The Yellow Candle of Peace

12 Astrea/Dec. 9

Sunnadi, Day of Sai Raya, Brightness of Reflection, Reason and Purity.

Today, Janites light the Yellow Candle of Hope on the Sunwheel. Prayers and scripture readings may be found here:

Next week, I hope to share a picture of my own Sunwheel. I try to arrange it as more of a Fora. Rather than use a traditional Advent Wreath, I use a regular sized wreath (it can be synthetic).

Outside the wreath, I place statues of the Janati of the Fourfold Earth, in each of their own cardinal directions, with the corresponding candles placed next to them.

Within the inner circle of the wreath, I place the three statues of the Janati of the Three-fold Heaven and the Violet candle of Faith.

It’s best to bless the candles before use.

Remember to light the Green Candle of Wisdom before lighting the Yellow Candle of Hope. Light the candles before dinner and extinguish them after dinner.