Season of Moura

We have begun the Sacred Season of Moura (from the Madrian/Filianic), which means, Darkness. It is the Divine Feminine Lent (the Divine Masculine Lent beginning on March 6th of this year.)

During the Twin Lenten Seasons, we follow both the Celestial Mother Mari Sophia and the Earthly Mary as they lament their Divine Daughter and Son.

The Stabat Mater Dolorsa is an hauntingly sorrowful hymn, mourning the Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary and chanted by Catholics during the Traditional Catholic Way of the Cross, held on Good Friday. It is also sung during the liturgy of Our Lady of Sorrows.  A 13th Century hymn, it was held in our hearts, those of us who were devoted to the Blessed Mother, who was Our Lady, in empathy with her suffering. It is a mirror image of the hymn of the same century: Stabat Mater Speciosa, which celebrates the Joys of Our Lady.

I would love to see a composition for Our Celestial Mother, known in Deanic Christianity as Mari Sophia, for Her Sorrows over the Descent and Sacrifice of Her Holy Daughter, known in Deanic Christianity as Jana Sophia. (Yana).

During this Season of Moura, the altar cloth and candle colors are black and violet. Though we do not cover holy images, as in the Catholic Church, there are no flowers on the altar or in the hestia/home with the exception of Med-Moura, the Feast of the Janati of the Three-fold Heaven.

The correspondences for the Sacred Season of Moura are:


(Please note that the Season of Moura and the Season of Lent interlap.)

Season of the Great Mother, Sige as the Fora of Faith.

Janati/Dea Angeli: Sai Raya Theia, Sai Candra and Sai Rhea.

Sacred Symbol: the Fora.

Element: Spirit.

Elemental Color: Violet:

Liturgical Colors: Indigo and Black.

Direction: Center.

Time of Day: Darkest Hour before the Dawn.

Mystery: Dolora, which means Sorrow. The Descent of Sophia/Shekinah down through the Realms which causes Her Soul to Shatter and Her Divine Sparks to Scatter.

Pendants sacred to the Season:

The Hamsa of Wisdom.

The equi-distant solar cross (Fora) or a Celtic Knot Cross.


Moura, which means, Darkness: Feb. 20- March 19.

Please note: Unlike the Celestial Mother and the Holy Daughter, the Great Mother (Absolute Deity) does not have a specific feast day, rather, the entire Month of Dolora is observed in Her honor.

14 Moura/March 5 (March 4 if a leap year): Med-Moura. Feast of Sai Raya Thea, Sai Candra and Sai Rhea.

28 Moura/March 19 and March 20/ Hiatus outside of space and not in time: Dolora (which means Sorrow. As stated in the Sequence of Sophia, “I will never fall asleep upon the green grass, while the earth rings with the cries of the exiles.”

A day of veiling/head covering, lustration (a purifying shower/bath and sombre remembrance.

Full Moon:Veiled Moon.