Creed of the Reginite Way

Creed of the Reginite Way (adapted the Madrian. Please note that in the past, there were more than one Madrian Order. We are not affiliated with the one known as Lux Madriana.)

Please note: This is the Creed of the Divine Feminine. It is not meant to negate belief in the Divine Masculine.


The Creed of the Reginite Way

I believe that I am created
from before the dawn of time
by the one eternal Dea.

I believe that Dea is One
and Three and Seven
and that She, alone, is Supreme.

I believe in the Mother,
Who is pure Light,
the Creatrix of the earth and of the heavens
and of all the illimitable cosmos.

And I believe in Her virgin Daughter,
born of the virgin Mother,
the ruler of all the energies of creation,
Whose nature is perfect Love.

And I believe in She that stands beyond these Two,
Whose Name has not been spoken on this earth:
For She is the Beginning and the End;
the First Principle and the Final Cause;
the unoriginated Origin of being.

I believe in the Seven Janati, the Seven Great Powers of Dea.
I believe that they are the Living Streams of Virtue who flow from the Mother and that together,
these Living Streams form the River of Life.

Blessed is She.