Blessing the Home.

The Full Blessing Moon

Supermoon Rising

The Full Moon occurs shortly after midnight on 27 Hestia/Jan. 21. For those who have not, as yet, blessed their homes for the coming year, tonight and tomorrow are perfect times to do so!

The annual blessing of the homes is a practice that may also be found in Orthodox Christianity. Each year, during the month of January, our Russian priest, together with other members of the parish, would follow the altar boys into the homes of the each parishioner for the blessing of the home.

What followed was a beautiful, incense-filled ceremony as we chanted ancient prayers back and forth with the priest, witnessing the asperging (sprinkling) of each and every wall with holy water in the name of the Trinity.

The Deanic Christian system of home blessing is as follows:

Have on hand, holy water, blessed holy oil, a good quality incense and either a blessing wand or a fresh evergreen branch that has been found on the ground. (The branch should be returned to the Earth after the ceremony.)

Light home altar or home shrine candles.

Bless yourself with holy water, anoint your forehead with the oil and hold your hands over the incense and say a prayer in your own words before beginning.

Please note that the Sign of the Cross may be traced according to your own Tradition. The most common method amongst Goddess Christians is the trace the equi-distant cross as follows:

Touch forehead and say: in the Name of the Father; touch heart chakra and say: and of the Mother; touch right shoulder and say: and of the Son; touch left shoulder and say: and of the Daughter. Amen.

Those who do not include the Holy Daughter in their Tradition will end by touching the right shoulder while saying: and of; and then the left shoulder while saying: the Son. 

There are other ways to make a Deanic Christian sign of the cross as well, which will be discussed in a future article.

Please feel free to adapt the following ceremony according to your own needs or inclinations. This is a guideline to the most complete form of blessing. Others may prefer a more simplified ceremony.

If there are family/home members present, they may softly chant or sing prayers and/or hymns.

The Blessing Ceremony

Take up the bowl of holy water and either the blessing wand or evergreen branch.

In each and every room, beginning in the East, dip the wand/branch in the holy water and then sprinkle it three times on each wall, each window, each doorway and in each corner all the while saying, each time you sprinkle the three times: this home is blessed in the Name of the Father, and of the Mother, and of the Son and of the Daughter or whatever is the blessing formula for your own Tradition.

Go outside and perform the sprinkling on the outside doors.

Optional: Sprinkle in the four Cardinal Directions over your land.

This ends the Blessing of the House. For those who are so inclined and for whom the smoke of incense is not a problem, the ceremony continues with the consecration of the home.

Return inside and take up the incense, whether in a bowl with charcoal, a swinging censor or a good stick incense, being careful of any sparks, and perform the same ceremony as with the holy water. Take the incense and trace the sign of the cross in the air, in the direction of each wall, corner, window and doorway. (Or, towards each wall for the simpler form.) While doing so, say, this house is consecrated in the Name of the Father, and of the Mother, and of the Son, and of the Holy Daughter. 

Finally, for the long form of the ceremony, dip finger in holy oil and trace the sign of the cross above the outside and the inside of the main doorways of the home while saying, this house is anointed in the Name of the Father, and of the Mother, and of the Son, and of the Holy Daughter. Amen.