Our Scriptures

The Holy Bible

The Gnostic Bible (Please note: we do not accept the ‘demotion’ of Sophia, Daughter Wisdom. We do not believe that She Who is God the Daughter, ‘created in error’, became ‘trapped’ as the World Soul (like the Shekinah, She is here, voluntarily), nor did She need Her Male Counterpart to save Her.  Additionally, we believe that material creation is a blessing. We are living in the Cosmic School of Life with many planets/realms/dimensions.

The Lost Gospel of Joseph and Aseneth (only the Syriac version in The Lost Gospel of Joseph and AsenethDecoding the Ancient Text (Jacobovici and Wilson) https://www.amazon.com/Lost-Gospel-Decoding-Marriage-Magdalene/dp/1605988871.  https://www.timesofisrael.com/lost-gospel-depicts-a-married-political-activist-rabbi-jesus/

We are looking into some of the modern Essene Scriptures and the Gospel of the Holy Twelve.

Portions of the Apocryphya. the Didache and other Early Christian writings are included in our sacred texts.

We will be including some of the Madrian Texts entitled, the Teachings of the Daughter. They will be posted in the near future.