Introduction to Our Basic Beliefs


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Aletheia is pronounced: Al-lee-thee-a with the accent on lee. The th is soft. Aletheia means Truth. A Gnostic Christian Name for the Heavenly Mother.

Arche’ may be pronounced several ways. We pronounce it: Ar-kee. It means Primordial, First, the Beginning that has no Beginning. Used in Valentinian Gnosticism to describe the Primordial Father Spirit and the Primordial Mother.

Barbelo is pronounced: Bar-bee-low. Accent is on bee.  Meaning unknown. A Gnostic Christian Name for the Primordial Mother. The Supreme Principle.

Dea Literally: Divine Goddess. Title for the Divine Feminine Trinity and each member of the Trinity.

Gender is not to be confused with biological sex, a basic mistake often made by those who state that God has no gender. Gender is a Divine Principle; a state of being; a quality or state of being. This was the way gender was defined until just recently. Modern definitions of gender include ‘social or cultural’ differences, a definition that we reject.

Godhead is the Divine Persons Who have the One Nature of God.

Madria is pronounced Mah-dree-a, accent on dree. A sacred name for mother. It is also a feminine title for priestess.

Mari is pronounced: Mar (as in Mars) ee. It is not the same as the pronunciation of Mary. It means Mother Sea and is the oldest known name for the Divine Mother on Earth. This is how we know the Heavenly Mother, Aletheia. We know Her as Mari Aletheia.

Monas: the original form of the word, Monad. It means the One. Primal Source. The Arche of All Being. That Beginning which has no beginning. The Primal or Primordial Fore-Mother Who is Absolute Deity and from Whom emanate the Father and the Mother.

Sige may be pronounced in several different ways. We pronounce it: Sy-gee (soft g as in gel). It means Silence and is a Gnostic Christian for the Primordial Mother, the Supreme Principle.

Supernal means Primordial, Heavenly. Of Divine origin or quality; heavenly, celestial, or divine.

The Fullness of Sophia: Sophia is the Gnostic Sophia (we do not include the Fallen/Trapped Mythos where Sophia has created in ignorance and folly and was in need of Her Consort, the Christ, to save Her). Sophia is Wisdom in Old Testament texts. Sophia is the Holy Spirit of the New Testament. Sophia is the Woman of Revelation. Sophia is the Mother from Whom the Holy Daughter emanates. She is all of these things and that is known to us as the Fullness of Sophia.


Basic Theology for understanding how we trace the Sign of the Fora or Solar Cross: 

We believe in Christian Emanation theology similar to that of Gnosticism. This means that from the One, Absolute Deity, Whom we recognize as the Great Mother, Sige or Barbelo, emanates Yoked Pairs of Divine Male and Female, i.e., the Father and the Mother and the Son and the Daughter.

Prophecy states that this Age is to be the Age of the Holy Spirit. For those of us living in the dawn of this Age, we have had the privilege and the blessing of witnessing the explosion of the Holy Spirit into modern consciousness. And we have come to know the Holy Spirit as Sophia.

Articles, posts and books abound which offers evidence, scholarship and sound reasoning as to the identity of the Holy Spirit. The citizens of ancient and biblical times would have just as readily identified the symbol of the Dove with the Divine Feminine as in our times, we identify the cross with Christianity and the Star of David with Judaism. In the ancient Syrian Christian Liturgy, She was praised as the Mother Spirit.

We believe that from the Primordial Great Mother, Sige (Sy-gee, which means Silence), also known as the Barbelo emanates the True Father (Our Heavenly Father) and Our Heavenly Mother (Sophia Aletheia or Mari Sophia, as we know Her ). The True Father and Our Heavenly Mother work together to bring all the Primal Potentialities into manifestation, that is to say that together, They manifest Creation.

And, we believe that from the True Father emanates the Divine Son (the Logos/Christ) and from the Heavenly Mother emanates the Holy Daughter (Zoe Sophia). They are co-Saviors, each with Their Own role or function.

And so, from Absolute Deity, Sige Barbelo, emanates the Divine Family. The Divine Family is recognized as the True Father; the Heavenly Mother (Mari Sophia aka/Sophia Aletheia); the Divine Son; the Christ Logos, Whose Avatar is Jesus Christ and the Holy Daughter, Zoe Sophia. In Gnosticism, the Avatars of Zoe Sophia were Eve and Norea. We believe that Mary Magdalene was an Avatar of Norea.

And so, we our way of tracing the sign of the cross may be found under our Basic Prayers.