Beautiful Good Friday prayer by Sorella Roselyn

3 Maia/April 20

A Filianist’s Good Friday Prayer,  

by Sorella Roselyn,

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Hail Lady Magdalene and Rabbi Yeshua.
True children of Our Mother in Heaven,
Avatars of Our Lady,
Bearers of Her Flame.
Their compassion radiates long past their time,
Their teachings and examples ignited the world,
And even in their deepest suffering,
They never lost their faith in God, nor creation.
May they remain our companions and our guides,
Along with the Holy Janati and Revered Saints.
And may we follow them to the heart of Déa.
Blessed is She.


The Radiance of the Divine Feminine within Christianity, the Birth of Sophian Christianity.

Mother of the World, Nicolas Roerich

Since the 1960’s, many have searched outside of Christianity to find the Divine Feminine.  But what was hidden and has now come to light is that Christianity has a radiant Divine Feminine side, as well.


When we we consider the wide-ranging diversity of beliefs and practice in the early Church, we find that some non-Orthodox Christian sects were actually quite wide-spread and very popular such as Arianism and Valentinian Gnosticism. In fact, the Gnostic bishop, Valentinus, almost became pope! If that had happened, it’s very possible that the Christianity we inherited would be Gnostic rather than Pauline.

Imagine that! We might have had a Christianity that was complete with female priests (priestesses), the Divine Feminine, a female church leader/apostle (Mary Magdalene), a Female Holy Spirit, female angels (aeons) and those avatars of Sophia like Eve and Norea. We have the Blessed Mary and Mary Magdalene. [For those interested in Mary Magdalene, the books of Margaret Starbird are highly recommended as is the Mary Magdalene Mystery School . Please see (1) and (2)].

In addition to the above, the Divine Feminine within Christianity also encompasses the biblical fore-mothers; the Seven Virgins/Spirits of Sophia/Holy Spirit; the female Aeons (Gnostic female angels); the female Archangels and female angels.

Oftentimes, the Divine Masculine has been depicted as being Just, Judge, aloof, stern and punishing, which is unfortunate, because that is simply not the case. He is loving and merciful.  But the Divine Feminine has always been associated with unconditional Love, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, understanding. She is always with us and is ever ready to assist us, Her children. She will do whatever she can to save Her child.

These were the qualities given to the Ascended Form of Mary and they may be more readily applied to the Seven-Fold Holy Mother Spirit, Sophia, because, after all, She is God. She is a Person of the Godhead and  She shares in the Essence of the God-Nature.

We truly have a radiantly beautiful Divine Feminine side of Christianity in union with the Divine Masculine. We are very blessed.

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.

Mother Pamela Lanides.

The books of Margaret Starbird, of DaVinci Code fame, are highly recommended. Especially, the Goddess in the Gospels and the Woman with the Alabaster Jar. 

  1. Margaret Starbird’s website:
  2. Margaret Starbird’s books:

Authentic Feminine Angels

Dear Friends,

I am starting a list of feminine angels. If anyone knows of other, authentic female angels, please send info to Thank you.

We must remember that for those who say that angels are genderless, they are confusing gender, which is a Principle, a quality and state of being (which is how it was always defined in dictionaries until recently) with biological sex. Additionally, the angels have appeared in body form. I believe they have rarefied bodies of higher density/vibration.

One article states that while angels do not have gender (again, confusing gender with biological sex), the author states that some angels clearly depict female qualities and there you have it, quality is one of the definitions of gender.

Others believe that similar to the Gnostic Aeons (angels), angels are male and female partners or syzygies. Hence, there could well be Gabriel and Gabrielle or Uriel and Auriel, Hanael and Anael, which would explain some of the confusion.

Some of these angels listed are known as both male and female, but usually have female qualities and correspondences. Others are strictly female.

While there are many female angels of both Zoroastrian and Arabic Tradition, here are some of the female angels from Judeo/Christian tradition. We must remember that angels are universal. They help and assist everyone regardless of religious denomination.

For the angels of the Zodiac/Months/Seasons, this page has lovely artwork of female angels:

This will be added as a page which will be updated with further research.

The Archeia (ferminine of Archangel or feminine angel), Haniel, Hanael or Anael. While Hanael, which probably comes from Hannah and means, Grace of God, has been listed, at times, as masculine, she is a female Archangel. She is known as the angel of Joy. Harmony and Balance. She rules over love and beauty. If you look her up, there is a lot of devotional info on her. She known as the Rose Angel and rules over the planet, Venus and she rules the North. Her day is Friday and her month, June. Her metal is copper or brass. Her seal is a crescent moon with a dove beneath it. These are all feminine symbols. She is often included in the list of the Seven Archangels. She is one of the angels of Creation and the Zohar lists her as a guardian of the Tree of Life. She is reputed to be the daughter of St. Michael. For a full list of her correspondences and for other resources, please see (1).

Bath Kol: Her name means Heavenly Voice or the Daughter of Voice. She is the Angel of Prophecy. In the Old Testament, She is symbolized by a dove. She is said to have appeared to both Simeon Ben Yohai, the reputed author of the Zohar and Nicolas Flamel of the Philosopher Stone fame. In the Talmud, She is said to be the Heavenly Voice of God. Some equate her with the Holy Spirit while others say she is lower than the Holy Spirit, an angel. (2)

Archeia Lailah or Laylah: Her name means night or good night.  She is the angel of conception who oversees and protects childbirth and young children. She is the midwife of souls. For her Jewish myth, please see (3)

Archeia Muriel: Her name means Perfume of God. She is Angel of Peace and the ruler of the Dominions and the month of June. She is usually depicted wearing a crown of flowers. In addition to bringing peace and harmony, she is said to also tend the plants and animals. She rules the South. (4)

Diniel, Angel who protects infants by Jean Guggliuzza

Archeia Diniel is another angel who protects infants, although she is much different than Archeia Lailah. I think her name means Faith of God.  Hers is one of the 70 child bed amulets. (Sometimes seen as male.) (5)

While often understood to be male, Dina/Jophiel may also be considered female as she is most often depicted. Jophiel means Beauty of God.

Dina a.k.a. Yefefiah and Iofiel – a Cabalistic guardian of the Torah (Law) and of wisdom who resides in the Seventh Heaven. When the world was first created, she taught humans seventy languages. Her role is that of a guiding and teaching angel who inspires mortals to pursue wisdom, knowledge and love of learning.

She is the angel of illumination, understanding and wisdom. She is sometimes known as Sophiel, which means Wisdom of God. (6)

Amatiel is know is one of the serving angels of Spring. She is the angel of rebirth, renewal and rebirth. (Sometimes seen as male, but these correspondences are clearly female.) (7)
Hiroyuki Satu Archangels.
Derdekea, a powerful female angel who descends to Earth for the salvation of humanity. In the Gnostic Paraphrase of Shem, She is referred to as the Supreme Mother. Also known as Drop.   (8)
And finally, for today, the Archangel Gabriel/Gabrielle. This gender for this Archangel is quite controversial, which is why I suspect Gabriel/Gabrielle might be an angelic male/female pair.
The name Gabriel/Gabrielle means Power or Strength of God.
Archeia Gabrielle has been depicted as both male and female in literature, religions and mythology, so this can certainly ad to some confusion. In Her female form, she is said to be the Mother of All Mothers, after the Virgin Mary. If you look here to the qualities and correspondences, almost all are female:
Please note that if you do your own search for each of these angels, you will find some nice devotional pages.

(1) In this list, she is referred to as both male and female:,
There are also many devotional pages in her honor.


(3): Jewish myth:
Here scroll down to Angel of Conception



(6) Keep in mind that just like the Gnostic Aeons/angels, which are male and female syzergies, angels may be male or female. When they have appeared, they have had a body form. I believe they have rarefied bodies of higher density/vibration.

7) (Use google translate if you do not speak Spanish):




People are Leaving Organized Religion in Droves

As written for Goddess Christians:

This article has appeared on several sites. What I thought was interesting was the increase in home churching.
When I was young, every single church of every denomination was overflowing. That was back in the day when Sunday was still a day of church, rest and family. No stores were open. No-one worked on Sundays unless you were an emergency worker like a nurse, doctor, first responder, etc. Sunday should have remained a day of rest, in my opinion.
Everyone in our neighborhood went to church. As a former Roman Catholic, coming from parishes that had three overflowing masses every Sunday, I never, in my wildest imagination, thought that I would live to see the day, within my lifetime, of church after church after church, of all denominations, with for sale signs on them.
I remember how thoroughly shocked I was when I first saw a Catholic Church with a for sale sign on it, only to have that church, where the Sacrifice of the Mass took place every single day for over an hundred years, turned into a restaurant. Somehow, it seem sacrilegious.
On the one hand, it’s a sad thing, but on the other, perhaps going back to our roots is a good thing. Many, not all, organized religions became too powerful, too controlling over the people. Others were downright hypocritical, forbidding things that they themselves were doing behind closed doors.
Even though I am liturgical, I do support home church. As the article states, that is how Christianity began.
Mother Pamela

Rosa Mundi/Eastre

March 21

She is With Us! She is the World Soul! The Rose of the World! She is Immanent with us! Sharing with us Her Divine Soul and residing within us as the Divine Spark! Praise be to Dea!

Have a Blessed Rosa Mundi.