Reginite Calendar

Before studying the calendar below, we invite you to be come acquainted with our basic concepts and beliefs:

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Our Reginite liturgical calendar, which may be used in conjunction with a Divine Masculine Calendar such as Christian or Jewish, is comprised of thirteen months and five Seasons. Each Season is considered sacred because of it’s inherent Divine Feminine Mystery.

Our year begins with the Reginite Eastre, which celebrates the Holy Daughter, Zoe Sophia/the Shekinah as the Holy Soul of the World or World Soul.

(Both Sophia and the Shekinah share a very similar Mythos. Many believe Them to be One and the Same Being, others do not. We leave that up to our devotees to decide for themselves. Scroll down to the Shekinah plays another very important role: ..)

She is our Pure Dove of Peace and the Lily of the World. Our day begins at Dawn, which is the time of the Holy Daughter. (For those who are Christian, this feast day does not take the place of the Christian Easter. As the Divine Son raises us to the Father, the Holy Daughter restores us to Our Heavenly Mother.)

We use a different Cardinal/Elemental directional systems. Our system is: East/Water; South/Fire; West/Earth and North/Air.

Times of Day:

Dawn is the Time of the Holy Daughter, Zoe Sophia.

Noontide is the Time of the Heavenly Mother, Mari Sophia,

Twilight (Evensong/Vespers) is the time of the Great Mother, Sige Mysteria.

As with the Archangels, each day is ruled over by one of the Seven Janae of Sophia. (For the days of the Archangels, please see:

Each day of the week is represented by and named after one of our Seven Sacred Symbols which represent our Great Mysteries: (link coming soon)

Weekday, Symbol and Jana:

Sunnadi/Sun: The Sun; Madria Gloria.

Lunadi/Mon: The Moon; Madria Gracia.

Rosadi/Tues: The Rose; Madria Victoria.

Stelladi/Wed: The North Star; Madria Sagia.

Pomedi/Thurs.: The Apple; Madria Verita.

Columbadi/Fri: The Dove; Madria Mercia.

Foradi/Sat: The Fora or Solar Cross; Madria Adora.



Correspondences: Season of the Holy Daughter as the Gentle Dove of Peace.  Jana: Madria Mercia; Sacred Symbol: the Dove; Element : Water; Elemental Color: Blue; Liturgical Colors: Pink and Green; Direction: East; Time of Day: Dawn; Mystery: Lilium Mundi: The Holy Daughter becomes the Holy World Soul.

Pendant: Dove


Columbina, which means Little Dove: March 21-April 17.

Feast Days:

1 Columbina/March 21: Eastre: Mystery: Lilium Mundi, which means Lily of the World.  The Holy Daughter, Zoe Sophia (also the Shekinah), rises from the depths to become the Holy World Soul. In Sophia/Shekinah, we are One Soul. She is the Pure Dove of Peace. She is the Lily of the World. (1)

5 Colulmbina/March 25: Feast of Divine Compassion in honor of Madria Mercia, Fountain of Compassion, Love and Mercy.

Full Moon: Dove Moon.


Maia, the original meaning of this word is Mother or Great Mother: April 18 – May 15

Feast Days:

1 Maia/April 18: MariMaia: The month of May has long been celebrated in honor of the Motherhood and the High Queenship of Mari.

14 Maia/May 1: Coronalia: The Exaltation of the Queen of Heaven. The Coronation of the Holy Daughter as the Queen of Heaven.

Full Moon: Crown Moon.


Flora, which, from the Latin flos, flor meaning Flower: May 16 – June 12.

10 Flora/May 25: Floralia. Feast of Flowers.

Full Moon: Flower Moon.



Correspondences:  The Season of Our Heavenly Mother. Jana: Madria Victoria. Sacred Symbol: the Rose; Element; Fire; Liturgical and Elemental Color: Red; Direction: South; Time of Day: Noon: Mystery: Assumpta.


Rosa, which means Rose: June 13 – July 10.

Feast Days:

1 Rosa/June 13: Feast of Divine Valor in honor of Madria Victoria, Flame of Courage, Strength and Valor.

9 Rosa/June 21 : Feast of Rosalia. This is the Feast of Our Heavenly, Mother. She is the Mother of all Life and of all Creation. She is the Rose of Joy and the Rose of Heaven or Rosa Coeli. On this day we also celebrate roses and express gratitude to Dea for the Queen of Flowers, which is the rose.

14 Rosa/June 26: Feast of Divine Norea, Daughter of Zoe-Eve and Avatar of Zoe Sophia.

Full Moon: Rose Moon.

Month: Ceres which means Grains:  July 11- Aug. 7

12 Ceres/July 22: High Feast of Holy Mary Magdalene. Recipe for Magdalene cakes:

22 Ceres/Aug. 1: Feast of Cerealia. The Feast of Grains. Also known as the Feast of Regeneration.

Full Moon:  Corn Moon

Month: Vespera: meaning Evening. Aug. 8- Sept. 4

8 /Aug. 15:  Feast of Assumpta, the Assumption of Zoe Sophia.

Full Moon: Assumption Moon.



Correspondences: The Heavenly Mother as the Apple of Wisdom. Jana: Madria Verita. Symbol: the Apple; Element: Earth; Elemental Color: Green; Liturgical Colors: Blue and Silver; Direction: West; Time of Day: Twilight; Mystery: Terra, the Ground of All Being. The Heavenly Mother is the Ground of All Being and the Matrix of all Creation.

Pendant: The Apple.

Month: Poma which means fruit or apple. Sept. 5 – Oct. 2


17 Poma/Sept. 21: Feast of Divine Harmony in honor of Madria Verita, Foundation of Justice, Order and Harmony.

Full Moon: Apple Moon.

Month: Ourania which means Heavenly, Cosmic. Oct. 3 – Oct. 30.


Month: Samhain: meaning Summer’s End. We pronounce it the Scottish way.. Sa-ven. Oct. 31- Nov. 27.


1 Samhain /Nov.1: Shimovane which is an old Celtic word for Summer’s End. The Feast of the Dead.


Full Moon: Spirit Moon


Correspondences: Season of the Holy Daughter, Zoe Sophia.  Jana: Madria Sagia; Sacred Symbol: the North Star; Element: Air; Elemental and Seasonal Color: Yellow; Direction: North; Time of Day: Midnight: Mystery: Adoria.

Pendant: North Star.


Astrea: Meaning Star: Nov. 28 – Dec. 25.

Feast Days:

1 Astrea/Nov. 28: Feast of Divine Wisdom in honor of Madria Sagia, Messenger of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom.

First Lighting of the Sun Wheel. (Please see: Link coming soon).

23 Astrea/Dec. 20: Gloria (Mother’s Night (begins after the third star appears in the sky.)

24 Astrea/Dec. 21: Adoria (Daughter’s Day) (High Feast of the Emanation/Birth of the Holy Daughter, Zoe Sophia from Her Heavenly Mother, Mari Sophia.

27 Astrea/Dec. 24: Feast of The Divine Lady of Eden, Zoe Eve, the Mother of All Life (human life on Earth) and Avatar of Zoe Sophia.

28 Astrea/Dec. 25: The High Feast of Christ’s mass or Christmas.

Full Moon: Glory Moon.

Month: Hestia meaning hearth or fireside. Our homes, which have been consecrated to Dea, are called hestias and are blessed during this month. Dec. 26-Jan 22.

Feast Days:

12 Hestia/Jan. 6: Epiphania for the Holy Daughter as Princess.

Full Blessing Moon: Sacra Hestia: The blessing of the home.and hearth. The blessing takes place either on the Full Blessing Moon or, if in the rare instances when there is no Full Moon, then on the first Sunnadi/Sunday of the month.

Month: Brighid meaning the High One. Jan. 23- Feb. 19.

Feast Days:

11 Brighid/Feb. 2: Candlemas, Feast of St. Brighid, Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

28 Brighid/Feb. 19. Feast of the High Priestess, Zoe Sophia.

Full Moon: High Moon.


Correspondences: Season of the Great Mother. Janae: Madrias Gloria, Gracia and Adora. Sacred Symbol: The Fora or Solar Cross/Element: Spirit/ Elemental Color: Violet/Liturgical Colors: Orange, Gold, Violet, Silver, Indigo and Black/Direction: Center/Time of Day: Darkest Hour Before the Dawn/Mystery: Dolora, the Passion of the Descent of Zoe Sophia.

Month: Dolora. Feb. 20 – March 19.

Feast and Holy Days: (Includes leap year dates).

14 Dolora/March 5/4: Med-Dolora: Feast of Divine Joy, Divine Purity and Divine Temperance in honor of Madrias Gloria, Gracia and Adora.

Madria Gloria is the Lamp of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence; Madria Gracia is the Brightness of Reflection, Reason and Purity; Madria Adora is the Discipline of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-restraint.

19 Dolora/March 10/9: Feast of St. Hypatia.

28 Dolora/March 19/18. Tenebrae: the Descent and Passion of the Holy Daughter. A time of veiling, silence, fasting, somber observance and penitential lustration.

Full Moon: Full Veiled Moon.

There is one day between the old Divine Feminine Trinity liturgical year and the new. This is the Veiled Day.

On leap years, there are two Veiled Days which allows the liturgical year to ‘catch up’ with the secular.