The Correspondences of the Seven ArchAngels

Please note that while a strong angelology is an important part of our daily practice, we are not involved with Enochian magick. 

Esoteric Christianity teaches that all angels have male and female counterparts, just as the Gnostic Aeons are male and female. Judaism and Christianity inherited their beliefs about angels (among other major doctrines) from the Zoroastrians who believed in the male and female angels known as the Amesha Spentas, the Bountiful Immortals.

Angels do have gender and, to my knowledge, no-where does the bible state that they do not. While Our Lord Jesus did explain that angels do not marry, this does not mean that angels are genderless! And just because the bible mentions only a few angels that happen to be male, this does not indicate that all angels are male!

Gender is not to be confused with biological sex. Gender is a Divine Principle, a state of being and is not dependent on biological sex. Here on Earth, the Divine Principle of Gender is expressed through biological sex, but not in Heaven. We believe in the Divine Principle of Gender as stated in the Kybalion. And, as some scientists are discovering, gender is reflected through-out the cosmos on the quantum level.

Angels in Heaven are created beings; they are not pure spirit. They have Soul-Form and they have often appeared as humans on Earth.

Our list of the Archangels comes from that of Pseudo-Dionysius.

We include here one feminine angel from this list, Archangel, St. Hanael.

The angels are not canonized human saints. We refer to them as St or saint to honor them and set them apart.

Please note, we assign their directions according to our own system. For the traditional Cardinal Directions please see:

Feast of the Guardian Angels: 28 Cosma/Oct. 2:

Archangel: St. Michael

Meaning of Name: Who is like God?

Planet: The Sun

Day of the Week: Sunday

Feast day: Michaelmas, Sept. 29

Cardinal Direction: Center

 Element: Spirit

Symbol: Six pointed star.

Patron of: Grocers, mariners, paratroopers, police and all law enforcement and the military.

Role: Defender. Guide to souls in the afterlife.

Sacred Incense: Saffon, Heliotrope, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Red Sandalwood and Dragon’s blood.

Sacred Oil: Olive, Ambergis, Cedar and Cinnamon.

Color of Robes: Gold

Metal: Gold

Musical Note: C

Tree: Cedar

Chaplet prayer:  O, St. Michael, Beloved of God, be with us.


Archangel: St. Gabriel.

Meaning of Name: God is my strength.

Planet: The Moon

Day of the Week: Monday

Feast day: March 24 and Michaelmas, Sept. 29

Cardinal Direction: Center

Cardinal Element: Spirit

Symbol: Nine Pointed Star.

Patron of: Messengers, telecommunications and all forms of communication, postal workers, clerics and diplomats.

Role: Messenger. Protector. Angel of Judgement.

Sacred Incense: White Sandalwood, Ginseng, Camphor and Frankincense.

Sacred Oil: Almond, Lemon balm, Sandalwood.

Robes: Silver and white.

Metal: Silver

Musical Note: F

Tree: Almond

Chaplet prayer: St. Gabriel, Power of God, be with us.


Archangel: St. Chamuel

Meaning of Name: Raised of God or He who sees God.

Planet: Mars

Day of the Week: Tues.

Feast day: Michaelmas, Sept. 29

Cardinal Direction: South

Cardinal Element: Fire

Symbol: Five pointed star.

Patron of: Soldiers, warriors, martial artists.

Role: Divine Justice

Sacred Incense:

Sacred Oil: Olive, Ambergis, Cedar and Cinnamon.

Color of Robes: Red, Scarlet.

Metal: Iron

Musical Note: G

Tree: Chestnut.

Chaplet prayer: St. Chamuel, Warrior of God, be with us.


Archangel: St. Raphael

Meaning of Name: God heals or God’s healer.

Planet: Mercury

Day of the Week: Wed.

Feast day: Oct. 24 and Michaelmas, Sept. 29.

Cardinal Direction: North

Cardinal Element: Air

Symbol: Eight pointed star.

Patron of: Travelers, those who are blind, nurses, physicians and all medical workers, marriage.

Role: Healing.

Sacred Incense: Cinnamon, White Sandalwood, Benzoin.

Sacred Oil: Olive Oil, Sage, Benzoin, Lemon verbana.

Color of Robes: Yellow

Metal: Quicksilver

Musical Note: E

Tree: Aspen

Chaplet prayer: St. Raphael, Compassion of God, be with us.


Archangel: St. Zadkiel

Meaning of Name: Rigteousness of God.

Angel of: Freedom, Benevolence and Mercy.

Planet: Jupiter

Day of the Week: Thurs.

Feast day: Michaelmas, Sept. 29.

Cardinal Direction: West

Cardinal Element: Earth

Symbol: A square.

Patron of: Those who forgive. Judges. Astronomers.

Role: Angel of Mercy and Righteousness.

Sacred Incense: Frankincense, Saffron, Balsam and Cedar.

Sacred Oil: Olive Oil, Sage, Benzoin, Lemon verbana.

Color of Robes: Purple

Metal: Tin

Musical Note: B

Tree: Juniper.

Chaplet prayer: St. Zadkiel, Mercy of God, be with us.


Archangel: St. Hanael. (F)

Meaning of Name: Joy of God or Grace of God.

Angel of: Joy, Beauty and Nature.

Planet: Venus

Day of the Week: Fri.

Feast day: Michaelmas, Sept. 29.

Cardinal Direction: East

Cardinal Element: Water

Symbol: Seven pointed star. Her seal is a crescent moon with a dove beneath it.

Patron of: Counselors, Lover, married couples and spiritual seekers.

Role: Guides those who are seeking the Divine, bringer of Spiritual Victory, Infusing Nature with Divine Spirit.

Sacred Incense: Ambergis, Rose, Benzoin, Myrtle, Verbena, Violet, Jasmine.

Sacred Oil: Jasmine, Almond, Olive, Rose, Honeysuckle, Lilac

Color of Robes: Emerald Green.

Metal: Copper

Musical Note: A

Tree: Apple

Chaplet prayer: St. Hanael, Joy of God, be with us.


Archangel: St. Cassiel.

Meaning of Name: Speed of God.

Angel of: Temperence

Planet: Saturn

Day of the Week: Saturday

Feast day: Michaelmas, Sept. 29.

Cardinal Direction: Center

Cardinal Element: Spirit

Symbol: A straight line.

Patron of: He sets himself apart from worldly affairs.

Role: Angel of Temperance, Angel of Time, Angel of Solitude and Tears.

Sacred Incense: Rue, Myrrh, Vervain and Cypress.

Sacred Oil: Castor, Cypress, Myrrh.

Color of Robes: Black, Indigo.

Metal: Lead

Musical Note: D

Tree: Cypress

Chaplet prayer: St. Cassiel, Temperance of God, we honor you.

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