides in us as the Divine Spark of Light.

Both Sophia and the Shekinah have often been referred to as the Holy Spirit. (3).

Both are said to be Higher/Mother and Lower/Daughter. The Mother is Her Transcendent Form, the Holy Daughter is the Immanent Form as the World Soul.

In Thunder, Perfect Mind,,

which some scholars believe was originally named in honor of the Barbelo, (High Sophia), depicts Her as the Immanent Saviouress who speaks, speaks back and forth about Her identity. (4)

For I am the first and the last.I am the honored one and the scorned one.I am the whore and the holy one.I am the wife and the virgin.I am <the mother> and the daughter.I am the members of my mother.I am the barren oneand many are her sons.I am she whose wedding is great,and I have not taken a husband.I am the midwife and she who does not bear.I am the solace of my labor pains.I am the bride and the bridegroom, etc.

On a personal level, I can understand Thunder on different levels. On one level, I see part of this poem as going back and forth between the Transcendent Mother (Barbelo-Sophia) and the Immanent Daughter (Eve-Sophia). The Immanent Daughter is within each of us. Whatever we go through, She goes through. There is nothing that we suffer which She does not suffer with us. There is no joy that we experience that She does not experience with us,

And so, as the Transcendent Mother, She is the honored one, but as the least of Her children, in whom dwells the Holy Daughter, She is the scorned one and so on.  Here is an article with similar views:

(By the way, this is awesome: Also recommended:

In Summary:

The Shekinah is associated with Creation.

Sophia is associated with Creation.

Shekinah is the World Soul.
Sophia is the World Soul. (Can there be more than one World Soul?)

The Shekina has often been referred to as the Holy Spirit. (3)
Sophia has been referred to as the Holy Spirit. (4)

As a result of the Descent into density and darkness, the Shekinah suffered and Her Soul is Shattered.
As a result of the Descent into density and darkness, Sophia suffered, and Her Light is Scattered.

The Shekinah is Higher/Lower or Mother and Daughter.
Sophia is Higher/Lower or Mother and Daughter.

The Shekinah shares a portion of Her Soul, with us.  Her soul is our soul. (Sacrifice).
Sophia shares a portion of Her Light with us. She resides in us as the Divine Spark. (Sacrifice).

The Shekina is the Bride of God. (5)
Sophia is the Bride of God.

For an interesting article on Sophia from an Esoteric Christian perspective, please see:

Let us Bless the Queen of Heaven,

Blessed is She.

Rev. Pamela Lanides


4) Wikipedia: “Thunder Perfect Mind (the title is, more accurately, The Thunder – Perfect Intellect) takes the form of an extended, riddling monologue, in which an immanent saviour speaks a series of paradoxical statements concerning the divine feminine nature. The original language of the poem was Greek, though only a Coptic version survives in the Nag Hammadi library; the manuscript resides in the Cairo Coptic museum.”

This is a great article: Shekhina | Encyclopedia Mythica

Starting Anew

26 Hestia/Jan. 20

Our new About Page:

Deanic: of Dea, Our Divine Mother God.

Divina Reginae: Our Divine Queen.

The Reginites are a Deanic Christian Order ministering to all Deanic, Goddess, Sophian, Esoteric and Divine Family Christians.

Deanic Christianity, first founded by ArchMadra Pamela Lanides, is a Blended Path which combines an adapted form of the Deanic/Filianic system of worship of Our Divine Mother God alongside the Christian worship of the True Father and His Divine Son. And though we offer our own teachings and thealogy/theology, we are interdenominational.

Jewish devotees have also been known to adapt this system in honor of the Holy Shekinah.

We believe that it is vital for the soul to experience Dea (Our Divine Mother) as being God in Her Own Right and is therefore, important to understand that Her Godhood is not dependent upon the Father. In other words, She is not God because She is the Spouse of the Father, She is God or because that is Her Nature, Her very Being. She has God-Nature just as we have human nature.  She is Eternal. She is Our Divine Mother God.

We do not use the word, goddess in describing Our Divine Mother, because there is a difference between the nature of a goddess and the Nature of God. For this reason, we do not worship or honor Pagan goddesses.

It is very difficult to truly experience Dea as being God in Her Own right without Her Own separate, Feminine/feminine system of worship, otherwise, as time has consistently shown, the Divine Masculine quickly subsumes and overshadows the Divine Feminine. This is especially so after 2,000 years of a Male God-only religion which took over so much of the globe.

From the Deanic/Filianic religion [Mother/Daughter God religion (1)], we learn the importance of using Living Stream Images/Forms for Dea. Living Stream indicates a ‘goddess’ who has had an unbroken lineage of devotion  unto the present day. For those of the Mother God religion (as opposed to Deanic Christianity), these Living Stream Forms/Images include the Hindu Goddesses, Quan Yin, Tara, Amaterasu, and Mother Mary.

Christians have their own Forms/Images for Dea. While Reginites are devoted to Mother/Daughter Sophia as our Image/Form for Dea, other Christians are devoted to Dea as the Mother Spirit; the Holy Mother Spirit; the Heavenly Mother; the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Daughter and Mary Magdalene. These are our Images/Forms for the Divine Feminine. We also honor Eve and Norea as avatars of Holy Sophia. [Please note, we do not accept the mythology of the ‘Fallen’ Sophia, which was a later interpolation of the original Mythos. (A)]

The Deanic/Filianic system of worship was first developed in the 1970’s, by students at Oxford, as a Divine Feminine-only religion. It would later grow into the religious groups known as the Madrians [(of which there were several Orders, now defunct) and the present-day Filianists (1 & 2)].

Having taken inspiration from the study and practice of the Deanic religion for over eight years, ArchMadra Pamela, founder of Deanic Christianity, (beginning with the former Kyrians) and founder of the present-day Janite Order of Priestesses and Sisterhood 3), is pleased to present the Reginites as a teaching Order of Deanic Christianity.

For more information, please contact ArchMadra Pamela at

This site is currently under construction. Thank you for your patience.

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.

A) The Wisdom Goddess: Feminie Motifs in Eight Nag Hammadi Documents by Rose Harmon Arthur.


The Brilliant, Part II

11 Hestia/Jan. 5

These messages, Part I and Part II are in response to the current situation within the community. Part I has been deleted.

The Brilliant:

  1. The concept of Dea as being God in Her Own Right and that Her Godhood is not dependent upon the Divine Masculine.
  2. The concept of the Janati as out-flowing from Dea, rendering them as being Emanations of Dea, Herself, and placing them above the angels, who are cosmic beings and yet, clothing the Janati with rarefied angelic forms/bodies. We know there are the Seven Divine Feminine Virgins from various sources including from Sophian sources, and from two pre-Nicene Christian texts (more on this in the next post).
  3. The concept of a unique Divine Feminine scriptures/inspired poetry.
  4. The brilliance of the over-all system of worship.
  5. The 13 month/Five Season calendar.
  6. The majority of the holy days based on the Marian devotional cult and that of Persephone/Demeter.
  7. The idea of the Sacrificial Daughter (here we are not speaking of the Pagan goddess, Inanna). The Sacrificial Daughter is not only found in the mythology of Kore/Persephone, but is also found in regards to Lower Shekinah and Lower Sophia. However, Gnostic Christianity demoted Sophia and Her True Role.
  8. The bringing to Her children of Earth the truth of the relationship between the Mother and the Holy Daughter….in a way that is lacking in all other mythology, including that of Sophia.
  9. The idea of the names of the days of the week and the 13 months, thereby making the Tradition unique unto itself.
  10.  The Five Symbols and their representation of the Divine Feminine Mysteries.
  11. The unique symbolism of the Fora.
  12. The Virtues of the Janati and their importance.
  13. The inclusion certain Gnostic and Greek philosophies regarding Primordial Ideas/Forms, etc., and the inclusion of certain theories from quantum physics and, perhaps unintentionally, the holographic universe theory.
  14. The idea of Living Stream Forms, only.
  15. Calling Her, Dea rather than goddess. Though Dea translates as goddess, Latin has become a sacred language and the word, in its current usage in the community, means Mother God. This has become our intimate way of referring to Her.
  16. Dea in Her Triplicity, whether of Three Forms or Three Persons. (Both are acceptable.) (The core of this thealogy is a bit different than the Triple Goddess of Paganism.)
  17. The concept of Avalon. According to NDE’s and other sources such as psychiatrists who have studied life between lives, we do go to our True Home (Avalon) to rest and study in-between incarnations. As our souls evolve, we continue to rise higher as aware sentient beings until we finally reach the Realm of Perfection (Pleroma).
  18. The idea of assigning Life to the Dark Mother/Absolute Deity/Great Mother; Light to the Celestial Mother and Love to the Holy Daughter.
  19. The perfect system of the Cardinal Directions and Elements of the Divine Feminine and its correspondence to the Five Mysteries, the Five Elements and the Seven Janati. Absolute brilliant perfection.
  20. The beautiful liturgy and the RoS.
  21. The Madrian catechism, with only a few exceptions, is excellent.
  22. Assigning a Divine, Cosmic Function to each Person of the Divine Feminine Trinity.
  23. The teaching that the Holy Daughter is Cosmic as opposed to incarnational and historical. This fits perfectly with Sophian thealogy. It was also the belief about Jesus in certain pre-Nicene, texts and Gnostic circles. A number of scholars are of the opinion that Paul did not know of an historical Jesus, but did know of a Cosmic Jesus. They believed that Jesus would appear to them.  I had also read where there were pre-Christian Jewish sects who believed in a Cosmic Son.
  24. Though not divine, over-all, with certain exceptions, the scriptures or perhaps the Recital is the perfect way to describe this inspiring poetry, are beautiful, unique in the world and they do reach us on a soul level, as if it is the Holy Daughter, speaking to us, Herself. Although, as with everything, it is important to have a proper, clear and honest understanding of their origins. Some of the stories are beautiful, as well, such as the Three Princesses and the Resurrection stories. Many are inspiring and comforting. There are many highly revered writings in this world that are not considered divine. That does not mean that they cannot be considered as being primary texts of a religious Tradition.
  25. The correspondences of the Janati. (ArchMatrona Ghrian helped along these lines, as well.)
  26. Our unique prayers including those composed by ArchMatrona Ghrian, others and those which were composed by myself.
  27. Our evolving Customs and Traditions. Which, we should remember includes the importance of femininity and a dignified and respectful manner of dress.
  28. Our religious terms, names, titles and, what is becoming our own, unique, traditional way of speaking.
  29. The beautiful and entirely unique title of Madria for the Holy Mother and for priestesses.
  30. The use of Filia and Dea Filia.
  31. The uniqueness of the title, Sai, which is a derivative of both saint and Sri, both of which means holy.
  32. The fact that it is a complete system of Divine Feminine worship unto itself which may be used alone or in conjunction with a Divine Masculine religion.
  33. The system of the daily/weekly practice/observance of the 21 Virtues of the Janati, as developed by ArchMatrona Georgia and myself, along with other beauties of the religion that are too numerous to mention.

If the religion is propagated in an honest, clear and ethical manner, it has tremendous potential for the future and it already growing, not only in this community, but also in the Christian community, from which many of its aspects were adopted.


Like others before me, from the time I first found the religion, I realized its origins and the origins of its scriptures were not divinely revealed, but I found the perfection of the system of worship, along with much of its foundational thealogy, teachings and basic understanding of Dea to be nothing short of Brilliant, Right and True.

As an ordained priestess of Holy Sophia, I found that this would be a perfect system of worship with Her as our Living Stream Form for Dea.

My faith in Dea is certainly not shaken now that the origins have been made clear. Rather, perhaps it is strengthened. I already believed in Her. She is Dea Sophia to me. I was simply using this amazing system of worship to honor Her, in Her Triple Form.

And though we take Dea Sophia’s Names from Gnosticism, She is not the Gnostic Sophia, per se. She is not limited to any one religion or to any one idea of Her. Like the True Father, She is Universal, for all Her children of the Earth, and each religious expression is but the cultural lens through which She is seen and understood.

For those of us who have fallen in love with the religion and its system of worship, we need not throw the baby out with the bath water. We may reject that which we know is false and truly appreciate that which is true and beautiful.

The Founders may have made some mistakes, but that is nothing new in the field of thealogy and religion, nor in any other field. But what they did create and accomplish was nothing short of Brilliant and desperately needed in our times. As one of our sorellas recently mentioned, the religion and its sacred writings are unique in the world. There is nothing else like it.

Brave pioneers have introduced the concept of the Goddess and the Quarternity. Bishop Katia Romanoff began her Mystery Schools and Goddess Christian ministry and church back in the late 1990’s. That, too, has greatly evolved. Her many, many students have gone on to become Goddess Christian priests and ministers. Her thousands of Goddess Christian devotees found a home with her teachings.

More and more, I am hearing of Christian churches and parishes speak of the Quarternity, a term that Bishop Katia coined for the True YHVH, Mother, Father, Daughter and Son, through Her Mystery school, many years ago.

It is people of courage like Bishop Katia, who, at a time when the Goddess of Christianity was unheard-of and considered entirely heretical, brought forth the true origins of Christianity into the 21st century. This was an early Christianity where women participated equally, fully and side by side with men in clerical and ekklesiastical duties. And more evidence continually surfaces that this was, indeed, the case. Especially at the Temple on the Island of Elephantine where some scholars believe that Jesus was trained.

I believe that the Brilliance of this system of worship lends itself to three possible ways of practice, as I have taught from the beginning:

As a complete religion in and of itself.

As the Mother God system of worship to be practiced side by side with the Divine Masculine mainstream worship.

As the Mother God system of worship for those who believe in the Divine Masculine, but who are primarily devoted to Dea and to Her service.

I would rather build on truth, clarity and transparency than on wishful or fanciful thinking. A religion is stronger when it is presented in a true, clear and honest manner. Truth is a strong foundation that cannot crumble.

I will read the Recital with new eyes, grateful for the truth that we have long sought. I think the new transparency and honesty will help me to have a renewed respect for the beauty and depth of the verses, while feeling free to reject that which I do not believe is true.

I will continue to move forward on my own unique Soul Path.

One which focuses on serving Dea Sophia through this system of worship.

One which believes in the True Father and the Divine Son.

One which understands the Absolute to be the Supreme Divine Feminine from Whom emanates the Celestial Mother and the True Father. (Although the Absolute might also be considered to be genderless by some Goddess Christians.)

One which believes the Holy Daughter, Zoe Sophia (aka Jana Sophia), emanates from the Celestial Mother and that I may see Sophia, not just through various Christian ideas of Her, but also through Deanic eyes.

And one which includes sensing Dea Filia, the Immanence of the Holy Daughter, through Nature.

And where the Janites are doing great with the loving leadership of Prima Madria Sophia, I will focus my ministry on Deanic Christians and those who also believe in the Divine Masculine.


A. M. Pamela Lanides


Truth and Transparency are the only way forward.



Bits and Pieces

26 Astrea / Dec. 2. 3

(Yet, again, I apologize for the out of control fonts.)

Please note that some of this material will be familiar to our readers, but some of it is new. Thank you.


The Reginite Deanic Christian understanding of God.

Pre-Nicene Christianity.

The Three Forms of Worship.

My Vision for the future of Deanic Christianity.


ArchMadra Kathi and I have been researching feminine angels in Christianity, during the course which I have come across this interesting article: (correct link coming, soon.)

 Of course, we might not agree with everything in this article. The part that I find intriguing is the author’s understanding of the Nature of Jesus. It really struck me because that is what I had always believed growing up.
I grew up believing that Jesus was literally God the Father come down to us.
Jesus was called, Emanuel. We were taught that Emanuel means: God pitched His tent amongst us. I believed that Jesus was God the Father incarnate, living amongst us; that Jesus was God the Father in His Immanent Form. I thought that’s what Jesus meant when He said:
 Philip, I have been with you for a long time. Don’t you know who I am? If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.
I was a devout Traditional Catholic, went to Catholic school as a child, studied the Christian religion all of my life and yet, this was my inherent belief until adulthood.
 As an adult, I came to understand that I had been mistaken. Jesus was not the Father come amongst us, He was the Logos, the Second Person of the Trinity (the Cosmic Christ/Divine Son), Who took flesh and lived amongst us.
So, imagine my surprise when I read the above article! There was my original belief system! And it is considered pre-Nicene.
This teaching about Jesus being the Immanent Form of God the Father is similar to the teaching of the Orthodox Order of the Madrians (as opposed to Lux Madriana, which considered themselves catholic Madrian), which teaches that Dea, Our Divine Mother God, is One with Three Forms and not One in Three Persons, as in a Trinity.
So, between Orthodox Madrian, catholic Madrian and Filianic teachings, taken altogether, the Nature of the Divine Feminine Trinity may be understood in two ways…that Dea (Mother God) may be understood as a Trinity of Three Divine Persons similar to the Christian understanding of the Divine Masculine Trinity. Or, She may be understood as One in Three Forms. Some of the following I have written about, in the past.
As One in Three Forms, the Holy Daughter may be understood to be the Immanent Form of Our Heavenly, Transcendent Mother. That was the teaching of the Orthodox Madrians and this is similar to what the above article is states about Jesus being the incarnate form of the True Father, which is what I believed for the first part of my life. 
The Blessed is Our Mother God prayer, which is slightly adapted from the Orthodox Madrian ekklesia:
Blessed is Our Mother God, the Holy One,
She Who is Mari,
She Who is Jana,
She Who is the Dark Mother,
 Dark beyond the light, and Light beyond the Darkness.
Blessed is She. 
This prayer is stating that Dea is not One in Three Persons, but One is Three forms. 
 We understand the Absolute as the Singularity; the Source of the All; Life. This Singularity holds all Potentiality of the All, all Primal Ideas and the Primal Feminine and Primal Masculine Principles.
Some view this Singularity/One/Absolute Deity/Monas as the Dark or Great Mother. (By Dark we mean, beyond knowing.) Others view the One as being genderless, from Which emanates the Mother and the Father.
From this One emanates the Supreme True Father and the Supreme Celestial Mother. They are the Light of All Life. They take the Primordial Ideas and Potentialities of the One and manifest them into Creation. They are co-Creators.
From there, while we may look at the Daughter and Son in two ways, as a Person of the Trinity or as the Immanent Form of the Mother. And yet, there may be a third, a middle way.

First: From the Trinitarian point of view:

From Father emanates the Son and from the Mother emanates the Daughter.  They are distinct Persons from the Father and the Mother. (I was pleased to find this exact same emanation process explained on a modern Christian Essene website in addition to a non-Christian website).

They are Sacrificial Love and Rulers and Sustainers all All Creation. They are co-Saviours. He, our Saviour, She our Soteria. They are the Sustainers and Rulers of Creation.

As we have pointed out in the past, that this teaching differs from those who teach that the Son and the Daughter are born of the Mother and of the Father. As the Essene teacher pointed out…the Son and the Daughter are not Brother and Sister. They are Divine Consorts. Twin Souls.
Second: Alternatively, the Triune View posits that we may view the Holy Daughter as the Immanent Form of the Celestial Mother and now we know that we may also view the Divine Son as the Immanent Form of the True Father!
Third: I see Her as both. The Holy Daughter is the Immanent Form of the Holy Mother, but at the same time, I see Her as Her own Person. It’s hard to explain.
Pre-Nicene Christianity
The article, that I mentioned at the beginning of this post, along with other early Christian writings that I have been studying, brings to the forefront that there were many forms of primitive Christianity.
As Deanic Christians, we have the freedom to adhere to a mainstream form of Christianity. But we also have the freedom to understand Christianity through other than the Roman Catholic/Orthodox Christian/mainstream Christianity lens. We are able to look to other sources whether they be Gnostic, Esoteric, pre-Nicene, Apocryphal or other Early Christianities. Personally, I have become interested in pre-Nicene Christianities.
Three Forms of Worship
I believe that All are One. We all emanate from the One. I believe that is what Jesus tried to teach humanity. I believe that He taught service to others rather than service to self. And this is why He taught us to love others as we love ourselves because we are truly One with others. This is the highest form of worship. Love in Action. It unites us with God.
I believe that I can go outside, stand by the lake shore and I can sense the Presence the Holy Daughter in the breeze; I can see Her reflection in the glimmer-stream of moonlight, and I can feel Her energy swirl in my hand in the dark waters of our lake.That is the natural form of worship. And is good for the soul.
Then there is prayer, ritual, initiations. Ritual is where Heaven and Earth meet, especially during the liturgy. That is the formal form of worship. It is good for the spirit.
Three Ways of Understanding the One for Deanic Christians and for those who also believe in the Divine Masculine.
1) The One/Absolute Deity may be understood to be the Great Mother, Sige (I prefer the pronunciation: Sy-gee).
2) The One may be understood to be Sige and the Bythos, from Whom emanates the Mother and the Father, as is taught in Valentinian Gnosticism.
3) The One may be considered genderless, and from the One emanates the Mother and the Father, etc.
Vision for the Future of Deanic Christianity.
It has amazed me that Deanic Christianity has grown in such a short time. It seems like only a few years ago when I first proposed Blending the two Faiths. A majority of our readers are Deanic, Goddess or Sophian Christian.
My vision, for Deanic Christians, is that, in addition to Twin Soul parishes, where the double communion rites are served by priestess and priest, as it is being done in a mainstream parish in CA, that there also remain separate Orders and liturgies of worship for Dea, Our Lady, and for Our Lord. In this way, the worship of Our Divine Lady will forever be insured. It will not be in danger of being subsumed by the worship of the Divine Masculine. And, vice versa.
May Our Lady bless you,
Blessed is She.
ArchMadra Pamela Lanides

Bits and Pieces: Violet Candle of Faith, the Role of the Priestesshood, Deanic Christian Janati and More.

19 Astrea/Dec. 16


This was originally written a few days ago. I was waiting for certain information before I published it. However, due to recent circumstances, I have edited it to a great degree.

The following is the Janite/Reginite understanding of the priestesshood in contrast with the mainstream Christian view of the priesthood.

Day of Sai Raya Theia, Lamp of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence.

Subjects in Part I:

Violet Candle of Faith,

The Vision/Ideals of the Lux Madrian priestesshood in contrast with that of the Janite.

Part II:

Deanic Christian Janati as Found in Ancient Apocrypha


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Violet Candle of Faith

Today, (19 Astrea/Dec. 16), we light the Violet Candle of Faith:


A priest is understood to be the holder of a divinely-instituted office who served as God’s direct representative on earth and, as such, uniquely held the powers of 1) transubstantiation, 2) hearing confession, 3) imposing penances, 4) absolving sins 5) the power of blessing 6) the power over the sacraments.

Janites/Reginites take a vastly different view of the priestesshood:

We believe that we are called by Dea to serve Her by serving Her children. In humbly serving others, we are serving Her.

We believe that we are called to be Her Face and Hands upon the Earth, in the service of others.

We believe that through the proper Initiation into Priestesshood, that our priestesses become open, focused channels of the Grace of Our Lady, Our Regina (Our Queen), Our High Priestess,She Who is the Holy Daughter, Dea Filia.

Janite/Reginite priestesses are called to be humble servants of the Children of Dea and do not aspire to fill all roles for all people such as psychiatrist, sociologist, marriage counselor and so forth.

We are primarily called to teach others about Dea and to dispense the Blessings and Graces of Dea to Her children.

We hold no authority or power over the lives of others.

We do not believe in the RCC style of confession. We believe that only Dea has the power of forgiveness and absolution. When humankind assumes these powers, there is room for abuse and the mis-use of authority.

During liturgy, after the recitiation of the Prayer of Reflection followed by the Reflection, itself, which is an examination of conscience, the priestess, from henceforth, shall pray:

Madria Dea, Font of Compassion, Mercy and Forgiveness, cleanse the inner temples of these, Thy devotees, that they may ever ascend towards Union  with You, in Your Perfect Love. through the Grace of Your Holy Daughter. Blessed are You. After-which the priestess will bless the congregation in the Name of the Divine Feminine Trinity.

Penance, the very idea of imposing penance or exacting obedience would never be considered by our priestesses.

Unfortunately, in Catholic Christianity, the Divine Masculine is Divine Judgment, while at the same time, the Divine Masculine revealed Himself as Divine Mercy. He was to sit in judgment of all humanity. Though He was merciful, He was to come as Just Judge.

Certain of the Apparitions of His Mother warned that Her Son was about to exact an horrific worldwide chastisement upon His people, and only She could stay His hand.

On the other hand, the Blessed Mother was always and in every way, Kindness, Love, Compassion and Mercy. We could trust Her. She was Our Mother. She forgave us, unconditionally and took away the penance imposed by the priest. It has long been a tradition that there is no sin so great that Mary would not cover with Her Mercy for those who cried to her in true repentance.

And so, it would be most unbecoming of a priestess of Our Lady to impose punishments and harsh or even light penances upon the Children of Dea. This is not of Our Lady.

We are very cautious about things like confession, obedience, the vow of obedience, etc., as they have been abused in the past.

Our Lady does not punish or exact penances and austerities from Her children, rather, She leads them. She shows them the Way. She strengthens them with Her Grace.

We do not believe that priestesses have the right to become involved in or have authority over a person’s life or life’s decisions. We treat people as adults. We are here to present the teachings of Dea and the system of Her worship. We are here to be the Face and Hands of Compassion, Herself. We are here to become living channels of Her Grace.

And, finally, we do not believe in Transubstantiation in the manner of the Roman Catholic Church. Rather, we believe that there is a Transmission of Divine Grace from the Hands of Our High Priestess in Heaven, through the hands of Her priestesses on Earth.

In our liturgy, we literally face Her in the East, as She enters Her Heavenly Temple and stands at Her altar before us, facing us. And through the Transmission of Her Grace, the white wine becomes Transfused with Her Grace through which we share in Her Spirit. We believe that this is possible through Her Sacrificial Descent and voluntarily remaining with us as the World Soul or Holy Soul of the World. The Rosa Mundi. The Rose of the World.

The bread also becomes Transfused with Her Grace and is a sharing of Her Soul, again, through Her becoming the Rosa Mundi.

This is different than the teaching of the RCC that the bread and wine each literally become the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ through His Sacrifice on the Cross. (The idea that the RCC believes that the wine literally becomes just the Blood of Jesus and the bread His Body is incorrect. Catholics believe that when they receive the Bread and/or the Wine, they are receiving the Risen Jesus in His entirety.)

In the our liturgy, the priestess is instructed that the sermon last no longer than 15 minutes. During that time, she is never to ‘preach at’ the people. Ideally, she will share devotions, contemplation, meditations, readings, poetry, psalms, etc.

The idea of Janite priestess is that they are, in reality, more contemplative/private in nature, while serving the Children of Dea through devotion and through the Janite sacraments. They will not be ‘running parishes’ so to speak. Rather there will be small temples/chapels where the liturgy and initiations shall take place and these sacred places of worship where Heaven and Earth meet, shall be used for no other purpose.

In the Janite/Reginite priestesshood, we have three initiation levels of madrina (guardian/god mother deaconess), madra or madria in the Janite, (meaning mother priestess,) and archmadra or archmadria in the Janite (meaning high mother priestess).

In the past, we have likened these three Orders of the Priestesshood to deaconess, priest and bishop, respectively. But given the differences between the Christian priestly vocations as it is understood in Roman Catholicism in contrast with the vocation of priestess as it is understood by the Janites, we feel that it is no longer advisable to do so.

Those who are initiated in Reiki will understand the three levels of initiation and how that energy is channeled into your chakras. And once you have it, it never goes away; it does not die with disuse, although it may take a while to reach full potential. It is the same with the priestesshood.

The archmadra or high mother priestess is the open channel, like the Reiki Master, for her high mother priestess duties. This Grace, this Energy, comes from the Holy Daughter, Herself. The priestess, in turn, becomes an open channel of the Holy Daughter, Our High Priestess, for her mother priestess duties.

In summary, Janite/Reginite priestesses are not necessarily the feminine counterpart of the Roman Catholic priesthood. Nor are we similar to ‘parish’ priests. We are private priestesses who serve the Children of Dea through worship, devotion, contemplation, meditation, the practice of the 21 Virtues, teaching and dispensing Her Graces and Blessings.

Let us bless the Holy One,

Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janati of Dea.

Thanks be to the Janati of Dea.

End of Part I.


ArchMadria Pamela Lanides.