Canticle of Our Mother God

Canticle of the Our Mother God*

There is no thing fairer on the Earth
than She,
Nor any thing upon the Heaven, fairer.
Before Her splendour, does the noon-day sun
Burn as the dying embers of a fire.
Daughter of Light
Does not Thy Spirit breathe in all created things?
Is not all darkness scattered by Thy Fire?
And but for Thee, would not all cosmos decompose?
Would not the black abyss of chaos swallow all?
And as Thine universal music reins the furthest spheres,
so does it tune the beating of my heart.
For as the running doe longs for the cooling streams,
so is my soul athirst for Thy dear Grace;
and as long as hunger brings the limbs to weakness,
Trembles my souls for confluence with Thee.
Have pity on my soul and end her trembling,
Fill her with the good nourishment of Thy love;
For there is no thing other that will cool her fever
and there is no way other she shall find content.
O, let my soul be chastened by her suffering.
O, let her care no longer for her pride;
O, let her cry to You in childlike trustfulness;
let her be humbled in Your gentle Light.
Of mine own self, can I accomplish nothing;
Only so far as You are acting through me.
How dull my soul is; like the ashes of a fire:
But, piercèd through with Thine eternal rays,
Is she not radiant as the noon-day sun?
There is no thing fairer on the Earth than Thee,
nor any thing upon the Heaven fairer.