Prayers: A-G

Includes liturgical chants. 

For ease of scrolling, all titles are in bold.

Aletheia is pronounced: Al-lee-thee-a with the accent on lee. The th is soft. Aletheia means Truth. A Gnostic Christian Name for the Heavenly Mother.

Barbelo is pronounced: Bar-bee-low. Accent is on bee.  Meaning unknown. A Gnostic Christian Name for the Primordial Mother. The Supreme Principle.

Dea: Literally: Divine Goddess. Title for the Christian Divine Feminine.

Madria is pronounced Mah-dree-a, accent on dree. A sacred name for mother. It is also a feminine title for priestess.

Mari is pronounced: Mar (as in Mars) ee. It is not the same as the pronunciation of Mary. It means Mother Sea and is the oldest known name for the Divine Mother on Earth. This is how we know the Heavenly Mother, Aletheia. We know Her as Mari Aletheia.

Sige may be pronounced in several different ways. We pronounce it: Sy-gee (soft g as in gel). It means Silence and is a Gnostic Christian for the Primordial Mother, the Supreme Principle.


A Prayer for the Newly Consecrated

O, Heavenly Mother, Mari, Most Holy Daughter, Zoe, O, Great Mother, Sige, bless this, Thy child, on the night of (name Moon, Feast or Day) and enfold (her/him) beneath Your Hallowed Mantle of Protection, now and unto the ages of ages.


Ave, Mari, Dea Madria, Gloria Plena.

(Hail, Mari (Sophia Aletheia), Mother God, Full of Glory.)

Ave, Zoe, Dea Filia, Gloria Plena

(Hail, Zoe (Sophia), Daughter God, Full of Glory.)

Ave, Sige, Dea Matrona, Gloria Plena.

(Hail, Sige, (Barbelo), Great Mother, Full of Glory.

Blessed is Our Mother God. (Adapted from a secret Madrian Order.)

Blessed is Our Mother God, the Holy One.

She Who is Mari, 

She Who is Zoe,

She Who is Sige.

Blessed is She. 

Canticle of the Supernal Sun (Madrian)

There is no thing fairer on the Earth than She,

Nor any thing upon the Heaven, fairer.

Before Her splendour, does the noon-day Sun burn as the dying embers of a fire.

Madria Dea, does not Thy Spirit breathe in all created things?

Is not all darkness scattered by Thy Fire?

And but for Thee, would not all the cosmos decompose? Would not the black abyss of chaos swallow all?

And as Thine universal music reins the furthest spheres, so does it tune the beating of my heart. For as the running doe longs for the cooling streams, so is my soul athirst for Thy dear Grace; and as long as hunger brings the limbs to weakness, trembles my souls for confluence with Thee.

Have pity on my soul and end its trembling. Fill it with the good nourishment of Thy love. For there is no thing other than will cool its fever and there is no way other it shall find content.

O, let my soul be chastened by its suffering. O, let it care no longer for its pride; O, let it cry to Thee in childlike trustfulness; let it be humbled in Thy gentle Light.

Of mine own self, I can accomplish nothing;

only so far as Thou art acting through me.

How dull my soul is, like the ashes of a fire;

but, pierced through with Thine eternal rays,

is it not radiant as the noon-day sun?

There is no thing fairer on the Earth than Thee,

nor any thing upon the Heaven fairer.

Daughter of Light (Madrian)

Daughter of Light, that reigns as Queen of Heaven, all praise and honor we joyfully give to You. Give us to learn that You are by our side in every act that we make. Teach us obedience and humility and joy of heart that comes of self-forgetting. Help us to be clear mirrors of Your Love; reflecting all the beauty of the world; for beauty is the echo of Eternity. Fix our hearts on the Eternal and let us not be turned from You by transient things. Rescue us from the hands of darkness that we may serve You with all our being here and in Your bright Eternity. Blessed are You.

Fiery Rose of Heaven Chant

O, Fiery Rose of Heaven,   (The Heavenly Mother)

O, Gentle Dove of Peace,  (The Holy Daughter)

O, Veiled Fora of Faith  (The Great Mother)

 be with us.

Five Symbols Prayer 

O, Dea, Apple of Wisdom,    (The Heavenly Mother)

O, Dea, Star of Hope,  (The Holy Daughter)

O, Dea, Fora of Faith,   (The Great Mother)

O, Dea, Dove of Peace,  (The Holy Daughter)

O, Dea, Rose of Joy, (The Heavenly Mother)

We bless You, we worship You, we adore You.

Blessed are You.

Grace Before Meals (adapted from the Madrian)

 Lord and Lady of All Nature, we thank You for the gifts of your creation. (Trace cross over food and say): May this food be blessed in the Name of the Father and of the Mother and of Christ and Sophia. Amen.

(This can also be done when dining out. The prayer is recited silently and a small cross may easily be traced over the food without attracting attention. )

Guiding Star

Guiding Star of the Seas,  (The Holy Daughter) 

Light of the Depths of the Cosmos,  (The Great Mother)

Ray of Precious Jewels,  (The Heavenly Mother from Whom emits the Seven Janae of Sophia…the Seven Jeweled Rays)

Divine Radiance of the Dawn,  (The Holy Daughter)

Pure Dove of Peace,  (The Holy Daughter)

Fiery Rose of the World,  (The Heavenly Mother)

Veiled Origin of Eternity,  (The Great Mother)

we glorify You, we magnify You, we adore You. Blessed are You.