Absolute Deity: the Source of all Life, the Origin of Origins, the One, the Singular Potentiality of all Life. The Primal Unity of the Father and Mother.

Adoria: Glory. Feast day of the Glory of the birth (emanation) of the Holy Daughter.

Agora: Agora is Greek for the gathering places of old. It meant assembly place or open space. It was also a place where philosophers, like Socrates might teach. It comes from the root word meaning to assemble or to gather together.

Aletheia: A-lee-thee-a. (soft th) Truth. Gnostic Christian name for the Heavenly Mother.

Asperging: Sprinkling with Holy Water.

Aurora: Dawn; Morning Prayers.

Ave: Hail

Barbelo: Bar-bee-low, emphasis on bee. A Gnostic Christian Name for the Great Mother.

Brighde: Bright, high and mighty. St. Brighid.

Canticle: A hymn or chant.

Charis: Grace.

Children of Dea: Humanity.

Christa: The feminine version of Christos. It means anointed.

Columba: Dove. The Heavenly Mother is the Great Dove of the Waters.

Columbina: Little Dove. The Holy Daughter is the Gentle Dove of Peace.

Coronalia: The Crowning of Zoe Sophia, the Holy Daughter.

Cosma: Cosmic Order.

Dea (Day-a): Literally, Divine Goddess. Title for the Christian Divine Feminine.

Dea Filia, meaning Daughter God: the Holy Daughter, Zoe Sophia.

Dea Madria: meaning Mother God: the Heavenly Mother, Mari Aletheia.

Dea Matrona: meaning Great Mother God. She is the Monas, the One, Absolute Deity from Whom emanate the Father and the Mother.

Ekklesia: Church, assembly of a people, spiritual community, church.

Evensong: Evening prayers.

Floralia: Floralia was an ancient Roman festival in honor of the Goddess, Flora. While originally a chaste feast day, over time, it became a bit debauched. For us, it is the Feast of Flowers.

Fora: In our Tradition, this Roman word which we inherited, it is used for the solar cross. In ancient Rome, the fora was the center of the marketplace or public forum from which the life of the city often flowed . The center of the circle of the Fora or solar cross, represents the Still Centre of All Being wherein is the One, the Absolute, where the Father and Mother in reside in Their Veiled Supernal Unity. From there, flow the Four Rivers of Life represented by the four rays of the cross. It also represents the Herae of the Three-fold Heaven (the Centre) and the Four-fold Earth (the four rays) and the out-flowing of the 21 Virtues.

Fourfold Earth: The term Fourfold Earth signifies the four cardinal directions and is associated with the four Herae and the four Archangels who are guardians of the four cardinal directions and their corresponding Elements.

Genetrix: Mother or Ancestress; a female progenitor.  In the Reginite Tradition, the Hera are the progenitors or primal generators of the Primordial Virtues and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Genetrices: Plural of Genetrix.

Gender: Gender is not to be confused with biological sex, a basic mistake often made by those who state that God has no gender. Gender is a Divine Principle; a state of being; a quality. This was the way gender was defined until just recently. Modern definitions of gender include ‘social or cultural’ differences, a definition which we reject.

Godhead: The Divine Persons with the One Nature of God.

Grace: Divine Energies.

Great Mother: The Primordial Mother, Supreme Principle, the Monas, Absolute Deity.

Immanent: Present with us.

Hestia: A hestia is an home which has been blessed and consecrated to Dea  and the True Father as opposed to meaning the Goddess, Hestia.

Hestian: Anything pertaining to the hestia.

Holy Spirit: Mother Sophia. The Holy Spirit of the bible is Feminine. She is Higher Sophia or Mother Sophia. This is why the Holy Spirit is represented by a Dove, a symbol readily recognized as being that of the Divine Feminine in ancient and biblical times and the symbol of Sophia. The Shekinah is also known as the Holy Spirit.

Jana: Pronounced Ya-nah. We believe that the Janae (plural of Jana, pronounced Ya-nay) are the Seven Intelligent Living Spirits of Sophia. They are the Seven Virgins; the Seven Pillars; the Seven Spirits; the Seven Planetary Powers. They are often equated with the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. In the Deanic community, the Janae are known by different names depending upon the community. We know them by names which are appropriate for our religious traditions, but they are the same Seven for all of us. They emanate from Dea and take on angelic form. And so, they are not angels, they are above the angels. They are Dea in Her Seven Forms. We may think of Pure White Light (Dea) which, when refracted through a prism becomes Seven Living, Intelligent Rays.

Kyria: Lady in the Lord sense. We use this term for the Holy Daughter.

Lilium Mundi: Lily of the World. A title for the Holy Daughter.

Mari: which means Mother Sea, is the oldest known name on Earth for the Divine Mother. Reginite name for the Heavenly Mother, Pistis Sophia/ Aletheia Sophia.  For Reginites, She is Mari Sophia.

Mantle: Cloak.

Matrix:  Matrix means a place or situation where something develops, takes shape or is contained. It also can mean womb or mother. So, when we say that the Holy Mother is the Matrix of all Being, it simply means that She gave birth, so to speak, to all Creation. She takes the Primordial Ideas and Spiritual Essence from the Source, the Great Mother and manifests it into Creation.

Monas: the original form of the word, Monad. It means the One. Primal Source. The Arche of All Being. That Beginning which has no beginning. The Primal Fore-Mother Who contains within Herself the Feminine and the Masculine and from Whom emanates the Father and the Mother. She is Absolute Deity.

Noontide: Noon Prayers.

Patene’: Pronounced,  pa ta nee, accent on ta; as in ma, is a sacred plate made of natural materials and set aside for sacramental communion use.

Plena: Latin for Full.

Pleroma: Supernal Fullness of the All and Fullness of Perfection. The Realm of Light.

Proceed: The Holy Daughter proceeds or emanates from the Celestial Mother.

Primordial: Existing since the beginning of time; primeval.

Rosa Coeli: The Heavenly Mother as the Rose of Heaven.

Rosalia: The Feast of Rosa Caeli and the Feast of Roses. The celebration of Our Heavenly Mother as the Rose of Heaven and the Rose of Joy. It is also a thanksgiving to God for the queen of flowers.

Sacred Language: The use of sacred language has been handed down to us by our predecessors.

Septifluous: seven flowing streams.

Soteria: Salvation, saviouress, preserver. (So-tay-ree-a) from the Greek meaning salvation. Soteria is what we would today call the self-actualizing principle, a beneficent force that guides our development, helping us to reach the desired end of psychological salvation, integration and happiness.

Stella Maris: Star of the Sea, the North Star.  A title for the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Stella Matutina: Star of the Morning.

Stella Vespera: Star of the Evening or Evening Star,

Supernal: Primordial, Heavenly. Of Divine origin or quality; heavenly, celestial, or divine.

Supernality: The quality of being supernal. A supernal being or thing.

The 21 Virtues: The sum total of the 21 Gifts and Virtues of the Seven Janae of Sophia. The Seven Janae are the Divine Gateways of the Four Rivers of Life, from which the 21 Virtues/Gifts flow as an Ever-Living Fountain.

Threadpath: the thread of the pattern of our lives which leads us either closer to or further away from Dea.

Threefold Heaven: The term, Threefold Heaven signifies th.e Trinitarian Heaven and is associated with the three Herae who are Guardians of Spirit and Center and who represent the Divine Feminine Trinity.

Transcendent: Beyond and above.

Triunity: Three united in One.

Trinity: Three distinct Persons in One.

Quaternity: A term being used in Divine Family Christianity for Father, Mother, Son and Daughter.

Veiled Origin of Eternity: Title for the Great Mother, Sige Barbelo. (Sy-gee. Soft g as in gel. Bar-bee-low emhasis on bee).