Correspondences of the Seven Herae of Sophia

Please see  The Seven Herae of Sophia:

Hera: Latin for Ladymistress of a housemistress of a familymadamgoddess. 

For the correspondences of the Seven Male Archangels please see: ( )

Please note that for the Seven Herae, we follow the Divine Feminine system of Cardinal Directions. The Seven male Archangels follow the Divine Masculine system of Cardinal Directions. Please see our calendar:

Divine Hera: Sancta Gloria (which means, Glory).

Holy Spirit Name: Gloria (1)

Gift: Awe and Wonder (formerly Fear of the Lord).

Represents: The Heavenly Mother.

Planetary Virtues: Illumination and Joy.

Mystery: Dolora

Sacrament: Marriage.

Guardianship: She is of the three-fold Heaven and Guardian of Spirit and Center.

Element: Spirit.

Cardinal Direction: Center.

Color of Ray: Orange

Color of robes: Orange and Gold.

Feast Day: 15 Dolora/March 5 

Weekday: Sunnadi/Sunday

Planet: The Sun.

Metal: Gold.

Chakra: Sacral

Liberal Art: Music

Note: D (Re)

Bird: Hummingbird.

Incense: Frankincense, Rose, Copal, Amber, Benzoin , Gloria, Jasmine.

Sacred Oils: Frankincense, Rose, Bergamot, Russian Rose, Orange Flower.

Sacred Flower: Bird of Paradise, Red Rose.

Sacred Tree: Apple.

Sacred Jewel: Amber.

Chaplet Prayer:  O,  Sancta Gloria, Lamp of Illumination, Awe and Joy , be with us.


Hera: Sancta Gracia (which means Grace as in Altagracia, Supreme or Supernal Grace. A title also used f0r the Blessed Mary). 

Holy Spirit Name: Grace (1)

Gift: Reverence (formerly Piety)

Reps: The Holy Daughter.

Planetary Virtues: Reflection and Purity.

Mystery: Dolora

Sacrament: Ordination.

Guardianship: She is of the three-fold Heaven and is Guardian of Spirit and Center

Element: Spirit.

Cardinal Direction: Center.

Color of Ray: Indigo

Color of Robes: Indigo and Silver.

Feast Day: 15 Dolora/March 6 (5 if a leap year).

Weekday: Lunadi/Monday (Moonday).

Planet: Moon.

Metal: Silver.

Chakra: Third eye.

Liberal Art: Grammar

Note: A (La)

Bird: Dove

Incense: Damascus Rose, Jerusalem, Gloria, Jasmine, and Benzoin. 

Sacred oil: Myrhh, Jasmine, Sweet Myrrh, Rose of Sharon, 

Sacred Flower: Calla Lily and White Water Lily. 

Sacred Tree: Willow.

Sacred Jewel: Moonstone.

Chaplet Prayer: O, Sancta Gracia , Brightness of Reflection, Reverence and Purity,  be with us.

She is the Patroness of the priest/esshood.


Hera:  Sancta Victoria (meaning, Victory). 

Holy Spirit Name: Power

Gift: Fortitude.

Planetary Virtues: Courage and Valor.

Mystery: Assumpta.

Sacrament: Consecration (The Sealing of Baptism similar to Chrismation in the Orthodox Christian Church).

Guardianship: She is of the four-fold Earth and is Guardian of South and Fire.

Element: Fire.

Cardinal Direction: South.

Color of Ray: Red.

Color of Robes: Red.

Feast Day: 1 Rosa/June 13.

Weekday: Rosadi/Tues. (Roseday).

Planet: Mars.

Metal: Iron.

Chakra: Root.

Liberal Art: Arithmetic

Note: E (mi).

Bird: Hawk.

Incense: Cypress, myrtle.

Sacred Oil: Cypress oil, myrtle oil.

Sacred Flower: Gladiola.

Sacred Tree: Oak

Sacred Jewel: Red-Orange Topaz.

Chaplet Prayer: O, Sancta Victoria, Flame of Courage, Power and Valor, be with us.

She is the Patroness and Protectress of the Reginite Ekklesia and of our homes.


Hera: Sancta Sagia (Sa-gee-a with an hard g) ( from Sage, meaning Wisdom.)

Holy Spirit Name: Wisdom

Gift: Wisdom

Planetary Virtues: Intelligence, Intuition.

Mystery: Adoria

Sacrament: Baptism

Guardianship: She is of the four-fold Earth and is the Guardian of North and Air.

Element: Air

Cardinal Direction: North

Sacred Symbol: the North Star.

Color of Ray: Yellow.

Color of Robes: Yellow and Silver.

Feast Day: 1 Vespera/Nov. 28.

Weekday: Stelladi/Wed. (Starday).

Planet: Mercury

Metal: Mercury (Quick-silver).

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Liberal Art: Dialectic

Note: B (ti).

Bird: Owl.

Incense: Sandalwood. 

Sacred Oil: Cassia

Sacred Flower: Yellow Aster.

Sacred Tree: Hazel.

Sacred Jewel: Pearl.

Chaplet Prayer:  O, Sancta Sagia, Messenger of Intelligence, Wisdom and Intuition, be with us.


 Hera:  Sancta Verita, (which means, Truth).

Holy Spirit Name: Truth

Gift: Counsel.

Planetary Virtues: Justice and Harmony.

Mystery: The Matrix. The Heavenly Mother as the Matrix and Ground of All Being. 

Sacrament: Reflection. (Formerly Confession/Reconciliation. Reflection is not the same as confessing to a priest. Please see: Reflection under the Seven Mystery Sacraments: (Link soon to come).

Guardianship: She is of the Four-fold Earth and Guardian of West and Earth.

Element: Earth.

Cardinal Direction: West.

Color of Ray: Blue.

Color of Robes: Blue and Silver

Feast Day: 1 Pura/Sept. 5

Weekday: Pomedi/Thurs. (Apple Day).

Planet: Jupiter.

Metal: Tin.

Chakra: Throat.

Liberal Art: Geometry

Note: F (fa).

Bird: Crane.

Incense: Cedarwood. 

Sacred oil: Hyssop, Cedar.

Sacred Flower: Cosmos

Sacred Tree: Holly 

Sacred Jewel: Blue Sapphire

Chaplet Prayer: O, Sancta Verita, Foundation of  Justice, Council and Harmony, be with us.


Hera: Sancta Mercia, (which means, Mercy).

Holy Spirit Name: Holiness

Gift: Understanding

Planetary Virtues: Compassion, Love.

Sacrament: Holy Communion.

Guardianship:  She is of the four-fold Earth and is the Guardian of East and Water.

Element: Water.

Cardinal Direction: East.

Mystery: Rosa Mundi

Color of Ray: Green

Color of Robes: Green and Pink.

Feast Day: 15 Columbina/April 4.

Weekday: Columbadi/Friday. (Doveday).

Planet: Venus.

Metal: Copper.

Liberal Art: Rhetoric

Chakra: Heart.

Note: C (do).

Bird: Swan.

Incense: Neroli, Jasmine, Lilac.

Sacred oil: Neroli, Jasmine, Lilac.

Sacred Flower: White lilac.

Sacred Tree: Beech

Sacred Jewel: Selenite.

Chapel Prayer: O, Sancta Mercia, Fountain of Compassion, Holiness and Love, be with us.

She is the Patroness of healing.


Hera: Sancta Adora (which means She Who is adored.)

Holy Spirit Name: Faith

Gift: Knowledge

Reps: The One, the Unity of the All.

Planetary Virtues: Steadfastness, Knowledge and Self-Control.

Mystery: Dolora

Sacrament: Holy Anointing: For the sick and dying. (A simpler form of Unction in Orthodox Christianity.

Guardianship: She is of the three-fold Heaven and is the third Guardian of Spirit and Center.

Element: Spirit.

Cardinal Direction: Center.

Color of Ray: Violet

Color of Robes: Violet and Black

Feast Day: 14 Dolora/March 5

Weekday: Lunadi/Monday. 

Planet: Saturn 

Metal: Lead

Chakra: Crown

Liberal Art: Astronomy

Note: G (so).

Bird: Raven

Incense: Cedarwood, Myrrh

Sacred Oil: Spikenard, Aloe.

Sacred Flower: Purple Iris, Deantha. 

Sacred Tree: Elder

Sacred Jewel: Lapis Lazuli.

Chaplet Prayer: O, Sancta Adora , Discipline of Steadfastness, Knowledge and Self-control, be with us

(1) The names of the Holy Spirit:

Glory: 1 Peter 4:14

Holiness: Romans 1:4

Power: II Timothy 1:7

Wisdom: Ephesians 1:17

Truth: John 16:13

Faith: II Corinthians 4:13

Grace: Hebrews.