The Radiance of the Divine Feminine within Christianity, the Birth of Sophian Christianity.

Mother of the World, Nicolas Roerich

Since the 1960’s, many have searched outside of Christianity to find the Divine Feminine.  But what was hidden and has now come to light is that Christianity has a radiant Divine Feminine side, as well.


When we we consider the wide-ranging diversity of beliefs and practice in the early Church, we find that some non-Orthodox Christian sects were actually quite wide-spread and very popular such as Arianism and Valentinian Gnosticism. In fact, the Gnostic bishop, Valentinus, almost became pope! If that had happened, it’s very possible that the Christianity we inherited would be Gnostic rather than Pauline.

Imagine that! We might have had a Christianity that was complete with female priests (priestesses), the Divine Feminine, a female church leader/apostle (Mary Magdalene), a Female Holy Spirit, female angels (aeons) and those avatars of Sophia like Eve and Norea. We have the Blessed Mary and Mary Magdalene. [For those interested in Mary Magdalene, the books of Margaret Starbird are highly recommended as is the Mary Magdalene Mystery School . Please see (1) and (2)].

In addition to the above, the Divine Feminine within Christianity also encompasses the biblical fore-mothers; the Seven Virgins/Spirits of Sophia/Holy Spirit; the female Aeons (Gnostic female angels); the female Archangels and female angels.

Oftentimes, the Divine Masculine has been depicted as being Just, Judge, aloof, stern and punishing, which is unfortunate, because that is simply not the case. He is loving and merciful.  But the Divine Feminine has always been associated with unconditional Love, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, understanding. She is always with us and is ever ready to assist us, Her children. She will do whatever she can to save Her child.

These were the qualities given to the Ascended Form of Mary and they may be more readily applied to the Seven-Fold Holy Mother Spirit, Sophia, because, after all, She is God. She is a Person of the Godhead and  She shares in the Essence of the God-Nature.

We truly have a radiantly beautiful Divine Feminine side of Christianity in union with the Divine Masculine. We are very blessed.

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.

Mother Pamela Lanides.

The books of Margaret Starbird, of DaVinci Code fame, are highly recommended. Especially, the Goddess in the Gospels and the Woman with the Alabaster Jar. 

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