Introduction to Our Basic Beliefs

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Janite/Reginite Names for the Holy Daughter include: Jana, Jana Sophia, Zoe-Jana, Anna, Marianna (which means Grace of Mari) and Zoe Anna.

We also honor all Living Stream Forms and Images of Dea (as explained, below.)

Devotees may choose from the above in private prayer.


Basic Theology for the Reginite Way. 

The Reginite Way is a Path of Devotion to Our Mother God based upon the Madrian/Filianic/Deanic religion.

We are Deanic Emanationists who worship Our Divine Mother God in Her Triune Form.

Emanationism is a cosmological theory which asserts that all things “flow” from an underlying principle or reality, usually called the Absolute or Godhead. … The traditional view is summed in the doctrine of emanation formulated by Plotinus(Wiki).

As Deanic Emanationists, we believe that as Absolute Deity, Dea is Supreme.  There is only One Absolute. But we also believe that She holds within Herself the Female and Male Principles.  And we believe in the eternity of the male and female spirits.

Though we acknowledge and honor the Divine Masculine, we primarily worship Dea in Her Triune Form. We are a Divine Feminine religion just as Christianity is a Divine Masculine religion.

It is important to understand that we are neither Pagan/Wiccan nor Abrahamic. Deanism is a religion of its own. We do not worship Pagan deities. However, we do recognize all Living Stream Images and Forms of D of Her such as the Celestial Mary, Sophia, Zoe Sophia, the Barbelo, Sige ( may be pronounced, Sy-gee), the Hindu Goddesses, Quan Yin and Amaterasu.

The Monas/Absolute Deity, known to us as the Great Mother, holds within Herself all Potentialities and Primordial Ideas. She is the Ultimate Source of All Life. She is the Dark beyond the light and the Light beyond the Darkness. The Origin of Origins.

As the Matrix of All Creation, the Celestial Mother fashions the Potentialities and Primordial Ideas of the Absolute into manifest creation. She is Supernal Light and the Creatrix of the Cosmos.

The Holy Daughter is Supernal Love.  Through Her Descent down through the Seven Realms, She is Immanent with us. Through Her Sacrifice, Her Divine Spark resides within us. She ensouls our spirits with Her Soul. She renews, sustains and rules over all Creation.

From the Trinity emanates the Seven Janati. They are the Seven Emanations of Dea. These Seven Living Intelligent Rays from Whom flow the Virtues of Life take on angelic form. Though they are, in part, modeled on the Seven Planetary Titanides, it is important to remember that they are not the Greek goddesses, they are much more than that, they are Emanations of Dea, Herself.

And so, Dea is One and Three and Seven.

The Reginite Way teaches that Earth and all of manifest Creation is a school for the evolution of our souls. The cyclic patterns of our life will repeat themselves through-out our incarnations until we learn their lessons and are able to move on from them. In order to move on, we must consciously break our negative patterns. And we must learn service to others rather than service to self (without becoming a door mat :).

We believe there are worlds, vibrational dimensions and higher realms of being. Once we have attained the Perfection of Love, we unite with Perfect Love, Herself.

Our system of worship, the basics of which we have inherited from one of the former Madrian Orders and from Filianism, guides us on the Pathway of Our Mother. Dea welcomes all of Her children to this Path.

Blessed is She.

A. M. Pamela Lanides